Registering a site in search engines is very important for its promotion.

The ultimate goal pursued by the creators of the site is usually to make a profit from the resource, or at least to get the resource fame and recognition of Internet users. But finding your site among the infinitely huge number of others that are available on the World Wide Web today is an incredibly difficult task for the user. To achieve the “recognition” of your resource “in person”, you will have to spend a single year and put a lot of effort into its promotion.

register a site in search engines

The easiest and most affordable option is to register a site in search engines, i.e. “report” it to search engines in the hope that they will help your potential readers find it in the vast expanses of the network. It is the modern search engines that every user uses that are able to instantly find the necessary pages of sites in the huge structured Internet storage of information that contain the most complete answer to the search query. Naturally, so that search engines can find your resource, you should register a site in search engines.

Today, Yandex and Google are the most popular and favorite on the Russian-speaking Internet, the services of which are used by about 90% of Russian-speaking users. Consequently, it is recommended that you first introduce your site to them.

How to register a site

how to register a site in search engines

Where should registration begin? Specialists recommend first of all to prepare information about your site, which search engines can use. At this stage, you will need to determine the most important, i.e. keywords, keywords on your site. They should correspond to the words or phrases of the most common queries on the topic of your site. You will also have to write a description, which is a short advertising text. You should not include all the keywords of your site in it, it’s better to talk about the main purpose of the resource. Description should be between 150-200 characters.

The question of how to register a site in search engines implies the solution of another very important issue - the choice of the name that your resource will carry. It may include the name of the company, the products you offer, one of the keywords. The name is limited to 70-80 characters.

how to register a site

In addition, to register a site in search engines, you will have to indicate the address of your resource, the contact information of the owner of the site, possibly his name. All these data should be prepared in advance by entering them into a document with a description, title and keywords.

Now, to register a site in popular search engines, you will need to make applications in Yandex and Google, as well as Rambler, Aport, Yahoo !, Nigma. It should also be noted that registering a site in search engines is best done manually - thus, your resource will get more chances to be indexed soon and get into the search engine catalog. Do not forget - robots do not really like automatic site registration.


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