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It is difficult to find motorists in Russia who would not hear anything about EuroAvto. From the reviews left by avid motorists from a number of cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can get a lot of information about the activities of this company. Most responses are positive. Representatives of the company believe that this is quite natural - the company has existed in the domestic market of auto parts and after-sales services for 24 years and is one of its leaders.

Auto parts are a necessary and always demanded product for car owners. An important point: the cost of original parts for cars is quite high, so some vehicle owners prefer to purchase cheaper components obtained after disassembling a used car. The company offers its customers a wide range of products, consisting of both new parts and used parts. If you believe the reviews about EuroAuto, this is the main reason for the popularity of the company among motorists.

What does the company do

In 1994, EuroAvto began to operate in the Russian market. The first branches of the enterprise were opened in St. Petersburg - it was in the North-West Federal District that they first learned about the company. For a fairly short period of time, the company managed to achieve impressive results and achieve real success in its niche. In their reviews, EuroAvto employees ascribe all the merits to the management of the enterprise, leading a competent policy for the development of their business.

The company adheres to a number of principles, building mutually beneficial relationships with partners and customers. This helps her expand and hold a worthy place in the industry.

In addition to sales of new auto parts and used parts, EuroAvto provides comprehensive diagnostics and car repair services in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In the services of the company, replacement and adjustment of all systems of a passenger car and a freight vehicle are carried out, body repair, painting and painting work are carried out. In addition, at EuroAvto service stations in the Russian Federation, according to reviews, you can go through a routine inspection, use tire service and wash the car outside.

In 2018, the company launched car recovery programs after road accidents, including registration of CTP and CASCO payments with the support of partner insurance companies.

euroauto employee reviews

The structure of the company

Today, under the EuroAuto brand, its activities are carried out by:

  • Several warehouses with new products and auto dismantling in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Vyborg, where you can find the necessary spare parts for any foreign car.
  • 15 service points in St. Petersburg, including one specialized service station for trucks and one service in the capital.
  • Many points of delivery of goods for foreign cars in all regions of Russia.
  • Targeted delivery of products not only across Russia, but also transportation of ordered parts to Kazakhstan and Belarus.
  • The central warehouse in the Leningrad region and a network of storage facilities in several regions (Yaroslavl, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and other areas).
  • Training centers for technical staff, purchasing managers, sales consultants.
  • Departments of cooperation with corporate and wholesale customers.

In reviews of spare parts at EuroAvto, customers often mention high quality products. The employees themselves confirm the huge range of products offered. According to rough estimates, in the warehouses of the company, the total area of ​​which exceeds 50 thousand square meters. m, posted several million parts for foreign cars of different models. In their reviews, EuroAvto employees often complain that it may take more than half an hour to find one spare part, and to get to the end of one of the storage rooms takes at least 15 minutes - it's hard to imagine how large the enterprise is.

Company Services

The company "EuroAvto" offers consumers to choose the necessary parts among a variety of spare parts for foreign cars. In addition to components for repair, the assortment of stores has a wide selection of oils, antifreezes, car cosmetics and related products.

On separate and no less favorable terms, EuroAvto cooperates with small enterprises and large legal entities. For customers who purchase large volumes of products, the company offers discounts and the opportunity to purchase parts at wholesale prices. Each product item offered in stores for sale has passed certification and the corresponding quality control procedures in accordance with the standards established in Russia.

As already noted, buyers of EuroAvto have the opportunity to order a new part or purchase a spare part after disassembly. As for the used parts, the company guarantees their decent quality, the goods are sold exclusively in good condition. After all, machine parts wear out to an unequal extent, so some of them can definitely fit a car of the same make and model, but at the same time they will cost much less.

EuroAvto car services deserve special attention. In reviews of branded service stations, customers note the professionalism of experienced and skilled craftsmen. In each of the service points, a full set of diagnostic services is offered, work is carried out to repair the body, engine, chassis, car transmission, etc. For each spare part purchased in EuroAvto stores of the Russian Federation, according to reviews, a guarantee is provided. Most customers do not want to bother with repairs and prefer to contact the specialists of the service station of the company. Judging by the responses, the quality of their work is up to standard.

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Benefits that are available to customers of EuroAuto

Before the car owner, contacting the company, a lot of opportunities. Having visited at least one of EuroAvto or STO stores, many cease to doubt that this company has practically no worthy competitors. Here you can purchase the necessary spare parts and repair your four-wheeled “friend”, but this is far from all. Each client of EuroAvto can:

  • get advice on the selection of original or alternative spare parts for foreign cars of several hundred models;
  • choose the missing new parts or find a suitable solution for yourself among the used assortment;
  • find the necessary spare part online by name, article in the manufacturer’s catalog, number or make of the car;
  • to find out information of interest on the selection of parts or repair of a car from the employees of the contact center of EuroAvto by phone indicated on the website of the company;
  • pick up the necessary component in the nearest chain store or order spare parts on the website;
  • install the purchased part at any of EuroAvto car service centers in St. Petersburg or Moscow, having received a guarantee for a longer service life;
  • to take part in the discount program, which allows you to take advantage of discounts on the purchase or installation of auto parts at branches and maintenance points of the network;
  • receive regular SMS notifications about current promotions and special offers.

The priority direction of the company is the sale of spare parts. The choice of parts for car repair is striking: in the assortment there are engine components, as well as elements of the suspension, ignition, transmission, cooling, fuel, brake systems, etc. The assortment leaves no chance of not finding a suitable part. If among the new spare parts there is no one that is needed, you can choose used high-quality products for any car, taking into account any budget.

The company "EuroAvto", according to employees, officially cooperates with representatives of several dozen manufacturers of automotive parts. Due to this, customers of the company can be sure of the quality of the purchased products and the absence of counterfeit 100%.

In online mode

On the official website of the company "EuroAvto" (not to be confused with the Moscow company "EuroAvto Rus"), according to employees, all information on the assortment, services, prices, promotions, etc. is regularly updated. The resource provides potential customers with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activities in detail, catalog of services and products at any time convenient for the user.

The company's website is an advanced web-service that is conveniently structured into several thematic sections. Each of them contains information that interests visitors most often. The main categories here are a description of the activities of the company "EuroAvto" as a supplier of auto parts for foreign cars and a network of service stations for cars engaged in the repair and diagnostics of cars and trucks. Convenient product search on the site eliminates the need to come to the store. Consequently, the portal fully lives up to its purpose.

Quality of service and staff recruitment

Employee reviews about working for EuroAvto leave mixed feelings. Some users believe that in our time it is difficult to find a more responsive and fair management, while others argue the opposite - supposedly it is impossible to work in the company, staff are selected according to strict requirements, and difficult working conditions do not correspond to the size of wages.

euroauto reviews

One way or another, but since 2011, EuroAvto has operated a quality control department, the purpose of which is to unite all departments of the company and establish common standards for employees. This structure pays special attention to the consideration of customer requests, including complaints, suggestions and thank-you notes. Representatives of the EuroAvto team in reviews often indicate that over the past couple of years there have been much fewer dissatisfied customers. This, in turn, is direct confirmation that the quality control department is not just a formal link, but a useful management structure that does everything necessary to improve the level of service.

On the company's website you can order a call back. EuroAuto operators communicate with customers - professional managers who will provide the necessary consulting support, take an order for the delivery of auto parts or reserve parts for a specified period. Operators have up-to-date information on the availability in warehouses of goods specified in catalogs, including new or used auto parts for foreign cars.

Delivery: time and cost

The assortment of EuroAvto is available not only to Russians. Residents of Belarus and Kazakhstan can order goods. In particular, we are talking about such product categories as:

  • motor oils;
  • fasteners;
  • deflectors;
  • rechargeable batteries;
  • silencer corrugations;
  • new and used tires
  • alloy wheels;
  • related products;
  • repair tools;
  • technical fluids.

Delivery is carried out either to the representative office of the company in the regions of the Russian Federation, or to the terminals of the carrier company. An important point: shipment of the order is possible only with full prepayment for the goods, in connection with which you can meet a lot of dissatisfied reviews about the online store "EuroAvto". According to the rules of the company, a client who receives defective products or faces a long delay in order has a legal right to return their funds, but in practice, employees are reluctant to return finances, spending time and referring to the responsibility of partner transport companies.

Within a maximum of two to three days from the date of payment for the selected spare part, the order is packaged and transferred to the delivery service. If the buyer is located in a settlement remote from the point of delivery, the paid item is transferred to the carrier company. Some product lines have certain delivery time limits. These include cabin trim, windshields, rear and side windows, noise insulation materials, mechanical and electric hatches, etc.

The delivery price is calculated depending on the cost of the order, in some cases, transportation is carried out at the expense of the company. All you need to buy is to fill out a simple form on the EuroAvto website. According to customer reviews, such a formality takes a couple of minutes. You need to specify your data (name), contact phone, city and address of the point of issue from the drop-down automatic list.

In order to arrange transportation of the selected order to any Russian city or outside the Russian Federation (to Kazakhstan or Belarus), in addition to the previous electronic form, you will have to fill out another one. The buyer has the opportunity to choose a trusted carrier. EuroAvto store, according to reviews, most often cooperates with organizations such as:

  • Baikal Service;
  • RATEK;
  • Uraltransservice;
  • "Business Line";
  • "PEK";
  • Aviamir
  • "Luggage";
  • "Energy";
  • Severtrans.

If the customer prefers pick-up over the services of carriers, then the intention to pick up the product from a warehouse in St. Petersburg on their own must be notified in advance. If you believe most of the reviews, EuroAvto in Moscow sends auto parts within one or a maximum of two days. Without delays, as a rule, it also manages within St. Petersburg. Delivery to remote corners of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus on average takes from 7 to 20 days. Every year, the company's logistics service is developing, and the number of points of sale in the country is increasing. The company "EuroAvto" ensures the availability of high-quality auto parts in all regions, becoming closer to customers.

Car wash

Like any other vehicle maintenance stations, EuroAvto services do not accept dirty cars for repairs. If the car needs to be washed, the client is offered the budget service “Technological dousing”. Its cost is fixed for owners of cars with any body. Dousing is carried out without the use of car shampoo - coarse dirt, ice, snow, road dirt, etc., which makes it difficult to inspect the body and diagnose the car, eliminated by a powerful stream of water.

car wash

In addition to the “Technological dousing” service, other types of car washing are available for everyone:

  • Economy Differs from technological overflow using shampoo. Body drying is not included.
  • Standard. In addition to the body, wheels, tires and wheel arches, door openings, floor mats are washed in the car and external drying is carried out.
  • Suite This is a complete cleaning of the machine, including an external complex washing and interior cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning of plastic elements and removing stains on the windows inside the car.

Judging by the reviews of the EuroAvto service, the quality of the sink at affordable prices impresses customers. Additional services that are popular:

  • "Anti-rain." Glasses are treated with a special composition that allows you to maintain visibility on the road with precipitation. Moisture collects in round droplets, which slide off the glass under the influence of air flow.
  • "Liquid wax." This is the most inexpensive way to tidy up a car’s appearance, for example by preparing it for sale. Coating with a special solution guarantees not only the sheen of the surface of the body, but also gives a water-repellent effect.
  • "Liquid glass", "Teflon", Ceramic Pro 9H. Unlike previous types of coatings, these are held on the body for more than six months. In addition, they protect the paintwork from fading, scratches and chips.

In addition to car washing, EuroAvto offers services in polishing headlights, the body and its elements, dry cleaning the passenger compartment or an individual segment.

Tire service

Any, even minor at first glance, damage to the wheel must be repaired in a timely manner. Competent balancing is also a guarantee of long-term operation of tires and a comfortable ride. The safety of the driver and passengers cannot be guaranteed 100% if there are problems with the wheels (for example, a cut or breakdown, hernia, disc deformation, imbalance, etc.).

That is why the most popular type of car service is a “seasonal” tire fitting, which involves removing old rubber tires and installing new wheels for cars and trucks, as well as balancing and vulcanizing them if necessary. The cost of work depends on the size of the wheels and wheels, the complexity of the task, the time spent and the number of consumables. The price is determined by the administrator of the service station EuroAvto.

According to reviews, the service provides services for high-quality repair of wheels and wheels. At the service station "EuroAvto" only qualified personnel work. Each station is equipped with modern equipment and tools, but not only this distinguishes the car service from competitors. Affordable prices in relation to the decent quality of work performed are the main reason for the popularity of the repair divisions of the company.

euroauto rf reviews

Gearbox repair and diagnostics

The services in repair, diagnostics and maintenance of automatic gearboxes are also in demand . According to customer reviews, at EuroAvto stations, specialists are able to solve the most complex and unsolvable at first glance problems associated with the elimination of breakdowns. To replace parts, select high-quality components of the original or non-original production. The main principle of the car service company is a quality guarantee for a low cost in a short time.

In reviews of EuroAvto, customers are often advised to undergo automatic transmission diagnostics for those who have at least the slightest doubt about the correct operation of the transmission (for example, with clouded, discolored oil, a fall or increase in its level, overheating of the engine and other malfunctions in the transmission) . The reason for the diagnosis is any vague knock, noise, clattering when shifting gears or braking. Operating a broken box can cause other car systems to malfunction. If you turn to a specialist on time, you can prevent an unexpected failure in the automatic transmission on the road and significantly save on repairs in the future.

Diagnosis of automatic transmission involves the following measures:

  • checking the level and quality of oil - the simplest operation in case of automatic transmission failure, which helps to make a conclusion about the need for repair or unscheduled maintenance;
  • testing of the electronic engine control unit and automatic transmission;
  • clarification of the degree of functionality of electrical control circuits when reading codes;
  • analysis and assessment of available indicators using special scanners.

In addition, together with the specialist of STA EuroAvto, customers have the opportunity to undergo a professional test drive in order to study the operation of the unit in everyday conditions. This will reveal the cause of the gearbox failure, conclude that it is advisable to carry out technical and repair work, establish controls, open and replace the components of the transmission.

Overhaul of an automatic transmission is a complex set of works to restore the functionality of a vehicle’s transmission, including disassembling and assembling a unit, replacing a torque converter, gaskets and seals, washing and cleaning all parts, replacing broken parts or spare parts that make it doubtful about its future performance.

euroauto spare parts reviews

The final stage is an oil change. According to customer reviews, EuroAvto gives a six-month warranty on the overhaul of the gearbox. After completing all the work, the vehicle owner returns a fully operational vehicle with a transmission, the characteristics of which are comparable to the new one.

Body painting

In St. Petersburg, repair work on the restoration of a car body is especially in demand, due to the high density of cars in the city. The average car owner has to deal with the problem of damage to the paintwork on the body at least once a year. Car service experts do not recommend putting off body repairs for later. According to reviews, EuroAvto offers to repair damaged areas at affordable rates and in no case recommend delaying the implementation of painting work.

The thing is that after 7-10 days after the impact, fragments of the damaged body will begin to be covered by local corrosion. Unbeknownst to the owner of the machine, rust penetrates under a layer of a glossy surface, which ultimately destroys the part. Judging by the reviews, repairs at EuroAvto are not as expensive as other maintenance services. In addition, many customers note that restoration of the body immediately after damage requires less cost. Those who apply for body painting services a few weeks or months after the incident have to pay more.

In order to reduce the labor costs of restoring a car after an accident, it is necessary to responsibly approach the choice of a car service. Many recommend trusting EuroAvto specialists. According to reviews, body repair begins with the removal of the paintwork and the elimination of the rust mesh. Only after this, the workers of the service station will be able to say for sure whether it is possible to save the damaged part of the body or whether it is more advisable to change it.

On the website of the company "EuroAvto" the phone number is indicated on which you can pre-register for repairs. It is very convenient to have car service contacts with you - this is necessary in order to immediately call and reserve for yourself the near future for urgent painting and bodywork.

Without a queue, minor damage to the body can be repaired in one of the St. Petersburg network of car services located on ul. Staroderevenskaya. According to reviews, EuroAvto takes into account the interests of customers whose car was damaged in a minor accident.

To remove a surface scratch, dent, tear or other damage, there is no need to record in advance. According to reviews, customers who visited EuroAvto in the Russian Federation came to the car service without a preliminary call and always solved their problem. Administrators never refuse to "urgent" customers and find the opportunity in a few minutes to eliminate minor defects on the body.

work in euroauto employee reviews

Motorists confirm that applying to the service station during the first week after the accident guarantees financial savings through the use of modern partial staining technology. This type of body-painting repair does not require much time, but only those who are confident in the absence of even minimal corrosive inclusions on the body can use the service. Otherwise, the economical painting technology will become ineffective. In addition, it will be necessary to carry out complex work to etch rust and preserve damaged parts.

Customer reviews

Having monitored the comments on the stores and car services of this brand, we can come to a certain conclusion. First of all, it is worth noting that there are much more positive feedback on the quality of products and services provided than negative customer reviews about EuroAvto. In the Russian Federation, many consider this company the leader of the domestic market. However, the EuroAvto team is not always working smoothly. There are remarks on delivery times and the lack of products in demand at the warehouse. In some reviews, customers express clear dissatisfaction with the quality of the packaging.

Many car enthusiasts and professional electricians collaborate with EuroAvto, because here you can even find parts that have long been discontinued. In addition, many are trying to save money, so they especially appreciate the opportunity to choose the necessary spare parts from the used assortment. In reviews of EuroAvto, customers often write that purchased original parts after disassembly are more wear-resistant and durable than the new Chinese copies.

Car owners often mention quality of service. Many of those who live in the capital or St. Petersburg like to be served at EuroAvto. For regular customers, a nice bonus are discount programs, impressive discounts. For example, when you purchase an engine on a company’s website, all work on installing it and setting it up in a car service will be free of charge.

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