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Let's get acquainted with what kind of "Severnaya Zemlya" employee reviews earned in St. Petersburg and other cities throughout Russia. The fact is that this moment plays an important role in employment. It is always important to know what this or that employer is. Perhaps cooperation with the company will have a detrimental effect on your career. Then you should not deal with her at all. Or maybe, on the contrary, it will give an impetus to development.

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What should you pay attention to at the very beginning of the process? Of course, the activities of the company. For her, "Severnaya Zemlya" gets pretty good reviews from employees. After all, we will deal with a transport company. No cheating or catch. It is a normal corporation that is engaged in logistics and transportation of goods.

Only one activity is not enough to build a company's reputation. It is much more important to know how things are going inside the company. What Severnaya Zemlya LLC receives employee reviews for the employment process and cooperation? If the company has established itself well in the eyes of consumers, this does not mean that employees treat it the same way. Therefore, it is worth sorting out all this.


For example, you can pay attention to such a moment as the proposed place of employment. In truth, this plays an important role. After all, a person with a higher education will not want to work as a janitor, right? So, you need something to interest him.

LLC "Severnaya Zemlya" employee reviews in this regard are earning quite positive. And all this is due to the fact that the corporation offers a wide range of vacancies: from a logistician to the most ordinary courier. For example, you can also meet here telecom operators or consultants. So everyone is able to pick up a vacancy for employment.

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The only thing you can’t count on is leadership positions. They, as a rule, are not at all among the vacancies posted. But they promise you the opportunity to "finalize" to the status of leader. In principle, it is quite normal for a large organization. Thus, for the time being, one should not be afraid of negative opinions caused by the absence of leading positions among vacancies. You will have a real opportunity to show yourself from the best side, as well as earn the status of leader.

First meeting

Severnaya Zemlya (SPB) reviews employees of a positive nature also earns for the process of first acquaintance with a potential employer. It's about an interview. This event can in some cases even scare off applicants. But not at Severnaya Zemlya LLC. Employee reviews (St. Petersburg and other cities throughout Russia) in this regard are only encouraging.

Firstly, the whole process will take place in a clean and beautiful office. Yes, and with polite staff. No one will be rude, treat you arrogant or unfair. This fact is already pleasing.

Secondly, many note that the interview is somewhat like a friendly conversation. And during it you will be answered all your questions. Thus, there will be no tension or discomfort.

Thirdly, the lack of a resume is not a reason for refusing cooperation. Severnaya Zemlya LLC reviews employees (St. Petersburg, Moscow and so on) gets good in this sense. During a dialogue, a potential employer will find out everything that interests him, and will also offer you to fill out a job application form. In it, you will describe in detail your work experience, your personality and qualities that can be useful for a vacancy.

Finally, you will definitely be called back after the interview. And, as a rule, it’s enough just to be a good person to be accepted for this or that position. Refusal to applicants is extremely rare. And it is precisely for this that Severnaya Zemlya (SPB) earned quite good feedback from employees (and not only in St. Petersburg). So, you can not be afraid to get here.

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Loud words

But is it really so? Why then does this corporation constantly require personnel? We will find out later. In the meantime, another point that pleases potential employees. We are talking about the promises that the employer gives you in employment.

Severnaya Zemlya (St. Petersburg) is still receiving positive feedback from employees in this sense. After all, this company really guarantees you tremendous career opportunities, as well as promotion to leadership positions. In addition, high earnings, a full social package, labor guarantees and timely wages with a specific work schedule - all this will be promised directly at the interview.

But do not forget that you will be informed more than once about career growth (emphasis is placed on it), as well as high earnings with timely payments. This is what often attracts new personnel to the company. Thus, the employer recruits as many people as possible for work. But why then the staff turnover at Severnaya Zemlya LLC is large? For what reasons do you constantly have to look for new job seekers?

First day

For example, complaints on the first day of work are usually not observed. This process is crucial. Often, employees after one day at work simply refuse the position and the employer as a whole. Fortunately, Severnaya Zemlya LLC (St. Petersburg) receives employee reviews here more or less normal.

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It is clear that there is no particular enthusiasm for the logistics company. But disgust too. You will be accepted for a vacancy, and on the first day they will show and explain how and what to do. In general, they will demonstrate your duties and responsibilities in action. Something like training or first practice. Of course, there will be no processing. They will let you go home when you promised. And all this, of course, has a positive effect on the reputation of the company. On the second day, work does not cause negative emotions. I want to work again and again. How long will this feeling last?


It all depends on many factors. The Severnaya Zemlya Company (SPB) often gives employees the best reviews about a week after their official employment. Why it happens? For example, due to a violation of the working schedule.

That is, regardless of your vacancy, you will conclude a contract in which the process of your going to work will be spelled out. This can be a shift schedule or a fixed one (2/2, 3/2, 5/2, and so on). But in practice, everything will turn out quite differently than on paper.

For example, there will be constant replacements and substitutions on your day off. Not the best case scenario, is it? In addition, they will let go of work late (delay very much), and also fixed weekends will turn into “floating” ones. In some cases, they may even be absent. All this, of course, is not very pleasing to the workers.

Social package

The promised social guarantees will also not be fully respected. Why? The employer is so irresponsible in fulfilling his contractual obligations. Do not be surprised - this is a completely familiar phenomenon that many are faced with.

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Severnaya Zemlya LLC reviews employees in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities in terms of maintaining a social package earns, to put it mildly, terrible. There is no lunch break as such. And this applies to all vacancies for employment. Even if you are the simplest operator on the phone, you will be loaded with work to such an extent that there will not even be time to drink a cup of coffee.

Also, it is impossible to get either sick leave or leave with timely payment from the management. Either pay from your own pocket, or you will have to fight with the leadership for a long time, and then get a penny as payments. Yes, and untimely. Also a very common phenomenon, which few people are happy with.

If you are counting on a decree and appropriate payments by the employer, you will have to forget about employment at Severnaya Zemlya. Employees assure that pregnant women, as a rule, are fired very quickly from here. Either by article, or brought to a statement of their own free will. It is useless to complain, because according to the documents everything will look so that you either turn out to be just an unscrupulous employee, or you yourself have expressed a desire to refuse the vacancy. Even if in reality this is not at all true.


The most interesting thing is that even during the interview you will be informed about the need for a health book. That is, in order to get a job, you will need to undergo a medical examination. Only now only those analyzes are taken that are delivered directly in the direction of the company. Initially, this feature does not attach much importance. And therefore, reviews of the company "Severnaya Zemlya" are positive.

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But after the first or second working day, they begin to demand from you this very sanitary book. Of course, regardless of your position. In addition, management reports that they will have to pay for examination services. You will have to pay for everything from 2,500 to 3,000 rubles. And at the same time hand over your current medical book, if one is available. Practice shows that you will not receive any new document. They will simply withdraw money from you, and no examination will be conducted. The guide will accept your previous health book as a document. No new entries or surveys. Deception, and more!


The management of Severnaya Zemlya, by the way, receives the most terrible reviews from employees. Most note that in the early days you will be treated well, and then your attitude will change dramatically. An ordinary worker in a company is a slave of his own image, who will begin to poke around.

That is, in other words, the company literally humiliates its employees and infringes on their rights. This is not enough for anyone. They will talk with you in raised voices, arrogantly and without justice. Many assure: "You want injustice - then go to the Severnaya Zemlya company.


The most important thing in employment is earnings. And here, Severnaya Zemlya receives employee reviews even worse than one might imagine at first glance. Why is that so? For example, due to the fact that at the interview you are promised a good profit. Even an ordinary courier or service provider will receive a salary of 20,000 rubles. The contract will indicate the amount of about 10,000. The difference is visible to the naked eye.

In addition, salaries are paid “gray”, not “white”. This is a kind of violation of the law. If something happens, you run the risk of being left with nothing. Plus, payouts occur with huge delays. So, you can wait for the first profit for 2-3 months. The company does not provide for any additional payments for processing or substitution.

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But many employees claim that they fine employees at every step. And this, of course, negatively affects the popularity of the company. So, Severnaya Zemlya receives reviews of employees not of the best nature for constant fines of subordinates.

They concern everyone. With the exception of managers. They were late, ill, someone looked askance towards the employer - for everything the salary will be fined. As a result, the amount of earnings will be even below the subsistence level. Many advise to shun OOO Severnaya Zemlya and not to cooperate with it. Listen to this tip.

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