Soloukhin "The Avenger": a summary of the story

Soloukhin's story "The Avenger", a brief summary (for the reader's diary) of which we are considering, tells about two schoolchildren. At first glance, this is just a children's story, but how instructive it is!

soloukhin the avenger summary


One warm and sunny day, schoolchildren were sent to plant potatoes on a school site. The guys, satisfied with the opportunity to escape from arithmetic, enthusiastically set to work. Of course, they were engaged not only in potatoes. Favorite activity was the formation of balls from clods of earth. Planting them on a long twig, the guys threw them. The balls flew surprisingly far. So did our hero, whose name the author does not name.

And then he felt a strong blow in the back. This Vitka Agafonov hit a classmate with such a ball on the back and rushed to run from all legs. The hero was unimaginably insulting. I even wanted to cry. No, not from pain. Why so, in the back, and most importantly - for what ?! After all, they fought with Vitka for the last time two years ago.


He began to plan revenge. I decided to invite Vitka to the woods to burn a greenhouse and there to choke. Take a ride on the ear and then a nose? Or give on the back from behind, like him?

When at the next break our hero approached Vitka with a proposal, he was immediately on his guard. Decided that a fight awaits him. But a classmate assured that he had long forgotten about the insult. Vitka believed and broke into a joyful smile. His gullibility warped the hero a little.

Walk through the woods

Soloukhin Avenger Reader Diary

So the boys went into the forest. Vitka enjoyed nature, and our hero only thought about revenge. I wondered in what place to crack a friend. And so that the fire of revenge did not die out, the hero of Soloukhin’s story “The Avenger” (this is reflected in the summary) constantly fed him insult. The boy was pondering how and when to hit the offender.

Suddenly, Vitka saw a bumblebee that flew out of the mink. His eyes lit up immediately. The boy suggested that there might be honey in the mink. And our hero again postponed the act of retaliation.

The boys cut out the shoulder blades and began to dig. After suffering with hard ground, we finally reached soft ground. But there was no honey there. What the bumblebee did there remained a mystery to the guys.

At the edge of Vitka noticed mushrooms. Redheads grew densely and were very beautiful. The boy immediately offered to run for salt to fry them at the stake. That lunch would have been!

summary of the story avenger soloukhin

Our hero thought that he would have to forget about revenge for a while.

Mother Vitka’s managed to steal several eggs. The guys buried them in a hole, and in this place they began to plant a greenhouse. They thought that the eggs from the heat of fire would bake and be very tasty. The boys gathered brushwood. Gradually, a bonfire flared up in a small but persistent flame. The fire danced like a girl dancing.

The hero of Soloukhin’s short story “The Avenger,” whose brief content we are considering, even thought that Vitka was not at all as bad as he thought. But he cracked him for what between the shoulder blades?

The guys gathered mushrooms when the bonfire flared up. Vitka planted his first saffron on a twig, and his companion thought that this was the perfect moment to achieve revenge. But decided to postpone it. Ryzhikov wanted more than revenge. The boy simply did not want to admit to himself that he had long ceased to be angry with Vitka and the desire to take revenge was gone.

The mushrooms were very tasty. And since the salt has not yet ended, the guys decided to collect more mushrooms. Finally they, satisfied, ate. But our hero could not enjoy the rest to the fullest - his thoughts were occupied by the impending revenge.


The hero of Soloukhin’s short story “The Avenger,” which we are discussing in brief, understands that the time for revenge has come. He is desperately looking for how to extend this wonderful day. And invites Vitka to the river, wash off the soot.

And so the boys went home. Vitka trustingly goes forward, and his companion realizes that it is very difficult to hit a person in the back. He no longer feels anger and resentment. He decides to lower Vitka from the morning blow. Now, if this happens again - he will ask him!

Our hero’s soul suddenly becomes easy.

The Soloukhin Avenger Briefs Summary

This light but instructive story was written by a wonderful children's writer - V. Soloukhin. Avengers in brief (briefs) will be interesting to read not only to children, but also to their parents.

Resentment is a heavy stone carried by those who experience it. And only getting rid of him, he has the opportunity to feel a light, not muddied joy. After all, happiness depends only on us.


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