Craft for the playground: do-it-yourself place for the games

When arranging a place for games, you can create all kinds of funny elements that will noticeably decorate the site, make it more vivid and memorable. You can make them from any materials at hand: it can be wood, old car tires, plastic bottles and much more. It is best to involve the children themselves in the creative process. After all, few children will not be pleased with the handmade crafts for the playground . Moreover, this occupation is very fascinating and interesting. Kids will surely like to paint ready-made figures or take part in their creation.

DIY for a playground

Playground Ideas

You can always make a small house where your kids will be happy to play all day. For this structure, you should choose an open, spacious place without drafts. It is advisable that this DIY for the playground, built with their own hands , is not located at a considerable distance from the house, so that the children are always under supervision. To make a house you need only a few sheets of plywood, a couple of bricks and roofing material or a piece of polycarbonate for the roof. In just a few hours, you can create a great place for children's games, and your kids will be happy to paint its walls with colorful drawings.

A craft for a playground, made of ordinary logs with their own hands, will look very unusual. From this seemingly nondescript material excellent benches or animal figures are obtained. You can decorate products with the help of drawings applied with acrylic paint. Of no less interest are the tracks that can be made from wood cuts. If desired, in this way you can decorate the entire playing space.

playground ideas

The design of the playground in the kindergarten looks unusual when a table and chairs made of old stumps are installed on it. Children will enjoy toy and real tea parties here.

If you have left unused ceramic tiles from the construction of the house, you can build a magnificent fairy tale path from it. Such an DIY craft for a playground is done as follows: it is necessary to prepare broken pieces of tile of several colors. On the marked path, draw the silhouette of the desired fairytale hero and carefully lay it out with mosaic pieces. You can fix the tile on any building composition.

Crafts made with their own hands from plastic bottles look very impressive. Wonderful animal figures, beautiful flowers and magical trees come out of this junk material. They look very elegant and are able to decorate the playground for a long time, because they are not afraid of rain or bright sunlight.

Very often, old tires are used as materials for the manufacture of all kinds of children's sculptures. They are durable, and thanks to the versatility of rubber from tires, you can create various figures of animals and birds, beautiful flower beds and even a small sandbox.

the design of the playground in the kindergarten

This is how easy and simple it is to beautifully and vividly decorate a playground without special financial costs. The main thing is that this lesson should be joyful and interesting for you and your children.


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