How to use gel polish? How to apply and remove gel polish?

Today, gel polish is becoming more popular, leaving behind in the past acrylic nails. It perfectly replaces ordinary varnish, but lasts much longer without losing color. Observing accuracy, you can go with the perfect manicure for up to 3 weeks.

how to use gel polish

Irreplaceable thing

Gel polish is a special substance with different colored pigments, mainly used for the top coat of the nail. It must be polymerized in a UV lamp for about 2 minutes. If you apply the product in only one layer, then you will get a translucent color, and if in two - dense and saturated. The main thing is to know how to use gel polish, then it will not be difficult for you to quickly get a beautiful, neat manicure. Unlike its predecessors, this coating does not need to be mechanically sawed off; it easily dissolves in a special liquid. To do this, use an agent with acetone or a remover. Now you can see in any women's magazine ideas of manicure with gel polish, they are impressive in variety and allow you to choose the most suitable option for your image.

Correct application

Incorrect preparation of nails or application of the material will affect the period during which the manicure will look beautiful. The technology of coating nails with gel polish is very important , that's why you need to know the basics of working with it.

First you need to carefully prepare the nails for the procedure, clean them with the help of a preparer, degreaser and dehydrator for these needs.

To cover the coating for a long time and not crack, it is important to remove the greasy layer from the nails. The primer will help in this, if it is not applied, then the varnish may crack. Such modern products do not have alkali in their composition, because of which the natural nail does not suffer. Do not touch the already processed plate with your fingers. An obligatory step is the application of gel polish, only the base one, which will protect the nails from different coloring pigments and help to bond the colored layer to the nail plate.

gel polish technology

Perfect coverage

When you work with gel polishes, it is necessary to apply all components with smooth movements from top to bottom, this helps to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. The base product should be applied in the thinnest layer. Moisten a little brush with it and apply it to the nail plate, as if rubbing into it. The main thing is to paint over the nail and its tip completely to avoid the problem of raising the coating. If the end of the nail is poorly stained, you can get chipping of the colored layer in the future. Next, you need a special lamp for gel polish, we send nails into it for 2 minutes for polymerization.

ideas manicure gel polish

Bright varnish

A manicure using colored gel polishes is slightly different, for example, bright shades need to be applied in at least two layers.

How to use gel polish so that the manicure is without flaws? It can be difficult to apply the first coat of dark varnish and completely paint over the nail, but the next coat will cover all imperfections and smooth the surface.

Manicure experts advise applying 3 thin layers of material and do not forget to paint over the end of the nail. And again, you need to send the nails to the lamp for 2 minutes

French manicure

To get the perfect French manicure without yellow spots, keep hands in the lamp for 1.5 minutes. For the snow-white line of the β€œsmile” on the nails with a jacket, you can apply a white layer several times.

At the last stages, you need to take a fixing varnish and apply it on the nail, the layer should be slightly thicker than the color. After the nail is covered with this varnish, you must again send it for polymerization in the lamp for 2 minutes. If the fixing agent does not dry completely, the nails will lose their luster. Take a special product without acetone and remove the sticky top layer, after which you will get nails with a beautiful glossy shine.

lamp for gel polish

Removing gel polish

For those who do manicures in a beauty salon, it is better to remove the varnish from their specialist or ask him for the name of the company of the product that was used in the manicure, then purchase a special remover.

How to use gel polish, in general terms, is clear. And how to learn to shoot it very carefully? Let's try to figure it out. The advantage of carrying out this procedure at home is clear to everyone - you do not need to go anywhere and wait in line for your master.

This procedure will require nail polish remover, but be sure to have acetone in it. Also make cotton wool, an orange stick, plain foil, a nail file and a grinder.

Removing gel polish is done in stages: first moisten a small piece of cotton wool in a liquid with acetone and attach to the nail plate. Then you need to wrap the foil on top and hold for about 15 minutes. In turn, remove the foil from each finger, removing the remnants of gel polish on the nail with an orange stick. Remember: if the varnish is poorly removed from the nail, do not rush to pick it up, just wrap it in a piece of foil for a while. After the removal of the coating, the nail may be rough, gently polish it with a soft grinder. Then do a manicure, giving your nails a favorite shape and length.

gel polish application

Plus and minus manicure with gel polish

Gel polish has its positive and negative sides. If we talk about the merits, then first of all it is perfectly smooth nails and the ease of its application. Such a coating dries quickly in a special lamp, and the nails look much more naturally built up. But the biggest plus is that it lasts a long time, from one to three weeks. Well-studied technology for coating nails with gel polish will bring you some advantages.

By cons include the high cost of the procedure for applying varnish from a specialist. It takes approximately 20 minutes to completely remove it.

There are also several contraindications to the application of gel polish - this is an allergic reaction to the components of the product and weakened own nails. Sometimes you should give your nails a rest from gel polish. In addition, experts recommend removing it after two weeks, and not persistently maintain such a manicure for a long time.

Proper storage

It is very important to store products correctly. If you do not follow the rules, then the product can quickly thicken, and you will not be able to use gel polish in the future. For starters, never put it near the UV lamp on and do not leave the bottle in direct sunlight (this is the same ultraviolet light). After applying gel polish to all nails, wipe the neck of the bubble with a napkin, remove any remaining varnish and close the bottle tightly enough.

gel polish remover

Gel Polish Manicure Ideas

A beautiful manicure depends on how to use gel polish and what color to choose. The most popular manicure is the coating of nails with a plain varnish. The color palette is so multifaceted that the tool can be selected for any outfit.

The gradient look of a manicure looks exquisitely , where several colors, usually two or three, merge together. Performing this manicure is quite simple, but what an effect!

But the undisputed leader is a classic French manicure. And if the tip of the nail is decorated with colored varnish and add a little sparkle, you can go on any occasion. French lovers are advised to try making a moon manicure, which also looks quite elegant on the nails.


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