Can I make a generator with my own hands?

It’s not unusual for a modern person to have electricity at home. Thanks to electricity, we can warm ourselves, prepare food, it is light in the dark. And, of course, you have to pay for such conveniences to those enterprises that sell energy and, using their position, set a price favorable to them. Therefore, over time, many begin to think about alternative energy sources. For example, the use of solar panels is quite common. However, due to the high cost, few can buy them. A good way to get electricity for free is to use a generator, such as a magnetic one. You can assemble such a generator with your own hands. So that he can create electricity, permanent magnets are needed. They are absolutely safe for the environment and human health, and are also an excellent substitute for other methods of generating electrical energy.

DIY generator
Creating a magnetic generator with your own hands is not so difficult. In the shops you can find everything you need, namely, the magnets themselves, aluminum wire rod or steel, copper wires, cardboard tubes, flat washers, lumber, iron nails and a drill. But first of all, self-confidence and a large margin of patience are needed. Only in this way will it be possible to complete the work begun. It is also worthwhile to determine in advance the size of the future generator. It will depend on energy needs.

DIY windmill generator
Of course, having no experience in such a matter, it is important to enlist the support of knowledgeable people who can provide quality leadership. But you should not trust everyone in a row or choose it according to the principle “higher price - more valuable information”. Only proven literature will help to succeed. For example, there are the following recommendations on how to assemble a generator with your own hands. In the center of the linear magnet, drill a hole for the axis and connect the magnet to the axis so that there is a gap between the ends and the magnet can rotate freely. Take two coils (No. 10) and wrap a wire with a diameter of 1.25 mm with enamel insulation on each of them. Next, attach the coil to a wooden frame and fix the coils on the axis one by one. To check the voltage level at the ends of the windings, twist the magnet. If the voltage during rotation of the thread is maximum, you have managed to assemble the generator with your own hands! It remains to wind the thread on the axis, connect the light bulb to the terminals. While the thread is pulled, the light will be on. Such a generator is good if the power is turned off, but you need to charge the phone.

You can use a magnetic generator for a wind turbine. It’s not difficult to create a small wind farm with your own hands, fixing a propeller on the axis of the engine. The voltage will depend on how fast the motor rotor rotates. To increase this speed, you can use the apiary from the tape recorder and pulleys. In this case, a small pulley needs to be mounted on the axis of the motor, and a large one should be mounted on the axis of the screw. The current in this case will be variable and unsuitable for charging the battery. If you use a simple rectifier, you get a constant current. To do this, take 4 semiconductor diodes, connecting them in a bridge circuit. Such a makeshift generator can be rotated with the help of a propeller, or by hand.

DIY magnetic generator

Thinking about how to make a generator with your own hands, it is important to understand that the resulting product will have some disadvantages. Usually this is a lower durability than industrial designs, insufficient aesthetics and, of course, lower efficiency and increased dimensions. But then you don’t have to spend much on a factory generator, and you will have satisfaction from the work done!


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