Organization of construction. PIC, PPR, PPO, interpretation of concepts

Before starting construction, the developer is required to obtain an appropriate permit. The absence of this document will attract the developer to administrative responsibility and fines. In order to obtain a permit, it is necessary to develop and coordinate in the examination a project that will meet current building standards, requirements for quality, safety and environmental protection.

What is the design documentation?

The project is a set of documentation, which consists of 10-12 sections, depending on the type of capital object and includes both graphic plans and an explanatory text part. The full composition is set out in PP No. 87 of 02.16.2008.

The article discusses the concept of the organization of construction production on the example of a linear object of the highway and gives a decoding of software, software and software.

Construction Organization Project (PIC)

Construction project

Before giving the concepts of PPR and PPO decoding, it is necessary to clarify the definition of the project of the organization of construction (PIC).

In order to build a high-quality facility, you need to adhere to a clear and consistent work plan. To this end, a project is being developed for the optimal use of the land for a construction site and methods are described by which the facility will be put into operation in a timely manner. In this case, the final estimate should not go beyond the approved budget.

The explanatory text part of the PIC contains information about the location and size of the land plot for future construction and about the characteristics of the object. In the case of the road, this is the length, width, number of lanes. The project details what construction equipment will be used, where the storage and loading and unloading areas of materials and structures will be located.

A mandatory requirement is a description of the location of temporary roads, access roads, detour places, bypassing and storing soil. An integral part is the designation of wheel washing stations, security posts, warehouses, office buildings and a residential town.

Graphic documents include a plan of the territory on which the object and temporary structures are applied, which are required for material and technical support. Then, technological schemes or maps are given, with the help of which the optimal sequence of work is built.

Another integral document is the software, the decoding and analysis of which will be at the end of the article.

Project Production Work (PPR)

Construction management

The construction organization project is being developed for the entire facility. It allows you to see the overall picture of the implementation of the future structure. PIC is the material on the basis of which there is a further detailed study of an individual site or site. For each such site, a work production project (PPR) is being developed. It defines effective ways to carry out work, taking into account the productivity of workers and construction equipment.

PPO in construction: transcript

Road construction

For the construction of the road, it is necessary to identify and mark the boundaries of the land. This section is called the right of way. This lane includes the construction of the road, as well as auxiliary facilities. The latter are necessary for its functioning and further maintenance. The boundaries of the land plot depend on the category of road, the width and number of lanes. Decoding PPO - ROW design .

The project marks protected areas where the road crosses existing communications, as well as those communications that need to be moved.

In addition to the road structure, the plan shows the boundaries of the sites for deforestation, demolition buildings, as well as storage areas for road structures and materials.


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