Massimo Dutti stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Massimo Dutti is a global brand of clothing and accessories, as well as perfumes, with its sales outlets around the world. There are Massimo Dutti shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company is part of the Inditex group, which includes the popular Zara brand and other brands in the mass market segment. The main office and main store are located in Spain.

Shops "Massimo Dutti" in Moscow

In Moscow and the Moscow region, there are more than 20 brand stores. Some of them are located in the largest shopping centers of the MEGA network. Each boutique has a contact phone number, calling on which the client can postpone this or that position for further fitting and purchase. Also, by the phone number it is easy to find out the size of the model you like.

Massimo dutti

Massimo Dutti can be found in the shopping center "European", which is located in the very center of Moscow on the square of Kiev railway station.

A complete list of addresses of Massimo Dutti stores in Moscow can be found on the official Russian-language website of the brand, as well as in a convenient mobile application released for different platforms.

Massimo Dutti in St. Petersburg

In the northern capital, there are only 4 brand boutiques so far. In Moscow, Massimo Dutti stores are much larger. In St. Petersburg, brand outlets are located in shopping centers such as:

  • "Gallery".
  • "SUMMER".
  • Europolis.
  • Mega-Dybenko.

Each store in St. Petersburg is also equipped with a contact phone number for convenient communication with customers.

Massimo dutti

In addition, several years ago an online store was launched where you can buy the same things as in retail boutiques. The company delivers orders to any corner of Russia. In addition, you can make a purchase with delivery to one of the Massimo Dutti stores in Moscow or St. Petersburg at the client’s choice. When the goods arrive at the store, the buyer will be contacted and invited to try on. If the item is not suitable for the buyer for one reason or another, as well as in the Massimo Dutti retail store in Moscow or St. Petersburg, the customer can return it within 14 days.


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