Horsepower nail polish: instruction, composition and reviews

Restorative coatings and nail products are a long-standing trend in the beauty industry. All of them have a similar composition, an almost identical type of exposure and a relatively weak result. Do you use an expensive product for a long time and as a result your nails become only slightly stronger? But in this article we will talk about a much more effective tool - horsepower nail polish. This brand is widely heard by many, but few people realize that it produces not only shampoos, but also products that completely transform your appearance.

Product Description

Among modern products that allow you to restore the nail plate, of course, there are worthy specimens. The price for them is also "decent" - that is, not every woman can afford them. Among the more budgetary funds it is extremely difficult to find worthwhile, but possible. One of these is Horsepower nail polish. It is presented in several variations, each of which is designed to deal with a particular problem. It is worth immediately paying attention to the fact that all varnishes of this series are colorless. This, in fact, is a medicine for nail plates that are depleted from prolonged staining or building-up or have a naturally brittle and thin structure. But at the same time, you can safely use these varnishes as a base for manicure. In this case, the color coating will last you much longer.

Restoration of nails

Line of drugs

So, you decided to get Horsepower nail polish and faced with the problem of which option to choose, there are five of them. Yes, it is precisely this amount of funds that was developed by the brand to maximize compliance with the problems of modern women. You can use varnishes both individually and in combination (alternate or apply two coatings simultaneously). Immediately, we note that all of them give the nails an excellent shine and hold for a relatively long time - up to 5 days (if you protect your hands and do your homework with gloves).

A series of varnishes from "Horsepower"

So, we begin the list of funds from this magic line.

Mega Strengthener

The name of this tool speaks for itself. Horsepower nail polish strengthener is designed to restore the thinnest, most brittle and depleted plates. It works great with damaged nails (manicure, extensions, etc.), and with dry, brittle and thin from nature. Of particular note is the composition. Horsepower nail polish with firming ability is filled with the following active ingredients:

  • Diamond chips - acts as a protective barrier. It also retains the shape of the nail and makes it more durable and thick.
  • Calcium - nourishes the nail, restores it, accelerates growth.
  • Vitamins B5 and A - regenerate damaged tissues and cells, stimulate metabolism and blood circulation, due to which the nail regenerates faster and becomes stronger.

One of the favorites of modern women is this horsepower nail polish. Reviews say that the product, even applied in one layer, restores the nails literally in a week, and after a month they become incredibly strong, smooth, shiny and grow very quickly.

Mega Strength from Horsepower

Emergency resuscitation

We already realized that the names for the care products manufacturers have chosen extremely suitable. And now we are considering a nail resuscitator for nails from "Horsepower". This tool is no longer recommended as a base for a manicure, and that's why. It is designed to instantly and very actively restore heavily damaged nails. If they constantly stratify, chip, crumble, have roughnesses, roughnesses, then this product is intended for you. The composition contains the following active components:

  • Vitamin F - designed to hydrate your nails as much as possible and give them a healthy appearance. It also activates metabolic processes in the cells and contributes to the rapid growth of the nail.
  • Chitosan is an element extracted from the crab shell. It creates a strong protective layer, which, on the one hand, acts as a shield, and on the other hand, nourishes the nail with useful trace elements.

What do consumers say about horsepower nail resuscitation varnish? Reviews confirm that the name exactly matches the type of exposure. After applying the product, even the most depleted plates gain strength, health and beauty. The most important thing is not to mix this remedy with colored varnishes, so as not to weaken its effect.

Horse Power Nail Resuscitator

"3 in 1 Fort"

This varnish is characterized by a complex effect. The first is that it acts as a base for manicure. Getting on the nail plate, he nourishes it and protects against mechanical damage and the negative effects of the environment. That is why it can also be used autonomously - this is secondly. If you plan to fill the nails with a color coating, apply the horsepower in two layers. Then use it as a fixer for colored varnish. The shield function works perfectly and allows not only to protect the nail itself, but also the color coating. The basis of this tool are the following components:

  • Fruit acids. They are responsible precisely for the production of collagen, that is, for the youth of the cells. Thus, your nails are noticeably transformed. Also, these components bleach the plate.
  • Biotin - give nails strength and elasticity, nourishes them with minerals, acts as a barrier.

Among women, it is this tool that is most popular because it is universal. It strengthens, restores and gives you the opportunity to enjoy manicure a little longer than usual.

varnish "3 in 1 Fort" "Horse power"

Ultra enamel

This remedy has a prophylactic effect rather than a therapeutic one. If the nails are all right, but they are slightly dried from varnish or have become a little brittle, then this enamel is what you need. Do not oversaturate the plates with serious compounds, it is enough to just regenerate them a little. Enamel is also good in that it can be used as a base for manicure and as a top. Its main active ingredients are the following:

  • Protein of pearls. It perfectly whitens nails, gives them shine and protects against the negative effects of the environment, including ultraviolet radiation.
  • Silicon is an analogue of calcium. Protects nails, actively restores them at the cellular level.

Women include this tool in the category of universal. It perfectly strengthens the nail plates, makes them thicker and more vibrant, whitens and gives an unprecedented radiance.

ultra-enamel "horsepower"

Cuticle Corrector

This is not a nail polish, but a special tool, which contains oils and other useful components. It is designed to soften the stratified layer of the cuticle and remove it without the use of additional tools. The following components act on the skin:

  • Vitamin E - is very widely used to soften and restore cells.
  • Grape seed oil - perfectly softens the skin, nourishes it and makes it supple.

This tool is applied directly to the cuticle, after which the skin becomes very soft, and its keratinized cells themselves exfoliate.

cuticle corrector

Pros and cons

Well, let's summarize. Why so much love horsepower nail polishes?

  • The natural composition. Most of the components that make up these medicinal products are of natural origin, and this is the secret to effectiveness.
  • The large volume and reasonable price - from 200 to 400 rubles for 17 ml - is a real gift.
  • Any tool from the line fully meets the stated expectations.

Among the shortcomings can be noted except that the lack of a color palette. But it would be great if such healing and regenerating varnishes could allow us to create unique nail designs.


Horsepower nail polishes are a godsend for all those women who are desperate. If your nails are extremely depleted, they are very thin, break, crumble, exfoliate, then such funds will help you. They will restore and cure everything very quickly. Women also note an affordable price and ease of use. You just buy nail polish in a pharmacy and paint them nails at home: a 2-week course - and your pens cannot be recognized.


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