Technique of Mark Belov. User reviews

Feedback from users of the Network about Mark Belov’s training (earning on the Internet) indicates that he has more opponents than followers.

Followers of Mark Belov recommend him as the author of concise and understandable step-by-step instructional videos devoted to making money on teaser advertising and attracting users.

The essence of earnings according to the method of Mark Belov. Advanced User Reviews

mark belov reviews

One of the methods of enrichment is based on the purchase of a ready-made website or the independent creation and promotion of entertainment content that provides for the payment of services via SMS. Subject sites are quite extensive. It may touch upon the issues of compiling an individual daily diet or a personal horoscope, choosing and arranging gifts, and may also be devoted to women's favorite topics: “what to wear?”, “How to lose weight?” etc.

The author’s students see the value of the training video course in that Mark describes in detail the sequence of actions of the webmaster, talks about possible patterns of customer behavior, and also pays attention to technical issues.

The second part of the training video course is devoted to making money on teaser advertisements (advertisements consisting of text and photographs).

The "chip" of the training course is an overview of the most reliable and trusted sites with which the creator of the video, Mark Belov, collaborates. Reviews of users who already have experience in making money on the Web indicate that the sites advertised by Belov belong to him personally. In addition, to dissatisfied customers who were not able to earn a penny, the author promises to return the money invested in training, which only increases the distrust of the sophisticated public.

mark belov earnings on the Internet

Everyone who does not mind nine thousand rubles (at least) will learn how to make money without doing anything. To the happy owners of educational content who have completed all the points of the instructions, the course author promises a daily and decent income.

Courses of Mark Belov. Feedback from affiliate program participants

courses belova reviews

One of the best educational video courses of Mark Belov, the participants of his "affiliate program" called the one that is dedicated to making money on their own site. Belov’s students cite the entertainment portal as an example.

Earning on sites like, according to Belov’s followers, comes down to questioning online. All that webmasters need to do is get or create templates for all kinds of questionnaires and other entertaining information. For example, individual astrological forecasts, questionnaires on the compatibility of partners, and so on.

Most Web users do not share the enthusiasm of fans of the Business in an Hour video course. Mark Belov, in their opinion, is not interested in educating start-up entrepreneurs, but has a completely different goal - to promote their own sites.

Particularly observant users claim that the creator of the video lessons asks himself questions from the audience, and reads the answers from a piece of paper. Moreover, it seems that Mark sees the text printed on a piece of paper for the first time.

According to people who are negatively inclined towards Belov’s courses, earnings advertised by his followers are the case when public curiosity is heated not by specific product information, but by the abundance of positive reviews left by “admired customers”.

According to the assurances of those who left rave reviews about Mark Belov and his training videos, today's online businessmen no longer bother writing thematic articles, since this is the longest path. And what is the shortest path?

Vintage marketing technique in a new way

In those days when mentions of online communications could only be found in the vocabulary of science fiction writers, the seller, who wanted to attract buyers to his counter, resorted to this simple but effective method. The essence of the technique is to create artificial excitement.

The merchant, not spoiled by high technology, creates the appearance of a “movement” around his goods. He invited his acquaintances to participate in a play entitled "Pseudo-fussy interest." Modern sellers working on the Web use this old trick by registering several accounts at once on thematic sites and forums.

"Dvizhuha" online

Creating non-existent users is a simple matter. In order for vigilant moderators not to ban pseudo-users, the advertising campaign should be developed according to a pre-written and well-thought-out scenario.

mark belov business per hour

“Imitation of communication” - this is how we can briefly characterize the methodology introduced by Mark Belov. Reviews of his students, found on the Internet, characterize the methodology as acting.


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