Chest pain on the left. What causes it?

Many diseases are accompanied by various pain. Sometimes it is difficult to judge by their localization what caused them. It is known that chest pain on the left can accompany a wide variety of diseases.

Very often it occurs with heart disease. Its peculiarity in this case is that this pain extends to the scapula or arm. It can be with myocarditis of various etiologies, inflammation of the pericardium, coronary insufficiency, heart attack, aortic aneurysm. The last two diseases are characterized by very intense pain. With myocarditis, there is often dull, pressing pain in the chest. At the same time, patients complain of heart failure , shortness of breath when walking, swelling of the lower extremities.

In diseases of the left lung or pleura, the appearing pain in the chest on the left is different in nature. Usually it is accompanied by temperature and a deteriorated general condition. It arises gradually, intensifies with a deep breath. Often accompanied by a cough. Chest pain is usually associated with it or with an act of breathing. It can be sharp, stitching, sometimes radiating to the hand. This is characteristic of acute pneumonia or pleurisy and often helps with the correct diagnosis.

Pleurisy may be dry or exudative. Any lung disease can involve pleura in the painful process. Dry reactive pleurisy is accompanied by a pronounced pain symptom. He may join inflammation of the left lung or its abscess. Sometimes the cause is a pulmonary tuberculosis process or a tumor. May cause injury. While there is no effluent in the pleural cavity, the pain is sharp, stitching, worse when talking, coughing, breathing. It is usually localized in front or sideways on the surface of the chest and becomes stronger upon palpation of the sore spot.

When fluid appears in the pleural cavity, the intensity of the pain symptom decreases. But at the same time, general intoxication intensifies. On the affected side, the intercostal spaces are smoothed out, its lag is noticeable during breathing. The subsiding pain in the chest on the left can resume after the resorption of pleural exudate.

In pulmonary tuberculosis, a complication called spontaneous pneumothorax sometimes occurs. It lies in the fact that due to the painful process in the lung, the integrity of the pleural cavity is disturbed. Air enters into it, and this leads to the fact that the lung on this side drops. With left-sided pneumothorax, a pain in the chest in the left of a prolonged and sharp nature can occur suddenly. It can be aggravated by physical exertion, conversation or breathing and be so strong that it causes shock. Pneumothorax is accompanied by a sharp shortness of breath and blueness of the skin and mucous membranes, dry cough, palpitations, severe general condition.

Pain in the left side of the chest also causes neurological diseases. For example, such as osteochondrosis or intercostal neuralgia. These pains are localized along the intercostal nerves. They can be different in intensity and usually long, can decrease when taking analgesic drugs. Unlike pain symptoms in other diseases, they become stronger if you palpate the exit site of the intercostal roots along the spine.

As you can see, various diseases can be the causes of pain on the left in the chest. Correctly understanding them is sometimes difficult even for specialists. To establish the correct diagnosis, radiological and laboratory studies are often required. Pain is often associated with serious problems in the body. Therefore, when they appear, it is better to consult a doctor. This will help to avoid unnecessary problems with diagnosis and treatment. I wish you good health!


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