Ping pong. Table Tennis (Ping Pong). Ping Pong Rules

Ping Pong is a very interesting game. No wonder it was included in the list of Olympic sports. However, for it you need to choose the right table and details (racket, ball). In addition, you must know the rules of the game.

What is ping pong?

Ping pong
The meaning of this sport is that you have to throw a small ball through a grid stretched in the center of the table with a racket. At the same time, 2 people or more can play. To do this, you need to set up a table in a fairly spacious room. Moreover, it must also have the specified dimensions and be mounted while maintaining the exact horizontal level.

Naturally, you will also need rackets and a ball. These accessories must be selected very carefully, since the quality of the game depends on them in many respects. Ping-pong begins with the ball, which in no case should touch the net. In doing so, he must hit the opposite side of the table. Naturally, the second player must surely hit the ball, otherwise his penalty will be counted.

Basic Ping Pong Rules

So, now it's worth talking about how to play correctly. First of all, those people who participate in the match must definitely stand behind the back of the table. Serve the ball so that it flies over the net and hits the opposite side of the table. If the ball bounced off your half of the field, then this is already considered an error. Incorrect serve is considered if the ball touched the net. Points do not count. The feed needs to be redone.

ping pong rules

The match continues until one of the players makes a mistake. Ping-pog rules provide for a point in such cases:

  • the ball bounces off the table;
  • the player touches the field with a racket;
  • wrong feed;
  • to the ball more than 1 time.

In addition, 1 point is also counted if the enemy could not repel the ball sent to him correctly. Serve the ball in turn, and it changes every 2 points. The game is over if one of the players scores 21 points. Moreover, there must be a minimal advantage. Players must play at least 5 games in one match.

It must be said that the current ping-pong rules have been in force since 2001.

Basic tricks

In order to play table tennis, it is imperative to master certain techniques. That is, you must learn some movements that will help you defeat the enemy.

So, to play ping pong you will need to master several racks:

  1. Left trim with a closed racket. For this, the body should be slightly rotated, the legs spaced shoulder-width apart, and the arm bent at the elbow. Extend it when feeding it from left to right and forward and down.
  2. Right undercut with an open racket. This position is standard and familiar to most athletes. After hitting in such a stance the ball flies up. This technique is considered defensive, therefore it is difficult to attack from this position.
  3. Roll forward. It can be done left or right with a closed or open racket (depending on position). In this case, the legs should be shoulder width apart, the shock arm is bent at the elbow at the level of the belt. The blow is abrupt. In this case, the hand goes forward to the right (left) and the top. During the strike, the racket should run around the ball.

There are other professional tricks, however, the presented ones will be enough to play ping pong.

What should be the table for the game?

ping pong table
A ping-pong field is an important element without which it cannot exist. Of course, today you can choose a table from a large number of models presented on the modern market of sports goods. First, let's figure out what dimensions it should have.

So, the dimensions of the ping-pong table must have the following values: height - 76 cm, length - 2.74 m, width - 1.525 m. Amateur designs can have other dimensions. However, it is best to give preference to standard indicators. Note that the ball should bounce 25-30 cm from the surface of the field.

As for the table material, it all depends on your needs and capabilities. In principle, you yourself can build a similar design.

How to choose a playing field?

Ping-pong table needs to be selected carefully. First of all, pay attention to the surface of the field. It should be painted with a dark matte paint. Accurate white markings should be present at the edges and in the center of the table

Now decide on exactly where you will install the structure. If you decide to bring it into the house, then special requirements for the material of its manufacture are not required. If you play on the street, then pay increased attention to what the legs and table surface are made of. In principle, a plastic structure is suitable for this purpose, but it must be strong and heavy enough to maintain stability.

When choosing a table, pay attention to the fixtures for the grid. They should not hang out and take up a lot of space. While still in the store, check the ball rebounds from the surface. The ping-pong table should be level, so pay attention to the stability and strength of the legs.

ping pong rackets

Varieties of rackets for the game

Equipment for the presented sport must be of high quality. We will deal with what ping-pong rackets are:

  • Combination tool with the same type of pads. They have different functions, but the same texture.
  • Rackets with different types of overlays. Usually they are intended for active play. That is, on one side the surface has spikes, and on the other, it remains smooth.
  • Tool with active pad on one side. The other surface is equipped with a different pad, which helps to wrap the ball so that the opponent could not hit it.

How to choose a racket base?

In order to qualitatively play table tennis (ping-pong), you should pay attention to the choice of the base of the main tool. To do this, consider the following options:

  1. Rigidity. For speed, you will need a harder base, but if it is flexible, you can spin the ball better.
  2. Weight. If the racket is heavy, then you have the opportunity to hit the ball harder. The lightweight tool again provides maximum ball speed.
  3. Speed. This parameter directly depends on the style of the game.
  4. Balance. Here you need to pay attention to how comfortable the pen will lie in your hand. In addition, the balance is selected in accordance with the style of the game, the selected techniques.
  5. Pen type. It is selected according to your personal preferences. There are also standard and original models, for example, pistol or V-type.
  6. The size of the main blade.
  7. Overlays.
  8. Level of training.
  9. Tool cost.

Do not try to choose professional grounds right away. First, learn all the necessary techniques and practice well.

table ping pong

Varieties of linings

Ping-pong is an interesting game, but you need to carefully prepare for it. Pay attention to the pads that are applied to the rackets. Usually they are made of high-quality rubber, which has good grip on the ball. The pad can be additionally equipped with a sponge layer, which well absorbs the ball. In addition, with it you can spin the ball well.

Pads with short pimples make table ping pong faster. In combination with a smooth surface on the other side of the racket, you can change the nature of the game, making it unpredictable for the enemy. With pads with long pimples you will generally be able to carry out incredible combinations and feeds. They are used infrequently.

The depreciation capacity depends on the thickness of the lining. Naturally, the weight of the racket increases. I must say that high-quality linings can retain their properties for dozens of hours, so each athlete should have a certain supply of these accessories. Keep in mind that those rackets that you play on the street deteriorate faster.

Pads selection features

In order for your ping-pong game for two to be fun and interesting, you should follow these principles when choosing the presented item:

  • Do not buy too cheap or expensive tools;
  • the overlay must be chosen based on your level, as well as after talking with the coach;
  • the racket should not be fashionable, but convenient and effective;
  • it is better to buy a slip separately from the base;
  • buy equipment so that it is convenient for you;
  • try to purchase table tennis tools only at authorized points of sale;
  • In addition, pay attention to the fact that you will have to periodically change the linings, so choose those that are on sale.

Varieties of Tennis Balls

ping pong balls
Another important element of the game is the ball, as it can significantly affect the course of the confrontation. The standard diameter of a ping-pong ball is 4 cm. It weighs no more than 2.5 grams. The ball is made mainly of a special type of plastic. Its surface is most often white and matte, in order to maintain good grip with the racket. Sometimes the ball may be orange.

The presented elements can be made of rubber, but not all play such. They are most used in Japan. If you play amateur table tennis, you can buy colorful balls.

Features of choosing a ball

So, in order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you should pay attention to any trifle. For example, high-quality ping-pong balls are marked on the surface with the ITTF International Tennis Federation.

During the selection, take a look at the technical characteristics of the element: elasticity, weight, color brightness, regularity of shape, quality of the seam. For example, all walls of the ball should have the same thickness. Weight should be evenly distributed throughout the ball. You should choose a product with an internal smooth seam that runs exactly in the center of the ball.

It is undesirable for the presented element to be too soft, since it will have a weak rebound.

What qualities should a player have?

In order to professionally engage in the presented sport, skill and well-trained equipment are not enough. It is necessary to possess certain personal qualities: perseverance, determination, hard work. You should be prepared for the fact that you will have to act in the most unusual situations, that the game may not turn out as you expected.

Your personal qualities will allow you to not only become a winner, polish your skills or achieve certain successes. You must believe that, despite failure, you must continue to move forward. In addition, scrupulous work will help to achieve high results. At the same time, training is not on simple innings, but on complex ones.

Naturally, you should be able to evaluate your opponent: his advantages and gaps. You can use your opponent’s weaknesses to win.

ping pong for two

How to play table tennis?

There are certain rules that every athlete must observe:

  1. One must love this game.
  2. You need to respect yourself and your opponent. Do not play dishonestly.
  3. It is undesirable to get used to your inventory: be confident only in your abilities.
  4. Try to increase your skill level all the time.
  5. Use your quick wits and other qualities to the maximum.
  6. Losing is also a result that will help you improve your skill and overestimate the possibilities. Good luck


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