Coffee with orange juice: popular recipes for invigorating drinks and their names

According to one version, the drink, the majestic coffee, owes everything to a shepherd named Kaldi. It was he who once noticed how his goats, having tasted berries from an unknown tree, began to behave differently: cheerfulness, energy appeared. Caldi tasted these strange fruits himself, appreciating the taste and astringency. Then, after telling about his observations to the monks with whom he shared a shelter, and having secured their support, the shepherd began to dry the berries. Well, then it’s not difficult to assume everything that brought coffee to almost every home on our planet. Another legend says that a person was left to die in the desert, but he survived, having learned the taste of coffee. His name was Omar.

From legends to trends

Coffee today is one of the most popular and favorite drinks. They drink it clean, without any impurities and additives, or with milk. However, there are very original recipes that have become incredibly popular lately. They imply a combination of a traditional cheerfulness drink with seemingly completely unsuitable components: orange or juice squeezed from this tropical fruit, ice, sweet confectionery syrups and more.

Coffee with orange juice, which will be discussed today, has a special taste. It is difficult to describe, but many who have tried such a drink note that the decision on the combination is very original, and the taste palette is comparable to the comprehensive word “delight”.

coffee with orange juice recipe


Among the variety of coffee recipes that add orange juice or liquor, there are truly unique ones. For several years now, coffee shops in England and France have had a menu item called Bumble Bee on the menu. This is coffee with orange juice, the composition of which no one hides:

  1. Orange juice (100 ml).
  2. Coffee (50 ml): preferably Americano or espresso to get a real taste.
  3. Caramel syrup (no more than 15 ml).
  4. Ice cubes (optional).

True, there are several features of making coffee with orange juice called "Bumble Bee", which must be considered. Firstly, it is customary to use a tall glass, which is filled with layers of juice, syrup and coffee. Only then everything is thoroughly mixed. Secondly, ice cubes in this drink can be added both from above and put under layers. You can also refine Bumble Bee with a slice of orange, without forgetting to insert a straw for chic. This is a fairly simple recipe that does not require much time and knowledge.

coffee with orange juice title

American Orange

Another variant of coffee with orange juice, the recipe of which is simple, like all ingenious, owes its taste to the Wild West. It is not known whether such a drink was invented there, but the name "Americano-Orange" was enjoyed by many connoisseurs of culinary aesthetics.

For its preparation, two types of coffee (Americano and Espresso) are used, which are mixed, adding freshly squeezed orange juice to the resulting cocktail. Juice in bags bought at the store will do. There is no uniformity in proportions. However, gourmets are advised to adhere to a ratio of 1: 3, where the first figure shows the percentage of juice. In the resulting drink, you definitely need to add ice cubes to get a full disclosure of the true taste. However, you should not overdo it with ice. There are enough 2-3 cubes per glass.

Ice or cold coffee

coffee with orange juice

The following recipe for coffee with orange juice is very sophisticated and popular. However, to prepare a truly delicious drink, you need thorough preparation. The following ingredients are needed:

  1. Natural coffee (1-2 teaspoons: depends on the requirements for strength and saturation).
  2. Water - 60 ml.
  3. Cream - 30-40 ml.
  4. Orange juice - up to 50 ml.
  5. Zest -15 gr.
  6. Sugar or icing sugar - a teaspoon.

To prepare an invigorating cocktail, coffee is brewed in a Turk over low heat, stirring continuously. The cream is whipped until thick, adding sugar or powder into them, after which orange juice is carefully introduced into the resulting mass. Mix again. Then the resulting mixture is carefully poured into coffee. The zest will serve as a decoration, giving the drink a noble look and aroma. With proper mixing of the above components, you will get cold coffee with orange juice, which will invigorate and cool in the heat.

Nuance: the fatter the cream, the more spectacular is the hat formed on top of the coffee. If the cream is not recommended for health reasons (or the person is on a diet), then you can replace them with milk. Even a low-fat version will do, but the taste will lose to the original recipe.

iced coffee with orange juice

Hot coffee with a citrus note

One of the simplest and brightest recipes for coffee with orange juice, which every kitchen experimenter can name, is simple and quick to prepare. In brewed, slightly cooled coffee (1 teaspoon of beans and 60 ml of water) add 50 ml of cream. After mixing, 40-50 ml of orange juice and a pinch of cinnamon are added to the taste to the taste. Optionally, you can decorate the glass with a slice of juicy orange or mandarin.


Among the variety of recipes for coffee with orange juice, for starters, you should choose the simplest options. If they hook at least a little, evoke taste sensations, then you can experiment with more complex ideas. For example, the same cold coffee, where it is important to maintain proportions.

If the orange has a wax coating, then it should be kept in boiling water for about 3 minutes. It is also worth considering that you should never grind grain in advance. This is because they will lose some of their aroma.

Knowing some of the nuances of preparing an invigorating drink, you can create real coffee houses at home, and using the recipes for coffee with orange given in the article, surprise guests and delight your loved ones.


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