Plasticine Luntik. Do it yourself

The funny and cute Luntik from the animated series of the same name is the favorite of many young children. And how could it be otherwise? The unusual character is very cultured and kind, respects adults, values ​​his friends and always finds a way out of difficult situations, and from his own mistakes he draws an instructive lesson. With the advent of the television adventures of Luntik and his friends, the children bombarded their parents with requests for such a toy. I really want a friendly pink alien to live in a children's room.

Mastic Luntik

Favorite Cartoon

Parents can please the baby with a cute toy of a pink hero: purchase it in a store, sew it on your own or mold a Luntik from clay. Such a character will turn out no worse than in the cartoon. Create it is not difficult. A child can make a little friend alone or with the help of an adult. First, you need to find a picture of the hero, so as not to forget about all the necessary details and decoration of the toy.

how to mold a plasticine luntik

How to mold plasticine Luntik

Before work, you need to prepare all the necessary materials:

  • plasticine;
  • a board;
  • plasticine mass knife;
  • apron for the child.

When the items are cooked, we take on an interesting and neat job. We will make Luntik from plasticine step by step:

  1. For the basis of a friendly character, you need lilac plasticine. If the set does not find a suitable color, you can do it yourself. To do this, mix several other colors: red and blue. Mix the plasticine in the hands, creating a purple tone. Divide the resulting mass into two pieces: one larger, the other smaller. Mix most of it with white plasticine, until a pink tint is formed. It will make the body and head of Luntik, and the purple color will come in handy for decoration.
  2. We are taken for the creation of the body. Break off the maximum piece of pink plasticine, roll up in our hands until an oval forms. Narrow one edge slightly, thicken the other so that the body takes the form of a bar. From the dark part we make a flattened circle in the form of a paw and attach it to the belly of our being.
  3. The next step will be the head. It is necessary to roll up a light lilac circle and flatten a little on top and bottom. Four flat triangles should be fashioned from the purple material. They are attached on two sides of the head, two in each.
  4. Face design. The back of the pencil must make two indentations in the area of ​​the orbits. We fasten two small white circles, and on them two black flat circles, of a smaller shape. Big cheerful cartoon eyes are ready. Using a sharp object, draw the nostrils. Sculpt eyebrows from the purple mass, rolling out two small thin ovals. The mouth will turn out joyful and smiling from a piece of red plasticine.
  5. From a dark piece we make parts of the lower and upper extremities. We roll up two thick sausages, which we form as strong legs. Toes distinguish white plasticine. We make hands from smaller sausages and process fingers using the same principle.
  6. We fix all the elements of the toy with each other.

A plasticine lunt can be sprayed with varnish and left for 20 minutes to fix. A cheerful little alien is ready to please his new friends.

Luntik in the nursery

Crafts made by molding perfectly develop children's hand motility, bring a lot of joy to the kids. Especially if they participated in the manufacture of their favorite cartoon hero.

plasticine luntik

A small resident will now settle on a shelf in a children's room or in a toy house. A plasticine lunt made neatly and brightly will inspire children to a new game and good deeds.


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