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OPI is a world famous brand, a leader in the nail industry, familiar to every woman who carefully monitors the condition of her nails. OPI Professional Nail Polish is considered one of the best on the market. Only proven and modern technologies are used for its production. This company closely monitors the quality of its products and constantly updates its collection of goods to create a perfect pedicure and manicure.

In 2006, OPI celebrated its 25th anniversary. She is trusted not only by ordinary women, but also by Hollywood celebrities - singers and movie actors. After all, the entire range of products is of stellar quality. Opi nail polish is very popular with world-class stars: Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Angelina Jolie.

Today, the company occupies more than 50% of the global market for cosmetics for the care of hand skin and nail polishes. OPI offers its fans more than three hundred shades of varnish, as well as tools for pedicure and manicure. The products of this brand can be trusted 100% - this is not only a unique style, but also high quality.

Opi varnish contains amino acids and natural silk. Several times a year the company releases a new palette of color solutions and keeps up with fashion trends, reflecting the latest technology of accessories and preparations for nails. Each palette is a unique cocktail of distinctive culture, telling an interesting story on the fingers of ladies.

The squeak of fashion this season is a sparkling series of varnishes with diamond dust. Such varnishes reflect light and shimmer like precious stones. The innovative bottle and brushes made of natural material are designed specifically for the even distribution of sparkles and nacre along the entire perimeter of the nail plate. And thanks to the narrowed form, the varnish is stored longer, does not dry out and does not form lumps.

Opi Nail Polish is widely used in professional beauty studios. Most women note that it is easy to apply, dries quickly enough, especially under ultraviolet rays, lasts longer on nails and looks neat and elegant compared to conventional products.

Colored gel gels are no less relevant and in demand , which received a storm of positive cheers from the masters of many countries, where the OPI collection was presented. All tones are fully consistent with the most popular color shades of varnishes of the same company.

Opi gel, varnish is also very easy to apply to the nail plate (including false nails), and after drying it reflects and shimmers. Such products are indispensable for business women who care about every minute - because the gels are firmly held on the nails for at least fourteen days, maintaining brightness, ensuring smoothness and strength.

The coating procedure itself takes about an hour, and in record time the gel dries. The gel is removed using an artificial coating fluid or Expert varnish remover.

Well-groomed and beautiful female pens are an indispensable attribute that emphasizes the image of a woman's truth. To look perfect and luxurious, you need to monitor the accuracy of the manicure, Opi nail polish will help you with this - an indispensable assistant on the way to the perfect look.

Tip: always choose only high-quality cosmetics, otherwise you risk putting your natural beauty and health at risk. Give preference to trusted companies and be sure to look at the expiration dates of the product, its composition, which should contain natural components that do not destroy the nails.

Never trust too low a cost and dubious manufacturer. Buy funds in specialized stores that have proven themselves on the positive side.

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