How much you can earn in Yandex.Taxi, the pros and cons of work

How much is it actually possible to earn as a representative of Yandex.Taxi? What makes up and what wages depend on in this type of activity and is it profitable to work for this company at all?

How should you relate to the opportunity provided by Yandex.Taxi? How to extra income? Or how about a full-fledged job where you can reach a level equal to the average wage? How much can you earn with Yandex.Taxi in Moscow or any other city?

how much can you earn in Yandex taxi Moscow

Why Yandex.Taxi?

Today, a taxi from Yandex works not only in almost all cities of Russia, but also abroad, it is worth noting that the staff accepts drivers, both with their own vehicle and those who want to work on a corporate car, the price of which is about 1300 rubles per day, this figure may vary depending on the model of machine.

It is worth considering that at Yandex, drivers regularly pass checks for professional suitability and customer focus, the condition of the vehicle, the level of training of the driver are also taken into account.

How much you can earn at Yandex.Taxi per day depends on various factors. The possibility of differentiating tariffs, affordable prices, simple payment methods - all this ensures a constant influx of passengers and new drivers.

How it works?

Before talking about the wage itself, it would not be superfluous to say a few words about the general principle by which the work is carried out.

So, a passenger who intends to travel from one point to another carries out an order through the application on his smartphone. The program shall indicate the place of departure, the final destination, the selected fare, payment method and special notes for the order, such as a specific place of pickup, time of car delivery.

After this, the driver receives an order notification, he can either ignore it or accept it for execution. All the features of the application are visible to him, as well as the method of payment. Contrary to popular belief, the salary of an employee of the company does not depend on the method of payment by the client.

At the end of the trip, the total amount is either transferred by bank transfer to the taxi fleet through this application, or is given in cash to the driver.

The very next day, the taxi fleet will transfer the earned funds to the employee’s bank account.

Yandex taxi how much you can earn per day

Total earnings, how much are the commission

The driver must take into account that his earnings will be equal to the amount of the order from which they will be withheld: Yandex commission for providing the application, as well as a taxi fleet commission.

It is worth noting that car rental fees are charged in excess of the commission. As well as changing the oil on your car and refueling.

At his own expense, the owner of the vehicle can brand it, having received the privilege in the distribution of orders.

As for the Yandex.Taxi commission, the service takes 22.9% of the amount that the passenger paid. But it should be borne in mind that each taxi fleet has its own commission. They reach 30% from above. But still, most taxi parks are trying to be more humane and set reasonable rates.

how much can you earn Yandex taxi comfort

How much can you earn with Yandex.Taxi really?

What affects the total amount? As in any other taxi, in the foreground, of course, is work - the more trips you make to exit, the better for your wallet.

Other factors

There are other factors that complement the first and indicate how much the driver can earn in Yandex.Taxi:

  1. Of course, one of the main ones is the rate at which the customer travels.
  2. All kinds of services that complement the trip, such as luggage, chairs for transporting children and more.
  3. Tips that customers leave in a good mood.
  4. The rating that appears at the driver after a certain number of trips after comments and ratings from the passenger.
how much can you really earn in a taxi Yandex

Total amount

Working through this service, you can count on revenue ranging from 49 to 59 thousand rubles, of course, provided that the working day is full. It is worth considering that it is necessary to deduct all commissions from this amount, and this is 22.9% of Yandex and the taxi fleet.

According to the results, using a personal car, you can earn about 29,500 rubles, keep in mind that this is an average value. Rented vehicles will have less income.

These amounts are how much you can earn with Yandex.Taxi. "Comfort" and "Business" - tariffs that allow you to increase revenue. But there are other ways.

how much can you earn as a taxi driver Yandex

Is it possible to earn more?

Yes, perhaps, and here are some tips from experienced workers.

First of all, consider working on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, these days people are not eager to get behind the wheel of their own car, preferring a relaxing holiday without thinking about personal transportation. These days you will have a lot more orders. In addition to that, at a time when in a certain area of ​​the city the demand exceeds supply, the order price increases by 2 or even 3 times. The app “Taximeter” indicates the places where you can earn extra money in high demand.

In addition to the previous paragraph. Yandex pays 500 rubles for the implementation of 20 short-term orders, which allows the driver not to go negative and is a nice bonus. Thus, we can say that it is better to work 1-3 full working days than to complete 1-5 orders every day.

One of the best decisions will be on duty at shopping centers and train stations, thereby increasing the possibility of obtaining additional customers.

Take as many orders as possible and do not refuse already accepted ones, this action may affect your rating.

Night work, as elsewhere, is paid higher according to the night rate.

After branding, that is, sticking the company logo on your own car, you will automatically receive priority when distributing orders, but they do not pay extra for this, although they can reduce the percentage of commissions.

In order not to go into minus, refrain from working during hours when there are traffic jams on the roads. Spend more on fuel than you earn.

Yandex taxi business how much you can earn

Advantages and disadvantages

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the pros and cons of working with Yandex as a taxi driver. Of course, many were interested in how much you can earn at Yandex.Taxi with a business tariff. But it is worth highlighting all the points.


Let's start with the pros:

  1. Convenient customer selection service. Everything is intuitive and banal to understand, so understanding the application is very simple. In addition, it is worth noting that when accepting the application, the navigator shows the exact location of the person, so you can drive up quickly and finish the call promptly.
  2. The application in which the company employee works is constantly developing, and all errors are eliminated promptly. In the event that difficulties nevertheless arise, the support service will answer you as soon as possible, help to solve common problems.
  3. A transparent payroll system, you immediately know how much you earned per shift.
  4. The ability to work almost anywhere where there is Internet access. Since Yandex pays a lot of attention to advertising this service, which provides transportation services for people.
  5. The ability to refuse to fulfill in the event that the person you need to pick up is very far away, it is easier to wait for the receipt of a new order.
how much can you earn in Yandex taxi


Now consider carefully the cons:

  1. Already after six months or a year, while working on personal vehicles, people quite often encounter problems associated with repairs, and you need to pay for it from your wallet.
  2. Upon dismissal, the elimination of branding is also carried out not at the expense of the company, but at its own expense.
  3. From time to time, due to rain or during snowfall, the application crashes. It happens very rarely, but it happens. As a result, the client is shown a price much lower than it actually is, sometimes 2-4 times. Of course, many go forward and pay the normal cost, but you must admit that it’s unpleasant to go 20 kilometers for 100-150 rubles.
  4. In the event that you have a premium car and there are no calls, you have to take orders in the economy category so as not to sit idle, which is paid 2 times lower. For this reason, it is better to use a car as a taxi, the category of which corresponds to the most demanded tariff.
  5. High commissions, which with a lack of customers will not allow you to receive the expected income for the working day.
  6. Very often there are passengers who do not indicate in addition to the order that they will be with the children, and a separate fee is provided for this. According to the rules of the SDA, children under 12 years old must be transported in child restraints, otherwise there is a likelihood of a fine.

In a word, work in a taxi, like any other, has both pros and cons. The decision is yours.


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