Arrow (radar) - how does it look, how does it work?

One of the most advanced devices present in the domestic traffic police is Strelka (radar). For many people who do not understand such equipment, this device is better known as the "Arrow". Until recently, it was customary to use such equipment exclusively in the field of military aviation, where it was used for high-speed, and at the same time absolutely invisible interception of targets, since no anti-radar detector could detect it.

Today, Strelka (radar) is actively used by modern traffic police and traffic police, and in some cases it can be found even among patrol officers, who need to quickly detect the intruder at a fairly large distance.

How does such a device work?

arrow radar

The most modern police complex with the abbreviation KKDAS is equipped with a specialized video recording camera, with which you can track violations that occur within a radius of a kilometer. This happens when the driver does not have the opportunity to see where the "Arrow" (radar) is located, as a result of which he is not able to get rid of responsibility for the violation. Of course, the only choice in this case is simply to avoid the possibility of violation.

Cheap avoid radar

There are a fairly large number of options on how to defend yourself correctly so that you can be detected by Strelka (radar). Of course, such methods are different in financial investments, but the simplest and cheapest is the use of a specialized film on license plates, with the help of which one or two letters of the number are duplicated, as a result of which they become invisible. Functionally, this is possible through the use of a specialized polymer coating with a filter that allows you to distort the black digits of the number, making them unreadable. Thus, you get rid of the risk that the Strelka radar will record you simply because it will only see about half of the symbols and numbers present in your number.

Considering how quickly fines for traffic violations have been growing recently , as well as how expensive really powerful radar detectors are, the cost of using the film is simply minimal.

Arrows features

radar arrow what is this photo

It is worth noting the fact that with the help of an automated stationary device, unlike the predominant majority of other devices, it is not a specific vehicle that is monitored, but the entire traffic flow, thus ensuring simultaneous processing of a section of the roadway up to a kilometer around the place where there is a Strelka radar (what it is, the photo above will tell). And these are just a few of the advantages that distinguish such a modern complex of equipment.

mobile version

A modern automated complex can function not only as a stationary one, but also as a mobile radar, providing simultaneous tracking of five lanes and an additional lane intended for public transport. Of course, since 2012, the Strelka radar has been easily determined by the predominant majority of modern radar detectors, but their cost is not so affordable for many people.

How does such a radar work?

radar needle frequency

This equipment constantly emits pulses that gradually propagate along the roadway. The signal that is reflected from cars within a radius of about 1000 m is returned to the quick conversion unit, where data regarding speed and the distance of this vehicle from the place where the Strelka radar is located begin to form (that is, the photo above shows in all cases execution).

At the same time, using a television digital camera, a separate signal is transmitted to a specialized pattern recognition program, as a result of which the Strelka video recorder-radar selects all moving cars, determines their coordinates, calculates the trajectory of movement, and then is engaged in precise determination of the speed of movement.

Information from the radar and the analyzer is subsequently transmitted to a specialized cross-correlation program through which the ratio of the indicators and the determination of the speeding vehicle are carried out. If such a machine approaches the radar at a distance of less than 50 meters, the Strelka radar signal is activated, activating the intruder’s photography function.

At the same time, it is worth noting that with the help of such a complex the situation is analyzed in detail regardless of current weather conditions (it is worth noting only the temperature range, which ranges from +60 ° C to -40 ° C, as well as the ability to work at 98% air humidity ) Among other things, the equipment is quite protected from various mechanical shocks, as it is produced in a specialized anti-vandal case.

What are its advantages?

arrow radar for android

Today, Strelka radar is recognized as one of the most advanced devices in the traffic police. How this device works, we have already figured out, now we will consider its main advantages:

  • violations are recognized at a distance of up to 1000 meters, which is very, very impressive when compared with similar equipment;
  • speed can be measured at a minimum range of 50 meters, while the accuracy reaches 2 km / h;
  • a wide range of speeds is recognized (up to 180 km / h);
  • with the help of the camera, the vehicle is video-captured while driving, and the quality of this video is 12 frames per second;
  • in automatic mode, those objects whose movement is carried out with certain violations are highlighted;
  • a command is automatically issued to detect and further recognize the vehicle number in accordance with the video if the intruder rode closer than 50 meters.


dvr radar arrow

Automated police radar completely eliminates the possibility of errors in determining the correct speed of cars, and therefore is considered very, very effective in terms of efficiency. Installing such a device is relatively cheap, which, with extremely reliable operation, makes it one of the most optimal options. In this case, special attention should be paid to the fact that the device in the process of its operation does not change indicators, regardless of what equipment is acting on it.

Due to this, the traffic police or traffic police have the opportunity not only extremely reliable fixation of violations on the roads, but also provide the driver with a full package of reliable evidence of the violation. Moreover, the use of a mobile device is beneficial for the drivers themselves, as they can be sure that the traffic police did not bring them any false charges and do not force them to pay a fine for what they did not. Recently, the Strelka application (the radar for Android) has become widespread, but in reality its effect is not as effective as the operation of the original device.

Are there any disadvantages?

If we talk about the disadvantages that this device differs in, we can only note its cost, which, taking into account the cost of attachments for video recording, is more than one and a half million rubles. It is the extremely high cost of this radar that is the main factor why the network of such devices has not yet spread to all police devices. Of course, over time, the number of such devices will constantly increase, because they are constantly trying to implement them in the modern traffic police system, and this is not at all surprising, given the income brought by such devices.

Also, many do not like how Strelka radar looks, but this drawback is insignificant, because it is important to get practical advantages from such equipment first, and only then to think about the appearance of the device.

Can I use a radar detector?

radars against arrows

It’s worth mentioning right away that in the overwhelming majority of cases, even the latest modifications of radar detectors cannot drown out the signal of this device, because Strelka pulses are short-term, and at the same time they are emitted at an extremely low repetition rate, although the Strelka frequency (radar) is in the standard range. Also, do not forget that the power of this device reaches only 0.5 W, as a result of which modern models of radar detectors determine it only under the mast, that is, long after the photofixation of a perfect violation.

Fight options

radar signal arrow

But of course, modern motorists have developed several effective ways to deal with such a radar:

  • Somehow close the license plate. Of course, such measures are prosecuted by law, so it is best, as mentioned above, to use a specialized film applied to the license plate.
  • Use a radar detector. Of course, today there are already some devices that can recognize Strelka, but such a pleasure will cost you a lot.
  • Drive under the camera unnoticed. If you know where the Strelka is located, you can drive under the camera so that the license plate cannot be captured by this device. For example, many people prefer to hide behind large cars or just go around the video capture zone along the side of the road. Some even manage to go around the oncoming lane, but this is not worth it, since, most likely, such actions will turn into only new problems.

Of course, such methods differ among themselves in the necessary financial investments, but in any case the most optimal option is to apply a film to the license plates.

Observe Precautions

It is also worth noting the fact that even if you do not have radars against Strelka, but at the same time you’ve got to the system’s coverage area at high speed, this does not mean that a receipt will come to you anyway. In fact, such devices initially take the car into circulation, that is, they determine it at the entrance to the place where the survey will be carried out, while she sees absolutely every vehicle, conducting it from the boundaries of the detection zone to the zone where the survey is being performed. That is why you can just go around the device in a radius of more than 50 meters and not be fixed on the camera.


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