Nauli: execution technique, how to learn, rules

Nauli - so in yoga is called the rotation of the abdominal muscles. There is such a statement that each muscle should move at least once a day. This prevents the stagnation of energy, like water, which stands still and becomes unclean and fetid. On the other hand, flowing water always remains clean. This is the reason why the muscles of the abdomen and intestines should be moved daily. What is the nauli technique? How to learn to do a kind of internal organ massage, which has a beneficial effect on the digestion and cleansing processes in the body?

nauli execution technique how to learn

Where to begin?

As a preliminary exercise, it is recommended to practice mastering a technique called agnisara kriya. It is performed as follows: you need to get up, feet shoulder width apart, then you should deeply inhale through the nose. You need to exhale through the mouth, while slightly bending the legs at the knees, putting both hands on the hips. After exhalation, allow the abdominal muscles to relax and hold their breath. In this state, begin to move the abdominal wall powerfully and quickly 10-15 times. After that, inhale through the nose and take upright position. Repeat exercise 3-5 times. This technique activates the chakra manipura and awakens the “digestive fire”, which has a stimulating effect on the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and is useful in the treatment of diabetes. Agnisara Kriya should be practiced strictly on an empty stomach and in the absence of any diseases of the intestines or pancreas. Do not practice this technique during pregnancy. When the abdominal muscles adapt and strengthen within a few weeks as a result of such breathing exercises, you can start directly to practice nauli.

nauli execution technique how to learn a way

Technique: how to learn how to make nauli?

First you need to stand straight, legs slightly apart, inhale deeply through the nose, exhale through the mouth and lean forward, keeping your back straight. Bend your knees slightly and place both hands on your hips. With a delayed breath, retract the abdomen (abdominal cavity) strongly and quickly and try to feel the rectus abdominis muscle. At the next breath, straighten up again. This process can be repeated 5-6 times. After practicing for some time, you can move on to moving the rectus abdominis muscle from right to left, then from left to right, and later try to use these muscles to perform circular nauli movements . Technique of execution - how to learn? Useful advice will be as follows: everything should be done gradually, since it will not work anyway to complete complex combinations at once, the process of mastering the practice takes time and patience.

nauli execution technique how to learn the procedure

Technology Advantages

Nauli strengthens muscles by massaging the intestines and organs of the lower abdomen, regulates blood pressure, and relieves heartburn. Due to the stimulation and regulatory effect on the entire digestive system, the technique is considered an incredibly useful exercise for the whole body. The cause of many diseases originates precisely in the digestive system: headache, skin diseases, and sometimes cancer. Toxic substances and wastes that are not removed in a timely manner and stored in the body are, in most cases, the cause of these disasters. Nauli quickly tones up the abdominal muscles - nerves, intestines, every part of the internal organ system is stimulated by this practice. It balances the endocrine system and helps stabilize the production of sex hormones. In practice, one can control sensory desires and even strengthen willpower. What is nauli (execution technique), how to learn? A useful effect is achieved with proper implementation and taking into account all the recommendations. For example, do not engage in muscle massage on an empty stomach, during pregnancy, or if stones are present in the kidneys or gall bladder.

nauli execution technique how to learn useful

Nauli training

What is the technique of implementation and how to learn how to correctly apply one of the advanced practices in yoga? Improper execution promises a certain risk of injury. It's hard to learn from books. It is necessary to work with a teacher who has mastered the nauli perfectly and clearly understands all the features of the process. How to learn to practice without pain and without physical discomfort? Nauli training, as a rule, takes place in several stages:

1. To study the reduction of uddiyana bandha (agnisara) for several weeks or even months.

2. The implementation of the central nauli is possible only with the development of the first stage.

3. After mastering the central nauli, you can try an offset to the left and right side, as well as try to roll the abdominal muscles in a circle.

nauli execution technique how to learn the effect


If nauli is practiced for a certain time without using methods of purification, meditation and spinal breathing, this can lead to an energy imbalance in the body. It would be preferable to learn from an experienced practitioner. People with heart or gastrointestinal problems should seek professional advice before studying nauli.

nauli execution technique how to learn the beneficial effect

Abdominal muscle isolation

What is the nauli practice technique? How to learn? The procedure for rotating the muscles of the abdominal cavity is also called isolation of the abdomen, because you need to isolate the muscles, bring them together or push them out. When mastering it is worth following the advice of an experienced yoga teacher. This exercise can be done both in a sitting position and in a standing position, but students should start with a standing position, legs apart at a distance of about 30 centimeters from each other, so as to have a firm, stable position. Isolation of the abdominal muscles is possible only in a practically vacuum space, therefore, as you exhale, you need to open your mouth and bend down to remove all air from the abdomen. Muscle movements clockwise and counterclockwise are more advanced and complex practices. Having mastered the technique in an upright position, you can try to do this in a sitting position.

When to practice nauli? Execution technique

How to learn? The method of optimal development is based on periodicity and regular practice. Since a good massage of all internal organs takes place, these exercises will have a positive effect on the kidneys and liver, bladder and urinary tract, pancreas and gall bladder, prostate or ovaries, as well as reproductive organs. The effect of massage on the digestive system has a stimulating effect with regular practice, and also prevents problems with constipation. Nauli is recommended for people with diabetes. The use of technology for women with gynecological problems has an incredibly beneficial effect - from menstrual irregularities and pain during menstruation to problems with the ovaries and uterus. In addition, such harsh breathing exercises burn excess fat on the stomach.

nauli execution technique how to learn kapalabhati

Tips and help

Is Nauli's sophisticated execution technique? How to learn? The effect will be positive only if everything is done correctly. The whole point is not to do everything quickly, it is worth accustoming yourself to do it slowly, it is much more effective and more beneficial for the body. At the beginning of development, you can help the movement of the abdominal muscles by moving the hips in a circle. Later, when the skill is more or less mastered, you can try to do exercises only with the abdominal muscles. During or after practice, you may feel the urge to urinate. This is completely normal, it means that the process of cleansing and healing is started. You can make nauli only on an empty stomach or 5 hours after eating, otherwise pain, discomfort may occur. In case of a cold or problems with the throat and breathing, you should also refrain from exercise. This advanced practice should ideally be carried out when the person is completely healthy. If you have any doubts, you should consult a doctor and consult your yoga teacher about this. The practice is certainly not recommended for patients with heart disease and people suffering from hypertension, colitis, ulcers, bowel cancer, diarrhea, hernia or stones in the gall bladder or kidneys.

Yoga is the science of living right.

Techniques in yoga involve all aspects of a person’s physical and emotional health at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. The word "yoga" means "unity", meaning the universal union of the body, soul and higher reality. One of the advanced practices is nauli. Technique of implementation, how to learn, the rules of technology - all these questions require a detailed description. So nauli is an abdominal massage. This Sanskrit word comes from the root 'nala' or 'nali', which means a tubular vessel, a vein or nerve of the body, a reed or hollow stem. It is also interesting to note that the Sanskrit word 'nau' means a ship, and the truth, when the technique is perfect, the movement of the abdominal muscles resembles the incoming waves of the ocean, similar to those created by the ship. Nauli is a practice that involves isolating the rectus muscle. Each rotation in this case has its own name and is responsible for a certain process in the body.

nauli execution technique how to learn the rules of technique

Nauli from the inside

The rectus abdominis muscle is represented by two long vertical muscles located in the front of the abdomen, which extend from the center of the chest near the diaphragm to the pubic bone. During the technique, the external oblique muscles can also be involved. First, naulis practice with hands on hips just above the knees and tilting the body forward. As you improve your skills, you can practice other positions, in a more straightened position, with hands placed on the upper thighs. This is what the traditional Nauli execution technique looks like.

How to learn tragaka, neti, kalabhati, dhouti and other techniques in yoga?

The answer is as follows: from simple to complex. The nauli technique is considered quite complicated. How to learn kapalabhati, neti, pranayama and other similar techniques in yoga? First, agnisara is mastered, during which the ability to control the abdominal muscles is developed. Other techniques can be learned later. The most advanced techniques are dhouti and basti, they are usually comprehended after the age of twenty years. Basti is a colon cleansing with a special enema based on honey or coffee. Kapalabhati resembles breathing exercises, which are simple and take a little time. Tragaka is a close observation of an object, this technique pursues the goal of healing the eyes and relieving psychological stress. Often the object of contemplation is a burning candle. Many techniques are difficult for beginners, so without preliminary training and an experienced yoga instructor, it is not recommended to perform them.

Nauli is an exercise in classical hatha yoga that is not often taught in yoga schools, as it is considered quite difficult. The technique of muscle rotation can be mastered only with persistence and patience. As a rule, it takes about 3 months of regular training to master the basics of practice. The benefits of using this technique are hard to overestimate. After inhalation, the heart begins to pump blood at an accelerated rate, and this is a kind of aerobic load for the body. At this time, a large amount of oxygen is released, which contributes to the destruction and elimination of toxins from the body. Another huge advantage is the burning of fat in problem areas, especially in the abdomen.


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