How to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator yourself

Homeliness is a delicate matter. From time to time, owners of household appliances need to rearrange their electrical assistants in a more convenient place: after moving or during the reorganization of the usual kitchen space. In a number of cases, it is found: the door of a favorite cabinet, which rescues products from quick spoilage, cannot remain in its previous positions. Urgently need to dismantle the door on the right and fix it on the left (or vice versa)! It's complicated? How to outweigh the doors of the Atlant refrigerator yourself?

how to outweigh the atlas refrigerator door

For righties and lefties

The brand for mastering the algorithm of actions was not chosen by chance. Household appliances of Atlant Closed Joint-Stock Company have long and firmly entered the everyday life of Russians, residents of the countries of the Union of Independent States. Recall: the Belarusian company from 1962 to 1993 was called the Minsk Refrigerator Plant. The enterprise is notable for high-quality assembly and the presence of many special features in many models, in particular, such as changing the position of some elements.

Having learned in detail how to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator, we allow ourselves to broaden our horizons of imagination: in a house or apartment there are always tempting points for development: a corridor, the space under the stairs to the second floor, by the window, etc. Most often, the sash is installed on the right. If you are left-handed, you may also need to reinstall. As practice shows, the operation is not too difficult and complicated. Enough desire for independent action and a little perseverance.

Before you get started

No wonder in the old days they said: "Measure seven times - cut once." In this case, read the instructions seven times, once touch the Atlant refrigerator door with a screwdriver. Or even several of these "gates" - the company produces household appliances with one, two and three cameras. Each specific option requires its own approach. Although there are universal steps.

outweigh the door of the refrigerator atlas

Make sure that there are replacement plugs or an optional part is included. In the first case (1 camera), not only the external door (on which many magnets hang) is outweighed, but the internal one - from the freezer. In the second and third (2-3 chambers) - only the outer wings. Consider the different positions (about the camera and the freezer door - more).

Have you carefully read the instruction manual? Let's get started! When we outweigh the doors of the Atlant refrigerator, the first one in the line is external, after it is internal (from the freezer, in case 1). Pay attention to the warranty period: if it has not expired, then you should not interfere in the design yourself, entrust the case to a specialist: he will record the interference in a special coupon. Otherwise, if the unit breaks down, you will find yourself in the difficult situation of a contract violator.

We follow the instructions

The warranty has long expired, and you decide to get down to business on your own? Then it's time to collect the necessary set of tools, especially if you have them stored in different places: some on the balcony, others in the garage, and others in the basement.

  • The most important thing is screwdrivers (curly and plain). A penknife (or regular) knife will come in handy - pick up and remove the plugs.

refrigerator atlas two-chamber outweigh doors

  • A wrench is required (by 10).
  • Hexagon is irreplaceable (unusual for masters of past years, and now widespread metal “squiggle”).
  • Do not forget about the pliers.
  • Pay attention to the hinges of the freezer. The new ones that are required after dismantling the previously installed ones must be purchased in advance at a service center or at the nearest market where they sell spare parts; they are not included in the package.

So, how to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator? Do not forget to unplug the appliance (pull out the plug from the electrical outlet). Inspect the top of the opening: there are screws, they need to be unscrewed. As soon as you do this, you will see how easy it is to remove the part, which contains the inscription "Atlas". Next, to begin to unscrew the fastening of the canopy to the right (the plate with the axis holding the door), close the sash tightly. Unscrewed - rearrange the part to the left.

Step by step

Open the door slightly and carefully remove it from the lower canopy. In no case do not swing open, do not jerk sharply - if the sleeve of the lower canopy is damaged, the process of rearrangement will become much more complicated. See the blank on the side where there is no door? Remove it with a knife (or a screwdriver, as you wish) and rearrange it from where the sash “moves”.

outweigh the atlas refrigerator door yourself

If the Atlant refrigerator is two-chamber, it is not difficult to outweigh the doors with separate fasteners. Each camera is an independent element and is mounted according to the standard algorithm. If with a common fastening on the same axis, the shutters of the freezer and the common door - both parts are dismantled and installed at the same time.

Remove the freezer door

We continue to look for the answer to the question of how to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator. The door is removed? The time has come to reinforce the hinged handle in a new way: it, too, cannot remain in its former position. Now move on to the lower awnings. The bar above the floor is removed with a screwdriver - a hexagon. After removal of a canopy door fastenings become open. Unscrew the multi-faceted metal die (nut) with a wrench. The fastening axis is removed and carried in the right direction.

As soon as the sash is put on the lower axis and the bolts are marked (slightly fixed), close the refrigerator. Until the end of the main tightening, it will be held in place by the magnetic seal. Please do not overdo it, carefully control the degree of action: otherwise, you can break the design. Now go to the flap of the freezer. Both on the outside and on this door, work is carried out with the seal removed. When removing the door, slightly lift and pull out the stopper - half ring.

outweigh electronically controlled atlas refrigerator door

Make sure everything is done correctly.

The next step is to transfer the latch latch (the upper axis sleeve is removed and inserted in the right place). With a new canopy (you should have purchased it at a service center or in the market, since it is a “little thing” - made for a specific side). If you use the original one, the door will not install normally (some craftsmen get out of position and “drill” the necessary holes).

The transferred door is again fixed with a half ring made of plastic. All. The question of how to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator has been resolved. Wipe the refrigerator, plug it in. At the final stage, make sure that the doors of the freezer and the refrigerator are tight. Lack of tightness entails a lot of problems: the formation of thick layers of ice, food spoilage and even damage to the cooling system.

If there is a display

Many people are interested in how to outweigh the door of the Atlant refrigerator with electronic control. There are no big differences in the process. Just for equipment with a display, the cable has a connector in order to disconnect if necessary. Also, as described above, on the door leaf, unscrew the bolts, remove the decorative panel.

door for atlas refrigerator

Unscrew the fixing bolt on the upper loop, having removed the guide with the cable, disconnect the line. Depending on the model, in the center or top, unscrew the fasteners, remove the sash from the hinges. Remove the top cover of the refrigerator (see control panel). Transfer the hinges to the desired side, fasten. There are models in which the process is performed from top to bottom (the attachment column changes there). After that, connect the cable and lay it in the guide.


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