Making an elegant manicure easy! French manicure on short nails

A woman should always be well-groomed, under any circumstances and budget. The beauty of female hands is what catches the eye of the opposite sex. An elegant manicure on the well-groomed hands of a woman will help to complete the image. Among the fashion trends at the top is a French or French manicure. It will be discussed in this article.

French style

French manicure is universal. And although it is often called French, the origin of such a manicure originates in Hollywood. Jeff Pink developed such a universal version of the nail design at the request of the producers in order to not have to constantly repaint the nails for each actress costume. As a result, a manicure was created, the elegant style of which gained stunning success not only among actresses, but also among the majority of the fair sex around the world.

French suggests a small length of nails - 3-5 mm. The shape of the nail can be oval or spatula. The manicure is elegant, and it will suit any clothes.

To date, there are many options for performing French manicure. It can be created in any color of varnish and even using jewelry.

elegant manicure


So, you decide to do a manicure. An elegant jacket with an additional design is better to entrust to a professional, since its implementation requires special skills.

However, if you are confident in yourself, you can learn how to do manicure yourself at home.

Shine is in fashion again, so if you want to make a bright manicure (an elegant french coat combined with jewelry), then feel free to get down to business! Nails can be decorated with sparkles or rhinestones. Decorations can add sophistication to your nail design. Shiny varnish is applied only on the tips (but it is possible on the entire nail - it depends on the wishes). The main thing is not to overdo it so that the nails are not sticky. The abundance of jewelry will spoil the whole design, but we want to get an elegant manicure.

Photos of various versions of the French service are proposed in the article.

elegant manicure french
For french use one bright and two opaque and pale shades of color. The choice is stopped on the simplest motifs using geometric or floral elements. They must be drawn very carefully. Often, perfect even lines are obtained with the help of stickers specially created for such a manicure.

Drawings can be based on simple patterns (flowers). The color scheme of the varnish is chosen in tones close to skin tones. Thus, you get a discreet manicure.

The manicure in black and white color scheme looks especially stylish. ideas for such a design: black patterns on a white background (or vice versa), stripes, marble pattern, lace pattern.

elegant manicure photo

Short nails

Long nails are not always comfortable. French elegant manicure on short nails - a winning solution: it is stylish and comfortable. The most common option is the classic one (a white strip along the line of the edge of the nail). It can be of another color or even shiny. Manicure can be diluted with rhinestones.

For the lace version, base varnish is applied on short nails, and then white (black). After drying, UV (if it is a gel polish) is applied a colorless coating. Now, using an ordinary toothpick, we press a piece of thin (contrast) lace to the nail. We smooth it, dry it, and, finally, remove the excess with scissors. We cover with fixative. There are masters who can draw a lace pattern on their own, for example, with a helium pen.

Elegant manicure should be discreet, with a minimum of decor, without voluminous decorations and ornaments consisting of many flowers.

elegant manicure on short nails

Do it yourself manicure

There are options when a French manicure does not require much effort, and you can do it yourself at home. It takes only a little skill and patience. An elegant elegant manicure-jacket that is simple to execute can be combined using different colors. For example, gold with pink, blue or gold. You can add silver pollen, rhinestones, decorative patterns to highlight the white color of the tips of the nail.

Important: before you start applying the layers of varnish, you need to thoroughly clean the nails of the remnants of the previous coating, remove the cuticle, give the nails a shape.

The next step is to apply a base coat. After drying, the intended drawing is applied. If there are lines that will be superimposed on top of the picture, then before that it is also necessary to allow the previous layer to dry slightly. When the drawing is completed, apply a transparent varnish for fixing.


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