Cash on delivery: features of this type of mail

With the gradual transition of trade to the Internet for many enterprises, the question of what type of mail is worth using has become very relevant. For most, cash on delivery is the best solution. This is a type of mailing, in which the order is sent to the client's mailing address, and subsequently paid for by him upon receipt at the nearest post office. At the same time, a postage fee is also levied on him, the amount of which depends both on the size of the cash on delivery and on the relations in which the sender is with the Russian post. If he is her federal client, the fee will be significantly lower than for senders who are individuals.

What is the difference between a cash on delivery package and other types of mail, and what investments can be made into it? The main types of items in which commodity investments are allowed are:

- parcel postal delivery;

- parcel first class cash on delivery;

- cash on delivery package.

The first type of postal item, a parcel post, allows an attachment weight of up to 2 kg, while only print media can be sent to it. The parcel sent by the first class should also weigh up to two kilograms, but it is allowed to make commodity investments in it. The difference between this type of parcels and ordinary ones is that its main advantage is the urgent delivery of mail marked with the first class. She will quickly reach the addressee.

But the most common form of departure is still a package. This is due to the fact that its maximum allowable weight is 20 kg, and the restrictions on permitted investments are relatively small. A cash on delivery package cannot include only toxic substances, weapons, medical preparations prohibited in the Russian Federation, and animals. Another important point that should be considered by the senders of such packages is the obligatory announcement of their value. Moreover, the specified amount should not be less than the amount of cash on delivery. Therefore, sending parcels of this type will cost a little more than usual. This is due to the fact that the Russian Post charges an additional insurance fee on the amount by which the postal item is estimated. But at the same time it is also a guarantee that in case of damage or loss of a part of the investment, its cost will be compensated (provided that the receipt of shipment is preserved).

Also package cash on delivery requires the execution of some documents when sending. Firstly, it is necessary to fill in the form for the parcel itself, in which you will have to specify the address data of both the recipient of the parcel and the sender, so that if you refuse to receive the parcel, you can return it to the point of departure. In addition, this form indicates the sender's passport data and puts his signature as a guarantee that there are no prohibited investments in the parcel.

The second document required for processing cash on delivery items is the money transfer form. It is filled in by the sender himself, it indicates the data of the transfer recipient, his address, and also indicates the sender of the transfer (that is, the one to whom the package is addressed by cash on delivery).

Many users of postal services are concerned about the question of whether to make an inventory of investments by sending a valuable parcel? Of course, this will take more time, because the post office employee will be required to check the availability of everything that is indicated. But, nevertheless, this makes sense, since the presence of this is an additional guarantee of the safety of the investment and stipulates the exact cost of each item.


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