Public baths in Khimki: description and addresses

There are people who do not mind the soul in such a vacation as going to the bathhouse. Not surprising, because this is communication with friends, comrades, and useful procedures. Public baths in Khimki will help to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real Russian steam room, which they say about in films and in books.

public baths in Khimki

The audience, which is ideal for going to the bath

If you want a large company or a narrow circle of interlocutors and like-minded people to pass the time with benefit, then public baths in Khimki would be an ideal option. Such a place for carrying out medical procedures, boring conversations and non-standard relaxation is definitely suitable:

public baths Khimki description

  • Companies of men who want a beer to discuss accumulated issues and ideas.
  • For women who want to keep secret, a public bath is also suitable, because the steam does not let the slightest whisper through their arrays.
  • Of course, you can also go to the bathhouse with your family. The only thing is, if a couple has children, then you need to consider that in the room everything is, if not naked, then half-naked. In the case when the parents do not see anything like this, you can go on a family new entertainment. Although with children it’s better to visit a bathhouse or sauna, where there will only be ours.
  • A team of colleagues is also very interesting to visit a public bath. After all, it’s fun here, you can spend time outside the box. Well, in order to feel comfortable, it is better to wear swimwear and swimming trunks, which you should first agree on.

Public baths in Khimki for fun

public bath in Khimki

In the bath, you can organize a celebration of events, such as New Year's or birthday. Thus, even small companies will unite, and there will be much more celebrants.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there is not one public bath in Khimki, each of them has its own peculiarities and differences. To find the most appropriate steam room, you need to familiarize yourself with the information.

For example, the well-known public bathhouse in the region (Khimki, Zhukovsky 5) is popular. This is due to the usefulness of the services and opportunities provided, and to the pricing policy. On average, going to the steam room will cost 450 rubles per person per hour.

A public bath in Khimki on Zhukovsky will give every visitor the opportunity to comfortably stay in the expanses of the premises. Every detail in the interior of the steam room is thought out so that a sufficient number of people can be accepted at the same time, so that everyone feels solitary and free.

How to spend time with benefit

public bath Khimki Zhukovsky 5

Of course, people go to the bath house not only to have fun with friends or relatives. The main goal, which almost all visitors to such an interesting institution is oriented to, is, of course, procedures that are beneficial to health and body.

In the bath you can:

  • Warm joints that are tired after a working week, which positively affects the general condition.
  • To strengthen immunity or to drive off a cold. Sudden changes in temperature harden and make a person more resistant to various diseases and poor health.
  • Clear skin. Especially often the female half of humanity is excited about this. They take various masks, scrubs, oils with them to the bathhouse, which help to make the skin clean, well-groomed and fresh. This is because the pores open perfectly in the bath, which allows the funds to penetrate into the depths and wash all contaminants.
  • Massage with a broom. Brooming in the steam room improves blood circulation, helps get rid of problems with joints and blood vessels.
  • Improving the work of internal organs. The temperature difference that occurs when immersed in cold water after the steam room makes the body work smooth and distinct, like a clock.
  • Massage treatments in the steam room are especially helpful. Such procedures allow you to maximize direct the desired effect in the right direction.

Therefore, public baths in Khimki can be visited regularly to be strong and resistant to disease.

How to stock up for a trip to the bath

In order not to incur additional costs in the steam room, you can take everything you need with you, and this:

  1. A sheet or towel to wrap up after immersion in water.
  2. A hat on his head. Rather, women need it most so as not to spoil their hair with hot air.
  3. Slippers. They must be taken, because in a public bath there are at the same time quite a large number of people. In order not to pick up fungus or other unpleasant diseases of the legs, be sure to be in shoes. In addition, it will help less glide on a damp surface;
  4. Oil, cream, scrub, coffee grounds, honey. Thanks to these products, you can cleanse your skin and make your pastime more diverse and healthier.
  5. Removable underwear. If you plan to stay in the bath in underwear or a bathing suit, then it will not be amiss to take with you spare items of clothing to put on everything dry after a visit.

Public baths (Khimki). Description of the services provided and pricing policy

public bath in Khimki on Zhukovsky

Different public baths offer their individual conditions and services. In some steam rooms you can only get thermal treatments and a contrast shower, but there are those where a whole range of services is available to visitors. Additional services often include:

  • Massage.
  • Billiards.
  • Pool.
  • The acquisition of the necessary body cleansing products.
  • Tea and coffee.

The pricing policy, depending on the chosen steam room, can vary and vary from 400 to 2000 rubles per hour of visit.

Addresses of public baths in Khimki

Of course, there are plenty of steam rooms and saunas in the city. Nevertheless, there are not so many public, in which from 20 to 100 people are simultaneously located. And if you decide to visit the public baths in Khimki, the addresses of the institutions will help you choose the most convenient location for a pleasant and useful pastime. So:

  • Bath "East", which is located at Zhukovsky, 5.
  • The Firsanovsky baths are located at 2 Shkolnaya Street.
  • Russian bath, located on Mashintseva street, house 5A;
  • Parkovaya, 11 A - bath complex.

It is possible to enumerate the addresses of baths and private saunas in Khimki for a long time, you can easily find the ones coming by visiting the official website of the steam rooms in the city.

What is interesting in a public bath

public baths in Khimki addresses

In a public bathhouse it is sometimes more fun than in solitary saunas. There are many reasons for this:

  • New acquaintances, because there are a lot of like-minded people and lovers of the same kind.
  • You can learn from experienced visitors to the bath. For example, the proper use of a broom or the ideal time spent in the steam room and in the pool.
  • The public bath always has a spirit of fun and freedom, uniting people.

What to consider when going to a public steam room

In order for the time to pass useful and carefree, it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  • Take shoes with you so as not to become infected with the fungus.
  • Bring a towel or sheet.
  • Walk on the floor carefully so as not to fall, because it can be wet and slippery.
  • Do not abuse alcoholic beverages while in the bathhouse, so that there are no unpleasant consequences with health and injuries.
  • Get acquainted in detail with information about how long it is better to change the temperature, that is, go to the shower or pool.
  • Being in a good and elevated mood will help you get the most out of your stay in the steam room.

Spend time with interest and enthusiasm, never neglect rest and relaxation.


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