Fulfillment of desire with the help of the Universe: reviews. Fulfillment of desires through the Universe according to the Simoron system

From childhood, a person wants his wishes to be fulfilled. Naturally, when we enter adulthood, everyone around us repeats that only hard work and financial well-being can bring us what we want. But is it? After all, there are many techniques, psychological practices, and even magical rituals that invoke miracles into our lives. An example of this is "Simoron" - the fulfillment of desire with the help of the universe. Skeptics consider it a hoax, for others it is real magic, but the fact remains: this system works like a clock, and is able to fulfill almost any desire.

History of the founding of the technique

The term "Simoron" in itself does not mean anything, it’s just an invention of the Burlan family. Back in 1988, the director Pyotr Terentyevich invented a unique psychological methodology for fulfilling desires for his wife, actress, and called it this concept, which has now gained great popularity and mystery.

fulfillment of desire with the help of the universe
The system itself is a revision of the philosophical orientations of Castaneda and Bach in combination with practical psychology. The Burlan family hails from Kiev. Their method gives real fulfillment of desires, the Universe is clearly on the side of creative people. Now they are promoting their system, saying that it is the only true one, but this contradicts its principles, namely, the lack of schemes and patterns.

The second wave of using technology

Two Moscow “wizards”, Vadim Gurangov and Vladimir Dolokhov, supported the baton of the Simoron promotion. Before delving into the system, they practiced yoga and similar techniques for a long time. Since these two people were outstanding personalities, they began to simplify the system for themselves. They removed the entire theoretical part and semantic load, while adding a little Pelevin, sarcasm and elements of Sufism. Moreover, such an interpretation (Simoron - fulfillment of desires) was liked by thousands of people from different parts of the CIS.

The meaning of the techniques

The main thing in Simoron's techniques is the rejection of template thinking and standard behavior. There is also a need copied from Hindu and Buddhist religions to drop the numerous "I". To do this, ridicule, irony and uncontrolled imagination are used. Some interpretations also use bodywork and dancing.

simoron wish fulfillment
If you use the fulfillment of desires with the help of the Universe (Simoron) in small doses, then this works on a par with Zen. After all, they help to get rid of complexes, blocks and psychological stereotypes. But there is one danger: applying the methodology constantly, you can lose touch with reality. In other words, being in an euphoric state, a person imperceptibly creates all the necessary conditions for himself to be rejected by society.
fulfillment of desires through the universe reviews

Coming to trainings, people strive to solve certain problems in their life. Often they are interested in a method - the fulfillment of desires with the help of the Universe at the full moon. But instead, they get a different view of the world, and instead of finding solutions, they simply refuse to solve the problem. Indeed, according to a new outlook on life, these difficulties have no meaning and significance in principle.

Basic principles

It is worth considering that the creators of the systems themselves do not adhere to the rules of the game. At the moment, more and more techniques are being created to open new horizons. And the more shocking they are, the more expensive books and trainings will cost.

Void and Shell

Considering the laws of Simoron, a person learns that he is a projection of the mind that created the Universe. All that he remembered, each idea of ​​life - is a small "I" that block the source of energy. It is with its help that everyone creates this world himself. Therefore, it does not matter when the fulfillment of desires with the help of the Universe takes place - in a week or in five minutes - a person himself appoints time and place. And if you get rid of everything superfluous, you can reach chaos, from which the universe is created.

fulfillment of desires with the help of the simoron universe
Each person creates this world himself, using fears, desires, thoughts and expectations. Moreover, no one is special, and people are one, regardless of their worldview and lifestyle. A person’s personality is a mask consisting of copies of everything seen and remembered for existence. Using the rituals of Simoron, you can get to the creative beginning.

Who is right on the system

If you divide the world into mine and another's, then the creation of a small shell comes out. The person of man consists of them. Parenting and genetic memory create many limitations, and as long as they exist, the fulfillment of desire with the help of the Universe is impossible. But in fact, a person has the right to the fact that he can do anything. By identifying himself with the shells, a person blocks access to himself. If it is simpler, while he believes that he is a cocktail of his own emotions, beliefs, memories and other things, he does not have the right to create this world. And the power of opportunities directly depends on the number of ideas about the structure of this world. That is, a person’s health, abilities, material well-being, fulfillment of desires with the help of the Universe and so on depends solely on the individual himself, he limits it himself. And any identification only loads a person, depriving him of the right to create the world.


Each ritual of the system is aimed at the fact that a person takes off all shells for a certain period of time, thereby changing the usual picture of the world. Fear, concern and doubt simply do not fit into the magical picture of the new reality. The methods are diverse and, from the point of view of an ordinary person, illogical and even funny. Many change history, some “jump in parallel”, others use clear languages. In any case, the feedback on the rituals is very positive, the fulfillment of desires through the Universe really works. In general, finding a negative review about the system is almost impossible. Everyone who sincerely tried it is completely satisfied with the result.

fulfillment of desires with the help of the full moon universe

Burlan system has a large number of complex concepts and terms. For example, Deacon means - the space of dreams, and Yav, Nav and Prav reflect the duality of Yin-Yang. The second wave system is much simpler. She speaks of a certain active emptiness, which actually is called Simoron. All that is not this void, the creators of the technique compare with candy wrappers, objects on the screen, that is, an internal film. The person’s task is to show only positive videos using techniques and absurd rituals. The main goal of this action is to put a person in a state of soaring. In other words, there is a transition to a basic state, which can be compared with enlightenment or grace. That is how small children see the world. It is almost impossible to describe in words.


Carrying out an absurd ritual is called otimonirovanie situation. For example, based on the reviews, you can say: most often, a person pulls out the phone and starts calling his brother from the nineties, Vova, imagining this and sincerely believing that he will solve the problem. This is how the fulfillment of desire with the help of the universe works. Or you can imagine that a person is a pink cow that can fly over the line to the cashier.

fulfillment of desires with the help of the universe in a week
The main thing is to treat everything positively and with humor. On the one hand, this completely deprives a person of his claims, that is, he does not hope for anything and is not offended. This is an opportunity to deprive yourself of any importance. That is, to remove the factor that gives rise to complexes, patterns and blocks of thinking. And this will help to bind the energy that goes to self-destruction in everyday life. And if you release this energy, the situation can be solved by itself, without unnecessary pressure of fear and other feelings.

Clear languages

In the system "Simoron" there is an abbreviation - a clear language. It means that a person is next to a magical object. It can be anything: wood, stone and even a gas column. This is an opportunity to communicate with the world without any intermediaries. With it, various objects are revived to fulfill a desire with the help of the universe. Reviews about this method are very interesting and funny. For example, one of the participants agreed with a mirror to crack if in her absence thieves get into the apartment. In fact, you can “persuade” any household item, even a sofa. This method is very similar to household magic. In another review, a user of the Simoron system asked the cockroaches to leave home, and they disappeared.


This method is described as finding communication with the subject. A person should consider it from all sides, twist in his hands, think about it. And do so until you feel a special connection with him. In a simplified technique, this is called rumbling. When it happened, the body itself desires to move in a special strange way. This is called the Simoron dances, although the shamans have the same technique. Thus, a person enters into a trance and begins to receive information about the subject, his name or something else.

Fulfillment of desires with the help of the Universe: reviews

Almost everyone, having coped with their complexes and barriers with the help of the system, got what they wanted. There are a lot of positive reviews. Most of the attention is paid to the Call Vovaan ritual. Many, in return for their request, go outside and start jumping on one leg. This brings positive results to the life of the person who performs the jumps, and those around him can enjoy such a funny picture.

wish fulfillment universe
The Simoron system is used by people of different ages: when children see an aunt of 30-40 years old jumping on one leg, it looks like a real miracle to them. That is how the fulfillment of desires through the Universe works. Testimonials from people about exactly what items are used for a call indicate that a TV remote control and a comb are often found. Less commonly used are real mobile phones or slippers. But the essence remains the same: all desires come true sooner or later, despite their complexity and impossibility in the ordinary world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many call magic "Simoron", the fulfillment of desires really works.

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