What to consider when making a magnetic motor with your own hands

Oddly enough, but even in such a huge repository of information as the Runet, you will not soon find serious information on how to make a magnetic motor with your own hands. Undoubtedly, you will immediately notice the simple designs of this device. But here you have to look for serious information, an explanation of the principles of his work. If you typed in the search engine the phrase "how to make a magnetic motor with your own hands" and stumbled upon this article, you may be lucky to some extent. Next - about the features of this device and an example of its simplest model.

The power of such an engine directly depends on the magnetic mass - the stronger the magnet, the more powerful the engine will be. However, this rule is relative. One example can be given - a giant magnet with a volume of one cubic meter. Its mass is from 8 to 12 tons. It itself creates an enormous force field, so even approaching it is dangerous and. By the way, in real life such a phenomenon is almost impossible. Such a magnet is able to bind the rails of the train that will transport it into a knot, crumple the car and firmly stick to it. So what is clear from this example? On the one hand, the greater the magnetic mass, the better. However, to a certain limit. Too much magnet is a reduction in engine efficiency and additional problems.

When drawing up a diagram of the device, several points should be taken into account. First, an element that is used as a movable part cannot slip through a magnetic field. The driving force arises due to the unevenness of the field - there are no driving forces in a constant field. Devices operating under the influence of the above phenomenon are ineffective. This must be taken into account if you want to make a permanent magnet magnetic motor with your own hands. The power of such a device depends on a number of reasons. First of all, from the closure of the magnetic field to the working gap, without a magnetic circuit, the design efficiency will be very low. Due to the fact that “free inventors” of the engine often do not take these rules into account, as a rule, they either fail or their creation works unsatisfactorily. The most important thing in the manufacture of such a device is to correctly determine the driving moment.

Now let's talk directly about how to make a magnetic motor with your own hands. The reader will be presented with its simplest model. You will need a small magnet made of rare-earth alloy, which will be the main part of the design. The smaller it is, the better. There should be a small hole in this magnet.

By the way, after this experiment, the magnet will completely lose its properties, so use one that you will not mind losing. You also need wire - thick steel and thin copper. You will also have to choose a candle of the right size. From the wire, make the base for the swing-pendulum in the form of an inverted letter P (the base for it should not be wooden). Hang a magnet on it. To do this, you need to pass a thin copper wire into it.

From the side inside the structure, hang a regular magnet looser so that the small one is pulled towards it, but so that the angle of deviation of the pendulum is small, not enough for the small magnet to touch the large side, but enough so that the flame of the candle that you put under it he was not touched when he assumed a vertical position. When handling the latter, be careful. So, you have to put the candle in such a way that it appears under a small magnet at a time when it will be attracted to a large one.

Fire demagnetizes it, and at the same time it loses its properties, and due to this, the pendulum occupies a strictly vertical position. When the small magnet cools, it again begins to reach for the large one. This cycle of oscillations of the pendulum will not stop until the candle burns out or until it is removed.

To make a more “serious” do-it-yourself magnetic motor, it’s worthwhile to study the circuits and select the necessary parts for this. But it is equally important to know what makes such a device work. It is not so difficult to make an engine with your own hands, almost anyone can do it.

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