Alvaro Morata - the most talented young striker in the world!

Alvaro Morata today is one of the most talented and promising central strikers, not only in Spanish, but in all of world football. He is only 23 years old, but he has already managed to achieve a lot and demonstrates an incredible game on the football field. What way, though it is not too long yet, has the Spanish player gone? Where did Alvaro Morata start and what did he win?

Carier start

Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata, born in 1992, began his football career in Real Madrid, one of the strongest clubs in the world. But before he was there, he went through several youth schools - at the age of 13 he studied football at the Atlético Academy of Madrid, at the age of 15 he moved to Getafe, and at the age of 16 he ended up at the Real Madrid Academy, with whom he concluded his first professional contract in 2010 at the age of 18. Naturally, in the “royal club” the young player did not immediately find a place in the starting lineup, so he first played for the double and was not considered particularly promising.

The first two seasons he entered the field as part of the main team only two times, and in the third, when the striker was already 21 years old, he played in fifteen matches and scored two goals. In 2013, Alvaro Morata stopped playing for the Real Madrid double and was transferred to the main team, where he began to appear on the field periodically, attracting the attention of other clubs. For the year, Alvaro played in 34 matches and scored 9 goals, but it was obvious that so far he had no place in the “Royal Club”. But Turin Juventus managed to buy young talent from Real for twenty million euros. Naturally, the leadership of the Club of Madrid insured, while retaining the right to buy the player first. This means that, if desired, Real could buy Morata for the agreed amount, without negotiating with the leadership of Juventus - naturally, with the consent of Morata himself. So at the age of 22, Alvaro moved to Italy, where he created a reserve for the future.

The heyday of Juventus

Alvaro Morata photo

Alvaro Morata, whose photos immediately began to appear in all sports publications, began to demonstrate amazing football. Already in his first season at Juventus, Morata became one of the key factors that allowed the Turin club to reach the Champions League final, as well as to win the Italian championship, and to do this twice in a row. And at the same time, a year ago, Alvaro won the Champions League with Real Madrid - not a bad statistic for such a young player. In total for Juventus, he spent 93 matches, scoring 27 goals. He constantly kept repeating that he was not going to return to Real Madrid, but his words had diverged with deed this summer.

Return to Real Madrid

Two years later, Real Madrid activated the foreclosure right, and Morata agreed to leave the Turin club to join the creamy. Real Madrid paid thirty million euros for this transfer, and now Alvaro will play for the Madrid club. What awaits him ahead? It remains only to follow the promising player and enjoy his incredible skill.


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