How to become neat: making decisions, planning, motivation, methods of working on yourself and developing good habits

Many women are convinced that beauty requires sacrifice. In their conviction, they sometimes go to extremes. As a result, they already look like victims of beauty. Other women, on the contrary, are so absorbed in worries and problems that they completely forget even the simplest rules of hygiene. It immediately catches the eye. Outwardly, they still look like a female, but it is difficult to name them real women or girls. To avoid this situation, you should know how to be careful.

Why is it so important

Beauty and accuracy

You may not like heavy, multi-layer makeup, not follow the latest fashion trends, and also not try to leave fabulous sums in beauty salons, but every self-respecting girl should be well-groomed and accurate.

To catch admiring glances, it is not at all necessary to throw all this time and energy on it. When a woman likes herself, smiles at her reflection in the mirror, she literally flutters, everything is going well, and her mood is at its best.

First of all, you need to become more careful for yourself, and not for others. Well-groomed appearance is still associated with certain efforts. They systematize the daily routine, bring order into it. Free time appears, harmony with itself sets in, which relatives and friends will definitely notice.

From tips to good habits

If you are interested in becoming neat, you will need to remember a number of useful tips. For convenience, write them in a notebook or copy them into a text document. It can be beautifully designed and printed. By hanging such a cheat sheet by the mirror or in another place convenient for you, soon you will memorize all the rules. In a couple of weeks, they will turn into habits, and the result of their use will help to become more confident in themselves.

Beauty or grooming

Beauty or grooming

Powerful people of this world have been making assumptions about how a beautiful woman looks for many centuries. In different eras, the standard has undergone many changes. And yet, if you ask a man today what women's beauty means to him, then the answers will be so different that it will be impossible to combine them into one image.

Ask him about his idea of ​​a well-groomed woman, and get about the same answer. Consequently, the signs of a neat and clean girl are much more imprinted in memory than the characteristic features of a fatal beauty.

Many women make a big mistake trying to keep up with the benchmark, which seems beautiful to them. Remember teenage girls. Looking at their photos, in most cases you can see that they have changed so many times, but almost in no way they looked natural. You always feel some kind of inharmony. All because they are trying to match someone else. That is why experts advise to think not about how to become more beautiful and accurate, but how to be well-groomed. A few simple procedures will help reveal your true attractiveness.

Water treatments

In order to speed up the process of awakening in the morning and wash off the hardships of the outgoing day, you should take a shower daily. Better if it will be contrasting. This is useful because it refreshes and tones the skin, also gives a feeling of vitality and lightness.

Hair wash

Washing head

If you are seriously thinking about how to become neat and tidy, then pay attention to the condition of your own hair. Remember how some time ago, our mothers and grandmothers looked at us like they were crazy when they heard that we wash our heads more than twice a week. It seemed to them unthinkable and incredibly harmful.

Specialists came to the conclusion that, in fact, it is necessary to wash the hair as it becomes dirty. Each girl’s locks become oily at different speeds, and therefore subordinating all to one routine is simply illogical.

If you are considering what time to set the alarm to get ready for work, then include in this interval 5-10 minutes for washing your hair and their styling. It is much more unpleasant to look at the strands of other women developing in the wind at the moment when you gathered them in the tail, because you did not manage to put them in order.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise

Of course, a visit to the gym is always welcome. It’s not necessary to exhaust yourself with long and hard training, but keeping in shape and a moderate dose of activity will not hurt anyone.

If it is still not possible to allocate time for a trip to the hall, then the good old charge will come to the rescue. 10 minutes will be enough. For additional motivation, you should choose a playlist of incendiary compositions.

Skin care

Skin care

Countless bubbles and jars scare not only men. Many women are simply lost both when buying all these funds, and in their proper use. But remember, to understand how to be neat and look well-groomed, they are not needed at all.

It is necessary to take time in the morning and evening for skin care. It includes: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Ask the seller in the store to help you with these three options, and soon the result will be noticeable.

Hands and nails

Have you noticed that, being in a public place, we begin to look at others? The condition of the hands and nails is what they most often pay attention to. A sloppy manicure or lack thereof, chipped varnish, burrs and bitten nails - all this simply screams about untidiness.

Hand care can be done independently if you have the skill. Another simple, but more expensive option would be a trip to the salon. For budget care, a hygienic manicure procedure in a simple hairdresser is suitable. The main thing is to pay attention to the condition of the tools and whether they are processed. The same goes for pedicure. Well-groomed nails are one of the answers to the question of how to become a neat girl.

Inner harmony

Harmony with oneself

It is important to know not only how to become neat and well-groomed outside, but also how to make the whole lifestyle so. Do not skimp on time for yourself. This is not selfishness, but the common need of every individual. It takes time to take care of yourself, but this does not mean that all other things can be done in a hurry. Constant hustle and bustle exhaust, deprive of strength. Then I don’t want to think at all how to become neat.

Create a daily routine, correctly prioritize - and it will be much easier to find time for yourself. Try to count your time. 10 minutes of sleep are not worth the excitement due to the next delay or things that you did not manage to stroke.

Learn to say no. It’s not worth it to shoulder a million cases, if the time is already loaded, you should refuse the request. It will not be easier for anyone if you fulfill the hundredth order, but of poor quality, or you will be exhausted and angry at the person who put this work on you.


To understand how to become a neat person, you do not need to learn any secrets. Just a few useful tips that can change your life. It is worth accepting and loving yourself, then daily care will turn into joy, and you will no longer be sad to miss a meeting with friends because you have not washed your hair or done a manicure.


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