Is shellac harmful to nails? How to restore nails after shellac

To achieve beautiful and well-groomed nails in our time is easy. There are many ways to do this in the nail industry. From the extended nails, women gradually switched to shellacs and gel varnishes. One of the significant reasons for this transition was less damage to the nails by such a procedure. Indeed, when building the nail plate is subjected to gash and rough exposure to gel or acrylic.

Is shellac harmful to nails?

Many girls wonder: β€œIs shellac for nails harmful, how safe is it?” Advertising gel polish states that it is an absolutely safe, lightweight material that not only does not adversely affect, but also strengthens the nail plate. In fact, everything is far from so cloudless.

Is shellac harmful to nails?

The procedure for applying the material itself involves lightly polishing the nail plate. This naturally thins her. Therefore, the more often you use shellac, the thinner the nail becomes. Therefore, there can be no talk of any benefit.

shellac nail polish

What does more harm: regular nail polish, shellac or extensions? Of course, the latter, but shellac is also not the most harmless drug. The harm lies not only in polishing, but also in the technology itself. The base layer serves to ensure that the color is evenly distributed over the nail. The second, no less important function of it is that the gel polish does not exfoliate and does not give chips. To do this, it is necessary to allow the penetration of the material into the rough surface of the nail plate, thereby gluing it as if. This is the second indicator of the harmfulness of the procedure. Is shellac harmful to nails? Of course, yes, but its competent use can significantly reduce the negative consequences.

Safe use of gel polish

Just like a simple nail polish, shellac is applied in one or two layers. But, unlike the first, it lasts up to three weeks, without being erased and without chipping. If you consider how much shellac for nails costs, then its use is quite advisable. It does not need to be dried for a long time, and the whole procedure takes very little time. To protect your nails, it is important to give them a break from the coating. It is advisable to do this after each time, but women do not always have this opportunity. The optimal solution is to take a break after three to four months of continuous wear. Of course, the structure of specific nails should be decisive in this situation. Thin need rest more often than strong and thick.

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How to restore nails after shellac

After removing shellac, nails should often be smeared with cuticle oil and restorative enamels, varnishes. In this case, the primary role is played not by the price of funds, but by the regularity of care. Hand creams should contain keratin. Classic, European or hardware manicure, if done regularly, also accelerates nail growth, as well as finger massage in the area of ​​the cuticle. The salons have such restoration services as hot manicure, sealing, pe-shine manicure and paraffin therapy. If you act in a complex, the nails will quickly gain pristine health. Some girls use shellac in order to strengthen and treat their nails, but this is unacceptable, since there is no benefit from this coating except for aesthetic. But it is definitely harmless and does not cause any diseases of the nail plate, subject to the technology.

Pi Shine Manicure

how to restore nails after shellac

There are many ways to regenerate a nail plate. One of the most effective and useful procedures is pi-shine manicure, or the so-called Japanese. Its essence lies in sealing vitamins and keratin in the nail plate. Japanese manicure set includes two pastes. The first consists directly of nutrients, and the second - mainly of wax, which polishes the nail and protects against external factors. After the first session, the nails will look healthier and stronger. Japanese manicure gives the nail plate a mirror-like smoothness and shine. A high-quality set for pe-shine costs more than three thousand rubles, so this procedure is more profitable to do in the cabin.

Paraffin therapy as a method of nail restoration

how to paint nails with shellac
Paraffin has been used in cosmetology for many years. It is famous for its ability to moisturize and nourish human skin. It will not be possible to completely cure damaged nails with its help, but its use will accelerate this process. Thanks to the regular use of paraffin, nails grow faster and become less brittle. It should be applied preheated at least once a week, and no less than half an hour. There is paraffin on sale with various nutritious oils. For the procedure, you can contact the beauty salon or spend it yourself at home. The process itself is very pleasant, conducive to relaxation.

Recovery process

Is shellac harmful to nails? This question disappears by itself if you remove the coating and look at the nail plate. She became rougher and finer. If you do not treat it in various ways, it will update itself, but it will take a lot of time. Depending on the length of the plate, the restoration process can take from one and a half months to six months. During this period, the damaged part of the nail should fully grow. And before painting the nails with shellac, you need to make sure that the nail plate can withstand a similar load. As soon as gel polish is applied to the nails, they become thicker due to several layers of coating, but this is only a temporary effect. After removal, everything returns to its original state or becomes even worse.

Should I cover my nails with shellac

The advantages of shellac over conventional varnish are undeniable. At a time when even the most expensive nail polish will last at best a week, and at worst 1-2 days, gel polish can last almost a month. In addition, it is porous, which gives oxygen access to the nail, and is not toxic. It cannot be scratched or greased, because after several minutes of drying it is practically invulnerable. How much is shellac for nails? In different cities, the price of such a service is completely different. In a small provincial town, this will cost 200-400 rubles, while in a metropolis the price grows to two thousand. Prices for gel polish itself also vary, but in general they make it possible to choose inexpensive material of good quality. In connection with the rhythm of life of a modern woman, coating with gel polish saves a lot of time and nerves, but at the same time hits the wallet.

How to avoid problems

Unfortunately, most manicure masters are cunning when answering the question: β€œIs shellac for nails harmful?” It is not in their interest to scare away clients with tales of disastrous consequences and a long recovery period. First of all, when thinking about how to restore nails after shellac, you need to make sure that the damage done is minimal. Application technology must be strictly adhered to. Illiterate use can be much more dangerous. Using this service in the salon or at home, you need to take care of the quality of the material, the sterility of the instruments.

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A significant role is played by shellac removal. It is not permissible to file or scrape off gel polish. For this, many special fluids are sold that painlessly rid the nails of the coating. On thin and damaged nails, shellac will last only a few days, and it takes more than a month to treat them. Whether it’s worth it is always up to the client to decide, the main thing is not to regret the choice made later.


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