Weather in Spain in October. Holidays in Spain in September - early October: what is the weather like?

Spain is good because it can be visited almost at any time of the year. And if it turned out that vacation is possible only in the fall, then there is no need to despair. Spanish cities will welcome you with open arms. Nothing will remind you of the autumn at the resorts. And in this review we will talk about the weather in Spain in September-October.

The beginning of autumn in Spain is not much different from the summer period.

In September, rest is no different from summer. It can be safely considered beach. The sea continues to be warm. And only at the end of the month the temperature begins to drop slightly. Closer to the northern part, it can reach 22 degrees. In the southern part of the country, the temperature drops to 23 degrees.

Weather in Spain in September October

Holidays in September at the resorts of Spain can be especially pleasant because there is the opportunity to see all the sights. The sun's rays are not so scorching as to interfere with this process.

The best option for your vacation.

Costa Daurada is recognized as the tourist capital in Spain. The best option would be a vacation in Catalonia in the popular resort of Salou. This city gained its fame thanks to its magnificent beaches, a large number of amusement parks. The nightlife at the resort is lively. This is facilitated by bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos. With the help of a variety of excursions, you can get acquainted with many attractions by visiting Tarragona, Reus, Barcelona. September can be safely considered the most suitable month for the most interesting excursions.

There are always many cultural events

Regardless of the fact that the summer period is almost over, there are a lot of cultural events. This is a celebration in honor of the Benevolent Virgin Mary, who is the patroness of Barcelona, ​​and the festival of fireworks, and theatrical performances, and fairs. There are a lot of options for how to spend your time in September in Spain.

Should I visit Spain in October?

No less often, tourists wonder about the weather in Spain in October. This is due to the fact that not everyone is able to escape from offices and visit the country in September. But I want to relax at the resort. Consider this issue.

The weather in Spain in October remains quite warm for most of the month. Almost all resorts are allowed to swim in the first half. In the second half of the month, water in the northern part of the country is no longer suitable for swimming. You can swim only on Ibiza, Mallorca and on the coast of Valencia. But in Malaga, although it is warm, the temperature of the water drops to 18 degrees.

weather in spain in october

Features of the autumn weather

Weather in Spain in October is one of the rainiest. But when compared with other months, which are characterized by a large amount of rainfall, we can say that this autumn period is quite dry. For example, in November there is much more rain. The weather in Spain in early October is warm and sunny. Therefore, you can safely visit a variety of excursions, swim in the sea. However, prolonged sunbathing should not be. It should be noted that in the first weeks the so-called “Indian summer” is observed. Therefore, for several days the weather is no different from summer. Generally speaking, the month is warm and sunny. Cloudy and cloudy weather is observed only for a maximum of 10 days.

Cooler weather in Spain in October is present in the northern part. Accordingly, tourists climb there only to enjoy a cultural holiday. A variety of travel companies are able to offer just a huge number of trips to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville and Granada.

Cultural holidays in Barcelona

Barcelona is most popular with tourists. And its main attraction can be considered the Gothic quarter. The atmosphere that is inherent in it, a huge number of medieval buildings, labyrinths and dark streets - all this can attract attention from the many guests of the city. There is always something to see in Barcelona. The city has over 40 different museums. The buildings have a unique architecture designed by Antonio Gaudi. All this just overflows Barcelona with a special touch. Among the most famous projects of Antonio should be highlighted the Cathedral of the Holy Family, as well as Park Guell.

holidays in spain in october weather

The dynamism of Valencia

Weather in Spain in October allows you to visit Valencia. This city is more dynamic. Tourists get the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of sports. You can visit nightclubs, bars and restaurants. And the unique cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. If you decide to visit this city, then you should definitely try the Valencian paella. Its preparation is rightfully considered a real art.

weather in spain in early october

Active and cultural activities in Granada

Granada is considered to be a beautiful city. In it, every tourist can enjoy not only active, but also cultural rest. Resorts of the city provide the opportunity to use the ski slopes at any time of the day or night. Special attractions include the palaces of the Alhambra and Generalife. Also worth a visit is Albaicin. Without a doubt, Granada is the city that any tourist needs to visit.

what is the weather in spain in october

What about shopping?

Shopping will allow you to visit the outlets, which are relatively small towns of a shopping nature. In them you can find any clothes of any brand. Therefore, shopping lovers will find something to their liking. If you do not belong to them, then you can stroll through the classic shopping centers and boutiques. There are a lot of them in the cities of Spain.


Beautiful vacation in Spain in October. The weather is not able to interfere with your pastime. But you should understand that you need to make the right choice in favor of a particular resort. It is also worth deciding on how exactly you want to spend your time. The country loves tourists. Therefore, all conditions have been created so that vacationers receive an incredible charge of vivacity, a unique experience.


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