Management activity and its main aspects

In the modern world, managerial activity plays a crucial role, since the reputation of an economic entity, the success of its interaction with partners and other contractors depends on the quality of its implementation. It, although indirectly, but still affects the productivity of enterprises and organizations.

The essence of managerial activity is the competent organization of the interaction of people in teamwork in order to achieve the main tasks of production. Its main feature is the fact that it is necessary to influence the subject, that is, people, and human psychology is a fairly subtle science that requires certain skills and knowledge.

Management activity involves the creation of such an atmosphere in the team and such an attitude to each employee that would stimulate them to perform the functions necessary for the management of the enterprise. An organized personnel management system should take into account internal and external conditions. The first is the need to solve several complex problems at once, sometimes contradicting previously prescribed standards. And external ones imply informational limitations, a high degree of responsibility for financial indicators characterizing the efficiency of production activities, as well as the possibility of unforeseen situations associated with changes in the political or economic situation in the country.

In order for the management activity to work clearly and harmoniously, the leader should find a compromise between positioning himself as an indisputable leader and the same member of the general team as everyone else. When a lower-level employee feels the support and understanding of the managerial staff, when there is a friendly note in the hierarchical relations, unity is felt in the team, this, naturally, positively affects the company's performance.

It is the leader who is considered to be the main link in the management system, since he has the responsibility to create the most positive and productive atmosphere in the team. He has the right to choose a specific model of behavior, among which one can distinguish such types of managerial activity as the authoritarian, democratic or liberal position of the leader. With an authoritarian approach, he is considered the undisputed leader, and his word is the law, therefore it is forbidden to challenge him. Liberalism allows employees to do what they consider necessary in a given situation, without prior advice from their boss. The democratic system is the most productive, as it involves joint decision-making, which means that they will fully satisfy both sides.

Management activity, like any system, includes certain components:

- Definition of the main goals by the leader and their competent explanation to the staff, careful development of an action plan for the coming period.

- Implementation of measures to create effective motivating leverage.

- Clear statement of a number of tasks that need to be implemented by employees, and the distribution of relevant orders.

- Delegation and control over the results of their work.

- Reflection, that is, the presence of feedback.

A specialist performing managerial activities should have the character of a leader, with employees be confident, give orders clearly and clearly. This leader should be dedicated to each stage of the production process and understand a specific area, only literacy will allow him to respond in a timely manner in case of unforeseen situations.

The moment of communication with the staff is very important, do not order the employee, it is better to ask. The more time you spend with each of your subordinates, the more productive your interaction will be.


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