Do-it-yourself well completion: milestones

For summer cottages and country houses, the problem of providing water is always very acute. The imported water and water from a nearby source, for example, half a kilometer from the house, will not be able to provide all the needs. Therefore, it seems reasonable to build your own well. True, this is an expensive pleasure, so many owners decide to do all the work on their own. Do-it-yourself water well, is this possible? As it turned out, it is quite possible with all the steps.

do-it-yourself well completion

It is not easy to find water on the site, therefore it is always recommended at this stage to invite a specialist. If this is not possible, follow these guidelines:

  • perennial plants form thickets in places of water accumulation;
  • in silty and clay soils, drilling is ineffective;
  • the place should be far from sources of pollution: landfills, parking lots, sedimentation tanks.
    DIY water well


Well construction begins with the preparation of a pit - a working platform of 1.5 × 1.5 meters and a depth of 2 meters. This is done in order to remove the upper loose soil. The pit walls are reinforced with boards. Then drilling is carried out by a rotary, core or shock-rope method. Depending on the method, the main and auxiliary equipment are selected.

Installation of a caisson and pump

Caisson is a special container that prevents freezing of water in the winter. DIY construction of wells is possible without installing a caisson, but, as practice has shown, this is the most effective way to achieve uninterrupted water supply throughout the year. Caissons come in three types: plastic, iron and concrete.

well construction

In order to choose the right pump, you need to know the following information: what is the productivity of the well, what pressure is needed and what is expected maximum flow rate. Still need to take into account the depth and degree of branching of the pipes. There are two types of pumps: surface (with shallow depth) and submersible. Submersible pumps are installed in the system using an unstrained safety cable, so the equipment can be removed in case of a pipe break.

Pipe laying and filter installation

DIY construction of wells is impossible without proper pipe laying. They must lie at a depth of not less than 1.2 meters. The pipe material may be plastic or galvanized steel.

Do-it-yourself well completion does not end with the installation and inspection of the entire system, because it remains to be seen how much water will be. It will be rather a shame to put so much effort and get only water for technical needs: watering, washing cars and floors. Therefore, it is necessary to draw water for analysis for the presence of bacteria, install a filter to remove impurities.

In general, it can be said that do-it-yourself well completion is possible provided that you have at least some construction skills and are familiar with the basics of drilling technology. Otherwise, the business you have begun will have to be abandoned in half, if not earlier, and turned to professionals for help. But if you possess the necessary knowledge and skills, then all the work will take about 10 days, and you will save a lot by paying only for the materials.


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