DIY do-it-yourself gazebo: installation steps

A gazebo is an important attribute of most suburban cottages or cottages. However, during its construction it is necessary to take into account many insignificant at first glance, but very important points: the choice of material, shape and design, as well as the location on the site. Only taking into account the above, the gazebo from improvised material, made with your own hands , will turn out beautiful and cozy.

do-it-yourself arbor from improvised material

This cottage building looks best in the garden, in an open place where no one will prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the landscape.

As you know, do-it- yourself crafts for the garden and the garden can be made from any materials, and arbors are no exception. They can be built of wood, metal, stone or polycarbonate. The latest material is most appreciated among summer residents. It is very durable, polycarbonate structures are very simple to install, and the cost of this material is not so high. Metal arbor - forged or steel - belongs to the elite class of buildings. Such structures are very elegant and extraordinary and can become a real "attraction" of your site. But most often the construction of a gazebo with their own hands is carried out using wood. Such structures belong to the class of "luxury", they are easy to install and their construction is quite inexpensive.

DIY crafts for the garden and the garden

If you decide that the best option for your site is a gazebo from improvised material, with your own hands you can easily build it out of wood. You will need a lining, long bars for supports, edged boards, slats, roofing nails, bricks and cement for the foundation, screws and screws.

The first stage of the construction of the gazebo is the organization of the foundation. For its waterproofing, you can use roofing material. Foundation tables can be made of broken bricks or stone.

Any gazebo from improvised material, built with your own hands, requires the installation of a strong and reliable frame. To do this, you need to collect the base from the bars and fix it on the foundation posts. For strength, it is recommended to use screws. Above you need to make cuts for the bundle. It is made of boards connected diagonally. The bundle needs to be lifted onto the posts of the frame by inserting into the cuts made in advance, and fixed with nails. Then you should tie the top of the structure with a bar. After the arbor is assembled, you can mount the railing. Their height, as a rule, is about one meter. They are made of carefully ground timber and are attached on all sides except the entrance. The roof frame is also assembled from beams. You can cover it with any means at hand: soft tiles, clapboard, straw, etc. The final stage of construction is the covering of the gazebo. For this, a lining is used, which is then impregnated with special compounds and varnished.

DIY gazebo construction

If you did everything right, a gazebo made from improvised material, built by yourself, will be a great place to relax in a warm family circle or in a noisy company of friends.


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