Stylish manicure "Ballerina" (photo)

Not necessarily fashionable trends should be new images and forms invented by stylists. Sometimes at the top of popular trends is a time-tested solution. This also applies to the Ballerina manicure - a combination of a form well-known to fashionistas and interesting stylistic designs. It will be discussed in the article.

Why such a name?

Manicure "Ballerina" is not named that way because it was popular with ballerinas. In fact, this name was given to him because of the shape of the nail. This is a mixture of almond and square shapes. The combination of the features of the two forms made it possible to create a new nail design - a form close to the shape of pointe shoes. Therefore, the so-called manicure was called "ballerina".

This shape of the nail is considered elegant and practical, it especially looks good with clothes of a business direction. The nails of the "pointe" shape visually seem longer and more aristocratic. Therefore, this manicure is popular with women of all ages and is suitable for any look.

manicure ballerina

How to give this shape?

Manicure on nails "Ballerina" can be done on both extended and natural. This form can be done at home, for this you need a nail file and care. The main thing is not to rush, because if the nail plate has a slight rounding, then the Ballerina manicure will not work. This form looks good on both long and medium-long nails.

  1. It is necessary to determine the length of the nails, file them so that a square is obtained, thus removing all unnecessary. If the nails are extended, it is worth taking a rougher nail file, because from ordinary artificial nails can crack.
  2. From a square shape you need to make a trapezoid. To achieve this, you need to file the corners. A file of medium hardness will best cope with this task.
  3. Nails should be the same length and sharpening angles. If somewhere you get a slightly rounded shape, then the manicure did not work, so go to the creation of this manicure slowly and with care.
  4. After the desired shape has turned out, it is necessary to polish the nail plates with a special buff.
    manicure ballerina design

Features of creating a manicure

Despite the fact that it is versatile and practical, to make it perfect, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • Manicure on the form of nails "Ballerina" should be performed in a restrained design. It is also necessary to observe the following rule: the longer the length, the less you need to use in the design of stones and patterns.
  • “Ballet” nails look advantageous with clear lines and minimalism in design.
  • The surface of the nail plates should be perfectly flat.
  • Such a shape looks stylish when there are many rings on the fingers.

Many people think that a “ballet” manicure looks stylish only on long nails. In fact, it is perfect for medium lengths, the main thing is that the shape of the nail is perfect.

manicure ballerina photo

Suitable design

On pointe nails, you can experiment with a combination of colors and patterns. But masters of nail design are advised to use a monophonic coating - it looks perfect on nails of this shape. A matte finish will also look good, and in order to diversify such a calm manicure, you can varnish one nail with a chic shine.

The following design of the Ballerina manicure looks the most stylish - it is all kinds of variations of pastel and nude, pale pink shades, gray color. Marsala lacquer or a rich red tint will look luxurious. Matte saturated colors are also suitable.

Design options

You can find many photos of the Ballerina manicure, on which you can see how beautiful and stylish it can be. The most popular are the following design options:

  • Cover your nails with a black tint - you get a stylish Halloween manicure .
  • The combination of delicate shades (pastel, nude, pink) with a geometric pattern.
  • Combined manicure looks stylish. Apply a monotonous coating to the nails, except one or two, and cover the index or nameless one with a shiny varnish. Such a nail can be decorated with beautiful stones or rhinestones.
  • Matte coating is also relevant. Lunar manicure made in such textures looks great.

Despite the prevailing opinion that a calm design is suitable for such a manicure, now all experts advise to experiment with a combination of colors and patterns.

manicure on nails ballerina

Creating ombre on pointe nails

The gradient design of the manicure looks stylish. Made in pink, it looks gentle and romantic. Such a design can be done at home, no special tools are needed. You will need:

  • base for varnish;
  • background shade - pink or transparent;
  • white lacquer;
  • sponge;
  • fixing agent.

After you have given the desired shape to the nails, you can proceed with the design:

  • Cover the nails with a base coat, let it dry.
  • Apply a basic shade. Then, drop a few drops of white varnish on the sponge - this is necessary to create a white-pink gradient.
  • With patting movements, leave traces of light varnish on the nail.
  • Wait until the gradient dries and cover your nails with a fixing agent.
    manicure on the form of nails ballerina

And you have a beautiful and stylish ombre manicure. It is perfect for any image and event. A white-pink gradient will emphasize the femininity and romance of nature. And to make the transitions even smoother, use transparent varnish as the base. And on the sponge, apply white and pink shades, slightly blend the border between them, and then transfer them to the nails. You can use not only the specified colors, but also experiment with other shades. To make it look more interesting, you can decorate one nail with beads or rhinestones, placing them near the cuticle itself to emphasize the grace of the shape of the nail and minimalism of the manicure.

Creating a Marble Pattern

Looks beautiful on nails, “pointes” such an unusual design. Usually it is created on a wet gel. But if you wish, you can do it using ordinary varnishes.

  1. Cover your nails with varnish and immediately apply a few drops of a different shade. Use a needle or dots to make chaotic stains.
  2. Fix the resulting result with a special tool.

This pattern is very stylish and unusual, and its creation does not require much effort. But if you don’t feel like wasting time on the “marble pattern”, you can purchase special stickers.

Photo manicure ballerina uniform

You can get inspiration by looking at a photo of a manicure of the Ballerina form. You may be able to come up with a new interesting combination of fashion trends. The main thing is not to overdo it with the color scheme and additional decorations. The combination of a calm nude coating and a pair of nails decorated with rhinestones or an interesting pattern looks most impressive.


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