How to make a stand for a grinder with your own hands in different ways?

A grinder is an electric tool with which you can perform a large amount of construction work. She cuts metal parts, stone and other hard materials. It can be used to clean and grind surfaces, cut ceramic tiles to size. This tool is indispensable for installation, construction and repair work. Use it for home and workplace.

Safety regulations

A grinder is a dangerous item that has tremendous momentum. If you do not follow the rules of use, you can be seriously injured. Before starting work and making a home-made rack for the grinder, be sure to read the safety rules.

1. When cutting solid materials, various particles of metal or stone, sharp fragments fly out from under the abrasive wheel. The first reliable remedy for debris flying in the face of the master is safety goggles of a closed type. There are cases of rupture of the circle itself. Shards can hit the glass and break them, so the glasses must be reinforced with a protective net. Do not be stingy, this is your health.

2. On the grinder it is necessary to have a screen surrounding the knives. Some workers, putting on a circle of large diameter, remove the casing that impedes movement. Also, in the manufacture of a rack for a Bulgarian with their own hands, they can generally get rid of it. In no case should this be done. It is placed without fail and in such a way that the operator is behind it. Thus, the fragments beat off the casing and fly in the opposite direction.

Stand for grinder

In working with this tool, many masters have to make uniform, identical cuts. Holding it in your hand, the evenness of the strip is very difficult to achieve. Strong revolutions and vibration do not allow a person to hold the product exactly in one position, the hand will necessarily move. To prevent this, buy a rack for the grinder.

for grinder rack

But with strong constant loads and vibrations, the stand parts become loose and crack. And it is mainly designed to work with a circle of a maximum of 125 mm. Big does not fit there. If you want a rack for a grinder strong and reliable, then the best option would be to do it yourself. Self-production will add confidence in the quality of the fasteners, the master will work quietly.

Small device for home use

This stand for a do-it-yourself grinder is made only for use at home, for small works. It is made of plywood and wooden blocks. The tool itself is installed stationary and does not move. Two sheets of plywood are taken. A grinder is fastened to the lower square with clamps and a bar is screwed in the form of a stand.

do-it-yourself grinder rack

The second part on furniture hinges is placed on top. A gap is cut for the abrasive wheel . The advantage of this arrangement is that the master does not hold the tool in his hands. Also, the circle is partially visible and will not be able to fly out, causing injury to the operator. Such an easy-to-use device for cutting small metal corners, aluminum profiles, ceramic tiles is suitable.

Welded metal construction

In the manufacture of this model, you need to have a drawing of a rack for a grinder of your size.

for grinder rack
Work is carried out from a metal profile and tubes using a welding machine. The platform for the stand must be heavy, it is able to withstand vibrations of high power. Next, perform the upper part, to which the tool itself is attached together with the casing. On bolts, the structure is mounted to the welded corner on two metal legs.

drawing rack for grinder

In order for the rack for the grinder to move smoothly, the upper and lower panels are connected by a strong spring, for which holes are drilled. A guide angle is welded onto the platform at right angles to the circle.

Pendulum rack

What is good for a rack in the shape of a pendulum is a simplification of the sawing process. Due to the emphasis on the table and the system of this design, it is possible to perform work of varying complexity and to trim materials of any density. With such a device, no special efforts need to be applied; pressure is carried out by the mass of the tool itself.

homemade rack for grinders

To make this version of the stand, you will need a spring, two loops, a metal profile, corners and a welding machine. It is also advisable to have a strong iron table on which the entire structure can be installed. Having the skills of such work, the master will quickly make such a pendulum. It is much easier to work if the handle is long and comfortable. The fingers are at a safe distance. Leaning is not required. Sparks and debris are flying in the opposite direction. And having a free approach to the table, you can perform work with bulky materials and products. It is convenient and allows you to perform a variety of processes.

Choosing a rack that suits you in all respects, do not forget about safety. Then the work will bring only joy.


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