A beautiful house for a well with your own hands: step-by-step instructions

What could be better than cold and refreshing well water on a hot summer day! Especially if in the private sector it is often the only source of water for both drinking and household needs. But it is worth noting that just building a good well is not enough, you need to protect it from getting insects, dust, etc. For this, we will build a house for the well with our own hands. A step-by-step process instruction will be presented in this article.

do-it-yourself cottage for a well

General information

If we list the engineering structures of antiquity, then the well will be on this list. Currently, the design has been greatly improved. People added interior wall treatments and exterior finishes. All this made it possible to make the well not only more durable, but also attractive in appearance.

how to make a house for a well

But it happened when birds, animals and even small children fell into the wells. In most cases, this is fatal. Since a long stay in cold water quickly leads to hypothermia and, as a result, death. It is for this simple reason that they came up with protective equipment that covers the well when it is not in use. The first designs were elementary. Now the most popular are small houses, the so-called tents. This design not only provides reliable protection, but also performs an aesthetic role. Let's talk about how to make a house for a well with your own hands. Step-by-step instructions in this case will be very useful. We will start from the very beginning.

About materials and tools

Before proceeding directly to the installation work, it is necessary to prepare. For work, we need certain material. As noted above, we have a lot of options, but the most attractive and simple is a small wooden house. Make it easy enough. To do this, we need a 50x100 wooden beam, edged board and clapboard. As a material for the roof, a roofing material is suitable. As for consumables, then here you need to properly prepare. Buy screws, staples, angles, nails in advance.

house on the well drawing

We don’t work without a tool, so be sure to take a screwdriver. Of course, you can not use it, but then the work will be more time-consuming and complex. You need to have at hand and a planer, as well as a jigsaw, preferably electric. To all this we add a hacksaw, and we are fully equipped to begin construction work.

How to make a house for a well

As a material, tile, stone, concrete, brick, etc. can be used. In general, it all depends on preferences, but it is necessary to work with this or that material in different ways. After you find the tool and material, it is advisable to develop a conceptual design, even if it’s small and unpretentious. On it you will indicate all the details, such as the dimensions of the house and its design features.

At the next stage, preparatory work is performed. The area near the well must be well removed so as not to do this after the construction of the house. Yes, and during construction, excess elements can interfere underfoot.

build a house for a well

Then you can make a foundation. For this, stone or tile is perfect. The fact is that if a beam is used as a base, then, being in the ground, it will undergo decay, therefore, the house will turn out to be short-lived. But the stone is what you need, it is durable and reliable. Since it is not difficult to make a house for a well alone with your own hands, you will do without an assistant. Getting to work.

Assembling the frame

The frame is the foundation of our house. It should be simple, but at the same time very durable and reliable. As a material we will use a beam and a trim board. In general, we need 4 racks 50 cm high and trim boards for strapping. The structure is fastened using nails. For reliable joints, use nails with a length of at least 10 centimeters.

well house sizes

The assembly process begins with the preparation of two racks. Above and below they are connected by edged boards. Next, two halves of the structure are installed around the well and are connected by a strapping. To build a house for a well using this frame is the easiest. The fact is that in our case a very running material is used, and the design itself is very simple and universal.

We are engaged in a roof

So we already build our house for the well with our own hands. A step-by-step instruction involves a strict sequence of actions that must be followed to achieve the desired result. The frame is, of course, good, but by itself it does not provide protection against the ingress of various elements into the well. The roof is what we really need. There is nothing complicated here, but it is advisable to adhere to the dimensions indicated on the drawing. All elements of the lathing should be done clearly and with equal steps.

First you need to do the rafter system. It is desirable to arrange it in the form of a rigid structure, on which the crate is nailed. Of course, rafters should be made using materials such as crossbars (3 pieces), beams from a thin board (8 pieces), rafter elements. The rafters need to be beaten so that there is an equal distance between them, so you get a reliable and durable house on the well. It is advisable to use the drawing for best results.

beautiful houses for wells

About roof assembly

As noted above, we can well do without an assistant, that is, on our own. In this case, the assembly of the roof is preferably carried out on the ground. In addition, it is important to observe the following sequence:

  • The upper ends of the rafters must be cut at a slight angle and connected using brackets.
  • To increase the rigidity of the structure, the rafters are connected with crossbars. They must be installed below 25-30 cm from the junction of the rafters.
  • We prepare grooves on the rafters for fastening. Fasteners are preferably carried out using staples or nails 10-12 cm long.
  • We reinforce the structure with a pair of jibs, then we fasten the farm with two boards.
    beautiful houses for wells

In general, the most difficult stages of work have been completed. It remains to fix the roofing material on the roof, and on top of it - slate. Corner joints should also be closed. For this, wind boards are suitable. Here the wooden house for the well is almost ready, a few more strokes remain.

We make the door

In general, this stage is not necessary, since the hole where the door should be can be closed with a piece of slate or something like that. But this approach is not very convenient, therefore it is better to spend a little time once, and enjoy the result in the future. The door can be made in the form of a wooden board. This is a simple, but at the same time reliable design.

production of houses for wells

As the main material we use a trim board, suitable in size for the pediment. We fasten the structure with the help of a bar, for this, nails of the appropriate length are suitable. Only 2 bars are needed. One is attached on top of the shield, the second on the bottom. If the strength is insufficient, then you can diagonally fasten an additional block. If you wish, you can attach a pen, and if necessary add a lock. Something like this is the production of houses for wells. Now let's move on to the final stage.

Beautiful houses for wells: what is the secret?

After you do everything, look at what happened. Agree, everything is slightly different than in the picture. The thing is that finishing work is necessary. Sometimes this is completely unnecessary, but if there is time and desire, then why not. The board can first be sanded, coated with a special varnish and painted on top, say, in black. On the racks you can add thread, which will give the design a more attractive appearance. But do not forget that the main purpose of such a house is the safety and protection of water from pollutants. Therefore, the door must close tightly. In general, the finish can be what you want. This is just the case when you can give free rein to your imagination.


Basically, now you know how to make a house for a well with your own hands. Step-by-step instructions will be a great helper for you. I would like to note that there should not be any difficulties in the process, but you need to take into account the fact that the house for the well, the dimensions of which you will have in the drawing, can be built on problem soil. Prepare a simple drawing, believe me, it will help you a lot. It is advisable to carry out all the work in the warm season, especially if there is a concrete base in the plans, since it requires warm and not wet weather to solidify. In general, the complexity of the design, as well as its appearance, completely depends on your goals and capabilities. If you have the time and money, then you can experiment and come up with something really unique and amazing.

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