Baths for strengthening nails at home

Many face the problems of brittle nails. The reasons for this may be a lot, from the use of low-quality varnishes and means to remove them to the effects of various diseases or seasonal vitamin deficiency. If the plate is brittle and constantly delaminates, then, firstly, it looks ugly, and, secondly, varnish and other products hold much less than on strong healthy nails.

baths for strengthening nails
Many spas and beauty salons offer numerous hand care treatments . Among them are various ways to strengthen nails. But a visit to such a salon requires a certain amount of time (as a rule, 10 or more procedures are necessary), as well as money (many people can’t afford to visit expensive salons, and there will probably not be any desired effect in a regular hairdresser).

An excellent alternative can be baths for strengthening nails, which can be done independently at home in the evenings, for example, while watching TV. There is nothing complicated in this procedure, you just need to find the right dishes and choose the optimal composition for the application (you can use different options, alternating them).

nail strengthening oil
Naturally, before doing baths to strengthen nails, you need to wash your hands and remove the varnish from the plates (if they are painted). It is important that the solution into which the hands will be immersed is not too hot (the optimum temperature is about 40 degrees).

As for the composition of the bath, it can be herbal, saline, oily or combined. The simplest option is to use sea salt, which is simply dissolved in water, after which the composition can be used immediately (teaspoon per 200 ml of liquid). You can take ordinary kitchen salt by mixing it with baking soda and adding a couple of drops of ordinary iodine from the medicine cabinet.

The herbal bath to strengthen the nails is a little more difficult, since the broth needs to be prepared in advance. As the basis for the therapeutic mixture, oak bark or chamomile flowers are used. You can add them with mint and a string. The broth is obtained in a water bath, following the instructions on the packaging, or simply mix all the components in equal amounts, pour a tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of hot water and let stand until it cools down to the required temperature.

bath for strengthening nails
To maximize the effect, you can additionally use oil to strengthen the nails. It is purchased ready-made in a specialized store, but you can also take unrefined olive oil, which not only perfectly strengthens nails, but also softens the skin of your hands. You can also make baths from olive oil by heating it in a water bath and adding a little lemon juice.

No less important for the beauty of a manicure is nutrition. Calcium-rich milk, cheese, cottage cheese, as well as nuts, fish and whole grain bread will be of particular benefit . Trays for strengthening nails can be done as a preventive measure. For example, each time before starting a manicure, you can hold your hands in a healing solution.

In addition to the fact that this procedure is very useful, it is also quite pleasant: warm water, the aroma of herbs, lemon or your favorite essential oil, which can also be dripped into the solution, help to improve mood. It turns out that baths for strengthening nails are an opportunity at an affordable cost, without leaving your home, to get pleasant sensations and benefits for the hands.


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