How to make a warm floor with your own hands: the sequence of work

If you do not know how to make a warm floor with your own hands, in the presented article you can find some useful tips. So, first weโ€™ll figure out how it happens. The design may be water or electric. The first option works through a centralized heating system, and the second from the network. In order to make a water structure, it is necessary to choose pipes of small diameter made of metal plastic, which can withstand a fairly high temperature. In the second case, you will need a high-quality heating cable.

How to make a warm floor with your hands
Now we will figure out how to make a warm floor with your own hands using technology. First you need to understand the overall sequence of work. So, we prepare the base surface for laying pipes or cable. It should be clean, even and dry. That is, you need to make a thin concrete screed.

After it dries, you can carry out the procedure for laying elements of the warm floor. Modern installation technology recommends the use of special aluminum guide plates with pre-prepared channels into which the pipe (cable) will be mounted.

how to make an electric floor heating
After you have made a warm floor with your own hands, it is advisable to fix the heating elements so that they are firmly pressed to the base. Pipes must be firmly connected to each other and connected to a centralized heating pipe. However, before laying the elements on the floor, a waterproofing material should be laid . After mounting the structure, pour it with concrete and finish the finish.

If you figured out how to make a warm floor with your own hands using water pipes, then the technology of laying an electric cable has its own characteristics. So, for starters, you should choose the appropriate material: single-core or two-core. The first option is the most acceptable.

How to make an electric heated floor without errors? First, determine the power of the cable, although it can be regulated using a thermostat. In addition, sensors that determine the heating temperature will be connected to the system. Preparation of the foundation does not take much time. First you need to make the alignment of the base surface with a rough concrete screed, and then lay a waterproofing film on its surface. The next step is laying the heating element. To fix it, you can use special guide plates with grooves. This takes into account the area of โ€‹โ€‹the base and the laying pitch. In addition, you need to remember some rules for arranging the system. For example, it is impossible for the cable parts to intersect, the minimum distance between the sections should be 7 cm, the bend should not have a small radius. In addition, the heating element must not be laid under furniture or household appliances. If you want to additionally insulate your floor, then you should not mount the cable directly on the used material. It must be isolated.

how to make a wooden floor warm

The next installation step involves connecting the structure to the network, connecting the thermostat and sensors. All connections must be well bonded and insulated (like the cable itself). To do this, you can buy clamping terminals. If everything is done correctly and during the verification of problems with the system did not arise, you can fill the concrete screed and lay the final finish.

If you do not know how to make a wooden floor warm, then after reading the article, you will have an idea about it.


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