Chocolate "Nestle": composition and reviews

Are there people who are indifferent to chocolate? Probably not. This treat is equally loved by adults and children, men and women around the world. And if you do not like chocolate, you simply did not find your “own” taste or tried a low-quality product. The well-known Swiss company producing chocolate - Nestle can satisfy the needs of the most demanding gourmet. Doubt it? Then the following material is for you.

chocolate nestle

Why do we love chocolate?

Few cocoa lovers know that chocolate was originally a bitter drink that added hot peppers and drank to keep fit and tone the body. Quite by chance, pepper was replaced with sugar and chocolate got a new life - completely new taste properties opened up, while the tonic effect remained.

Indeed, chocolate has not only pleasant taste: it contains substances that produce the “hormone of happiness” in a person, as well as give a feeling of vigor and clarity. In moderation, chocolate also has a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, blood pressure and the digestive system.

The flip side of the coin, oddly enough, is the taste of the product. For a wide range of consumers, a lot of sugar is added to the composition of chocolates, and unscrupulous manufacturers to reduce the cost of production - vegetable fats, flavors and aromatic additives and preservatives. In combination with a lot of sugar, this set can spoil your teeth, lead to excess weight gain, and deterioration of the skin and blood vessels.

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Is all chocolate equally good?

Chocolate that enters the markets can be divided into bitter, milk and white. Bitter or dark chocolate is the most healthy: it contains the largest amount of cocoa in its composition (more than 55%) and the minimum amount of sugar. Not everyone can appreciate its taste. For example, children traditionally do not like such a treat, preferring milk chocolate to him.

Nestle milk chocolate was first made by adding condensed milk to the classic recipe. A little later, it was replaced by milk powder, which simplified production, but at the same time had no effect on taste.

Milk chocolate quickly gained popularity and today remains the most sought-after delicacy around the world.

But not all chocolate is equally good: the taste and useful properties of this sweet product directly depend on the composition. It should not have artificial additives and vegetable fats. Therefore, you do not need to save money and experiment: it is better to choose proven brands that monitor their reputation and know what real chocolate is. Nestlé is a Swiss company that is considered one of the world leaders in this field.

chocolate nestle milk

Variety of choices

When choosing chocolate, you need to be prepared for the huge assortment that manufacturers can offer today so as not to get confused and not give in to the entreaties of sellers. So, to make a decision, you need to know the following main types of chocolate products:

  • Bitter or dark chocolate. It has a pronounced cocoa flavor, contains a minimum amount of sugar and additives. Most helpful.
  • Milk chocolate. It contains milk powder and a sufficient amount of sugar. When choosing, you should monitor the lack of vegetable fats in the composition.
  • White chocolate. Contains no cocoa beans, but is made with cocoa butter. It contains the largest amount of sugar, which is why it has the greatest energy value.
  • Chocolate with additives. In any of the above types of products can be added: nuts, raisins, marmalade, yogurt, waffles, etc. You should especially carefully choose such goodies for people suffering from allergies.

The product is most often packaged in tiles of 100 or 200 grams, as well as in bars. In addition, each manufacturer comes up with their own exclusive forms of packaging and packaging: for example, you can buy hot or weighted Nestle chocolate and enjoy the taste as much as you want.

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Milk rivers, chocolate banks

Yet the most popular is considered to be milk chocolate. If you decide to opt for this type of confectionery, remember that Nestle chocolate is the first and highest quality on the market.

The products of this company are manufactured in Switzerland and meet the highest quality standards. In addition, you can find a product for every taste. In addition to standard tiles, Nestle produces hot chocolate and bars that are in no way inferior to the classic product.

nestle hot chocolate

White chocolate

True connoisseurs of this dessert do not get tired of arguing about whether the white counterpart has the right to be called chocolate itself. Undoubtedly! Yes, in the composition it does not contain cocoa powder and does not have a characteristic taste characteristic of a classic product. But the cocoa butter content and the original recipe allow white chocolate to take its rightful place among a huge range of products.

The Nestle company also produces such a product. White chocolate of this brand can be safely bought for those who value quality. Vegetable fats and flavor enhancers are not used in its manufacture, and sugar is used just enough to not interrupt the taste of the chocolate itself.

White chocolate is a great alternative for sweet lovers who are allergic to cocoa beans.

nestle white chocolate

Foodies Must Try

Chocolate "Nestle" can satisfy the most refined taste. If you don’t like the classic sweet squares, maybe you should try it hot. It is available in convenient dosed sachets and is very simple to prepare: just pour the contents of the sachet with hot water or milk - and the drink is ready. It will warm you on the coldest evening and bring a feeling of inner warmth and happiness.

And for those who are difficult to surprise, Nestle chocolate with mint is suitable. This is truly an unusual combination for true connoisseurs of delicate taste. The company produces such an unusual delicacy in thin small slices resembling tea bags. Each piece skillfully combines the moderate sweetness of dark chocolate with the refreshing taste of mint. If you need to surprise someone with an unusual gift, choose Nestle mint chocolate. The photo below shows how original and unusual the box with such an exotic treat looks.

chocolate nestle with mint

What do chocolate lovers say?

Of course, before you decide on a product, you need to not only learn as much information as possible about it, but also get acquainted with the reviews of chocolate lovers. Today it is not at all difficult to do.

Nestle chocolate leaves an exceptionally favorable impression on everyone who has tried it. Girls note a pleasant creamy aftertaste, soft delicate texture and beautiful product packaging.

More practical men speak of great taste along with excellent quality and convenient packaging. All, regardless of taste preferences, note the decent composition of the product, which indicates high quality and compliance with production technology.

Therefore, it is definitely worth trying a product of this brand.

chocolate nestle

We use it consciously

Of course, chocolate is a tasty and healthy treat. But when buying and printing another tile, you need to remember that this confectionery product contains a large amount of sugar, which can negatively affect the condition of the teeth and shape.

One hundred gram chocolate contains an average of 500 kilocalories. And this is a quarter of the daily intake for an adult. You don’t need to eat this sweet in front of the TV or in stress - the amount of food eaten is controlled worse, and the hand itself reaches for a new piece.

Observing moderation in the use of quality chocolate, you will improve your mood and do not harm your health!


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