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When visiting Germany for the first time, citizens rely on travel agencies. People who regularly visit this country find ways to book airline tickets early. However, for those who like communicating with the nature of the visited state, exploring the world around them and exploring the local color, there is no better way than the Travemunde-Helsinki ferries.

Travemunde Helsinki Ferries


It is convenient to get to Germany from Finland by ferry. Transport will cross the border with you without any problems. It is necessary to prepare thoroughly for such a trip. First of all, you need:

  • Find out how and where to buy ferry tickets and car packages if you are transporting a car.
  • Refine the timetable.
  • Decide on a carrier.
  • Examine user reviews.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can travel economically, while enjoying comfort and beautiful views of the Baltic Sea.

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Pros and cons of ferry crossing

When traveling from Finland to Germany or back by ferry, you get a lot of advantages, namely:

  1. The opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the Baltic Sea for 28 hours.
  2. You can take pets with you, subject to all sanitary and safe measures.
  3. It’s realistic to cross the border with the car, having previously issued a special package on it and having removed the studded tires, which are prohibited in Germany.
  4. There is a free set of services that includes access to a real Finnish sauna.
  5. Security is top notch.

The only disadvantage of traveling by ferry is its duration compared to other modes of transport.

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Which route to choose?

Travemünde - Helsinki ferries are the best way to cross the border, if the choice is stopped on this particular form of transport. For several years now, Finnlines has no competition in this area. Every day, except Sunday, the crossing is carried out from Helsinki to Travemunde from 5 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. the next day, and vice versa - from 3.00 one day to 9.00 others. For those who choose a Saturday flight, the following Sunday can be spent aboard a comfortable ferry. It is worth noting that Helsinki - Travemunde is a ferry, the price of which depends on the age indicator:

  • Adults - 24-28 euros.
  • Children from 13 to 17 years old - 18-20.
  • 6-12 years old - from 12 to 14 euros.

On some days, depending on weather conditions and some other factors, Finnlines ferries may not operate. Such moments are published on the official website of the company.

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How to calculate the cost?

It is best to start the journey, having reached St. Petersburg, and from there - to Helsinki. In this case, you should take into account the cost of a bus or gasoline, if the trip is made in your own car. Cost is calculated as follows:

  1. The price of a personal ticket is multiplied by the number of people.
  2. The cabin cost is added to it.
  3. Take into account surcharges for cars.
  4. Plus the cost of transporting animals and food.

The total price also depends on the date of trip, such as cabin and car package. During the summer, ferry tickets will cost significantly more. The indicative price is as follows:

  • Individual tickets - from 22 to 170 euros, depending on the age of the passenger and the type of cabin. Children under 6 years old accompanied by adults are transported free of charge.
  • The cost of a cabin is from 240 to 1,580 euros.
  • Car packages - from 375 to 1,200 EUR.

If you book tickets in both directions at once, you can really get a discount of up to 20 percent.

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Service maintenance

Personal transport can be transported in two ways: through personal payment or auto package. The first option involves the purchase of individual tickets, a separate cabin (if necessary), a personal space for the car, depending on its size. The price of the car package includes the cost of a separate cabin for four passengers and the price of transportation. Autopackage is objectively more profitable if the crossing is carried out with personal transport.

Each cabin accommodates 2-4 beds, bathroom, shower, air conditioning, TV, wardrobe, nightstand. The price for it depends on the size, availability of windows and additional amenities. You can bring a couple of pets with you, paying about 100 euros for the service. At the same time, booking a cabin is mandatory.

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Helsinki at a Glance

Travemunde Helsinki Ferries are renowned for their comfort and reliability. When traveling between these points, it is important to know the main attractions. The capital of Finland is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, three hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg and four hundred from Stockholm. Helsinki is the largest political, economic, cultural and commercial center. The main attractions of the city include the following:

  1. The National Museum, which has a huge historical collection from ancient times to the modern period.
  2. Finnish gallery, city museum.
  3. Museum of Design.

The port in Helsinki in terms of size and cargo turnover is the second among the Scandinavian states. It is equipped with three harbors, six passenger terminals. Finnlines ferries operate regularly in Travemuende, Tallinn and Stockholm.

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A bit about Travemunde

This suburb of the picturesque German town of Lübeck is a huge ferry port, near which there is a bus station and train station. Travemunde (Germany) is famous for its many Gothic buildings, as well as delicious marzipan. Part of the city is surrounded by the River Trave and the Baltic Sea. On their shores are sandy beaches, and around the city of Lubeck there are many urban squares. The following objects are of historical and tourist value:

  • Town Hall created in the 13th century.
  • Lubeck Cathedral (12th century).
  • Rantzau Castle.
  • Germany's oldest hospital, Geis Heiligen, built in 1227.

In the squares you can take a walk, enjoying the urban amenities, and the beaches will bring the joy of a desired holiday by the sea or river.

Travemunde Helsinki Ferries

User reviews

Guided by user reviews, there are several features that the Travemunde - Helsinki ferries have. Firstly, the opportunity to choose the type of cabins pleases. Here you can choose a regular room without windows with all amenities, a family cabin or a luxurious and spacious suite.

Secondly, crossing the ferry, you enjoy magnificent views of the sea, you can visit the sauna for free or just watch TV, which is available in each room, as well as other necessary amenities. Another plus is the possibility of transporting motorcycles and vehicles, pets. Some users relate to the minuses only the relatively considerable price of travel and the duration of the trip, which is about 28 hours.

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After a detailed review of the Helsinki – Travemunde ferry, the conclusion suggests that this trip is suitable for all lovers of beautiful nature, sea and comfort. The cost of the trip is significantly lower than by plane. At the same time, you can travel with pets and a car. A well-thought-out pricing policy, the possibility of choosing the type of cabin and after-sales service are also pleasing.

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