What to do on maternity leave? Mass options

Here it is, the long-awaited maternity leave! The first few days, of course, will go to sleep and rest, but this can quickly get boring. You won’t go to the party and go on a trip. And relatives are surrounded by such care from which there will be nowhere to run away. You can not walk in the heat or cold, lift weights and expose yourself to all sorts of stress and stress. Wherever you look, prohibitions are everywhere. Any woman will be confused. And that will raise the question: what to do on maternity leave?

What can you come up with?

what to do on maternity leave

The third trimester of pregnancy, according to psychologists, is the period when the expectant mother is completely immersed in herself. During this period, all her attention is concentrated on her own feelings, thoughts, dreams and communication with the child. And if at this time you had a question about what to do on maternity leave, then the best solution is to reveal your creative potential. In addition, this lesson will have a healing effect.


Another great solution to the problem of maternity leave is shopping. This is an excellent entertainment and great therapy for any woman. Especially pregnant. There is an old sign that says that you can’t buy anything in advance for a child. Someone believes her, but someone does not. Even if the expectant mother is superstitious, then she can just go shopping, look after things, get acquainted with the quality and prices. Thus, you can have fun and choose the right products. Shopping does not hurt to continue to think about the upcoming motherhood, moreover, it will allow you to make new acquaintances with future mothers.

The photo

Maternity worker
In various galleries and the Internet you can see a variety of insanely beautiful pictures and photographs. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to do photography. What to do on maternity leave? Why not prove yourself as a photographer? Moreover, a baby will be born very soon, and mom will be able to capture every new day.


It's never too late to learn how to play musical instruments or to remember your existing playing skills. Music can be an expression of love for a child. It will also reassure mommy and take her leisure time.


you can work on maternity leave

The omen about knitting during pregnancy has long been known. Belief says that if the expectant mother will knit, the baby will get entangled in the umbilical cord. However, medicine does not confirm this superstition. Knitting and embroidery are welcome! What to do on maternity leave? Of course, needlework! It is only required to comply with some recommendations. Even knowing that the employee is not one of you on maternity leave, you should understand some key points.

What can not be done

  • Do not stay in a sitting position for a long time. 40 minutes in a sitting position must be interrupted by a twenty-minute walk, walking or special exercises for pregnant women.
  • It is undesirable to lead a sedentary lifestyle and stay at home. It’s best to think of something to do in the fresh air. For example, take pictures of nature, draw from nature, knit or embroider.
  • It is not recommended to sit at the computer for a long time.
  • You can’t do the same things all the time and worry about the future.


If all these activities are not very suitable for you, then you can work on maternity leave. It’s only worthwhile to understand that work should not be physically or mentally stressful. For example, you can print articles for sale. Knowing now what to do on maternity leave, remember: the happiness of the child is inextricably linked with the happiness of his mother.

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