Valery Osinsky: biography and creativity

Valery Osinsky is a literary critic and writer. He was born in the Vladimir region (Alexandrov) in 1963, June 8. He studied at the Chisinau State Pedagogical Institute named after I. Creanga. He graduated in 1984. He continued his education at the A. Gorky Literary Institute . He graduated in 1997.


Valery Osinsky
Osinsky Valery in 2004 defended his thesis. Since 1997, has been a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, the Moscow organization of this association. After graduation, he went to serve in the army. Valery Osinsky is a master of sports and reserve officer. He worked as a restorer. He was an instructor of the Sports Committee, a correspondent for newspapers, a mechanic of refsection, and a trainer. Now lives in the Moscow region, the city of Chekhov. Our hero published the first story under the name “Agitator” in 1988 in the magazine “Horizon”.

Literary activity

Valery Osinsky in 1988-1992 published his works in regional publications. In 1994 he moved to Moscow. In 1995, the publishing house entitled “The Voice” published his book “The Lodger”. Publishers of China, Bulgaria and France became interested in the work of the young man.


Osinsky Valery
In 1997, on the pages of the magazine "October" Valery Osinsky published the story "Guest". The theme of Christian forgiveness and compassion sounded deeply in it. In 2006, Roman-Gazeta published the novel “Dinner Corner”. In it, the author raises the question of the independent path of modern Russia on the roads of history. He is also interested in the responsibility of each person, which he bears before society for his actions. According to the author, Christian values ​​remain the measure at all times. In 2007, Moscow magazine published the story Alien Son. The work was nominated for the Bunin Prize in 2008. The Moscow magazine published the novella Fidelity. In it, the author solves moral problems, remaining in the position of the Christian worldview.


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