Who will take me today? Rating taxi St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg - a city that is divided into several areas by rivers - it is difficult to build the most comfortable route for a trip from one end of the city to the other. Public transport of the cultural capital is very diverse: metro, trolley buses, river trams, buses, fixed-route taxis. If you need to get to the right place with transfers, then the residents of the city most often choose a taxi. But which of the many to choose? The article will tell you about the rating of taxis in St. Petersburg, or rather, about the top five fastest, cheapest and most comfortable.


Taxi Tudey has been on the passenger transportation services market for several years. And it takes the honorable fifth place in the rating of taxis in St. Petersburg. You can call the company’s car by the usual phone call, as well as on the website. When ordering online, the customer receives a 5% discount.

Taxi benefits:

  • machine feed - 0 p.;
  • service "Sober driver";
  • several tariffs depending on the model of car;
  • fast payment already upon order.
Taxi rank


Fourth place in the ranking of the best taxi in St. Petersburg. 6,000,000 is not only the delivery of passengers around the city, but also a full range of services, from cargo transportation to motorcades for weddings.

The client can choose what is more important to him when traveling: a comfortable car or low cost. A unique service for Peter is the transportation of people with disabilities.

Customers especially note the service: courteous drivers, dispatchers are polite, cars are clean and tidy.

You can order a taxi by phone or online on the site.

Petersburg Taxi 068

Bronze of this rating of taxi in St. Petersburg. A distinctive feature of this company is the accumulative bonus system. Having issued any service, the client receives bonus points on a name card, which can be used for both partial and full payment of subsequent trips. Taxi has its own application, through which it is very convenient to make orders.

Also, through this service you can order a taxi for a specific date and time.

taxi sign

Taxi "Class"

Second place in the ranking of taxis in St. Petersburg. A distinctive feature of this service is the obligatory supply of the car minute per minute. This is especially convenient for people in a hurry.

The cost can be preliminarily calculated on the company's website, as well as independently indicate the optimal route.

When placing an order, you can specify trip details: baggage size, availability of child seats, car model.

The company also provides services to corporate clients: distribution of employees at night, individual trips to important negotiations, group trips outside the city.

When ordering through the site, customers receive an additional discount.


First place ranking. Cheap taxi St. Petersburg. The minimum order is only 250 rubles. In addition, the first 10 minutes of downtime are free. For baggage and pets, you also do not need to pay.

In the list of services provided, there is one curious one: a client meeting at the airport with a sign. You can order such a service for only 100 rubles.

Classic taxi

In general, the Legion taxi provides many interesting free or cheap services. This taxi service is convenient for those passengers who value variety and quality.

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