Special offer "THANKS" from Sberbank to Burger King

The chain of fast food restaurants "Burger King" likes to delight its visitors not only with delicious food, but also with interesting and profitable promotions. In addition to the famous coupons for combo dinners, free refill of the glass with a drink and discounts, Burger King allows you to save another way that all Sberbank cardholders will like.

Burger King and THANKS

In addition to the excellent price-quality ratio, the unique taste of specialties and compliance with service standards, Burger King pleases visitors with promotions. The restaurant chain is a regular partner of the bonus program. This allows you to not only earn these bonuses by paying for orders with a Sberbank card, but also to pay with these help these orders, up to 99% of the cost. There are several conditions for using "THANKS" bonuses from Sberbank at Burger King, but everyone can fulfill them.

In order to start accumulating bonuses, you need to have any Sberbank card. And if you are not yet 25 years old, it is better to have a special, youth, card that has several advantages over the others. Besides the fact that a youth card is much cheaper to maintain than other cards from this bank, more bonuses from Burger King are credited to it. So, the card is in your hands, what to do next? Despite the hunger, do not rush to run to the Burger King. First you need to connect to the bonus program. To do this, you need to go to the ATM together with the card and connect to the program, or you can not go anywhere if you have the Sberbank or Sberbank-Online mobile application connected. You can connect "THANKS" to your card through these online services. Now it's time to save on burgers. To do this, just pay with a card in a restaurant chain, you can not remind the cashier to accrue bonuses, this happens automatically.

Special offer "THANKS" from Sberbank to Burger King

How to accumulate bonuses?

If you have a youth card, then you are lucky, as bonuses for the "THANKS" promotion from Sberbank to "Burger King" will be credited to you in an increased amount, namely - 11% of the order amount will be returned to your card with bonuses. When paying with other cards of the bank, 6% is returned, which is also a lot. In addition to fast food, bonuses can be earned by paying with a card in other stores of the "THANKS" program, they can be clarified on the Sberbank website or in the mobile application.

How to spend bonuses?

Before you try to spend "THANKS" bonuses from Sberbank to "Burger King", go to the bank’s useful mobile application, there you can see the number of bonuses accumulated, this is important. To take advantage of the promotion in the restaurant, you must have at least 249 bonuses, which is equivalent to 249 rubles, and the order should be at least 250 rubles. Get wuppers completely free will not work. For example, you made a minimum order to write off the accumulated THANKS bonuses at Burger King for 250 rubles, of which 99% of the cost was paid with bonuses, that is, 249 bonuses were written off, and 1 ruble was paid in real money.

If the order amount is greater, you can write off all your bonuses (but not more than 99% of the order amount) or the amount you want (but not less than 249 bonuses), pay the balance in cash or by card (at least 1 ruble).

Order for 1 ruble with "THANKS"

Quick Order Terminals

Another important point that should not be overlooked is the self-service terminals at Burger King. To reduce the queue, the restaurant chain has established terminals where you can create an order and pay with a card without the help of a cashier.

Self-service terminals "Burger King"

With this method of ordering and payment at Burger King, THANKS from Sberbank (bonuses) are credited, but debiting can not be done at all terminals. To begin with, make sure that the terminal provides the possibility of cancellation - the corresponding inscription is displayed on the screen. If not, then usually there are stickers on them asking them to contact the cashier.

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