Does not show IPTV Player: possible causes of the problem. Install and configure IPTV Player

Many users use the latest technologies to install Internet TV to install a popular application on their computers in the form of an IPTV Player software player (receiver). But sometimes the problem arises that the program does not show channels in IP-TV Player. It also happens that there is sound, but the image is missing or received with distortion. What is the reason for this phenomenon and how to eliminate possible failures, and then it will be shown.

Does not show IPTV Player: possible causes of the problem

There can be a lot of problems using this software. And they may relate, oddly enough, to a variety of situations that are not connected in any way.

does not show iptv player

But why does not show IPTV Player? Among all the reasons that are found today, the most basic can be called the following:

  • the program is blocked by system protection and antivirus software;
  • DirectX platform version does not meet the stated requirements;
  • the player has incorrectly set graphics settings;
  • the network protocol settings are incorrectly set in the system;
  • IGMP traffic support is not included;
  • bandwidth problems on the part of the provider.

Why does not show IPTV Player: antivirus and firewall

The protection installed in the system, as practice shows, can block this software package. Sometimes IPTV Player does not show it for this reason.

why does not show iptv player

How to get rid of this problem? First, try to completely disable protection. For the antivirus, you can use at least the minimum interval, for example, about ten minutes, and disable the firewall at all. Then you can see what exactly causes the problem.

iptv player does not show Rostelecom

If IPTV Player does not show the fault of the firewall, in its settings, using administrative templates, you need to create a new rule for the application, and then add the desired program to the exclusion list. To do this, at the final stage, you will need to specify the location of the main executable file of the EXE format. In the antivirus, you will have to set either the provider’s resource, the program’s website, or the address from which the television programs are broadcast.

DirectX issues

It also happens that IPTV Player does not show well (the picture is displayed with noise or there is no picture at all) due to the fault of the DirectX platform installed incorrectly or in need of updating. It is better to reinstall it completely, after downloading the latest version from the official Microsoft resource or using the web installer for this.

iptv player shows poorly

However, if the user is absolutely sure that he has the latest DirectX modification installed, in the additional parameters of the player when setting up the video, you need to go to the “Advanced” tab, check the box on the line for showing all the settings and select the option to enable OpenGL instead of Direct3D.

Network settings in the player and on the computer

In some cases, there may be another reason why IPTV Player does not show. Rostelecom is a prime example. Apparently, the problem is that for one of the available network interfaces, the priority is not set in the player settings.

Installation and configuration of IP-TV Player in this situation boils down to entering the menu of basic parameters and selecting the network interface section there (the IP address of the network card will be displayed). If several adapters are installed in the system (Wi-Fi, Ethernet), you need to select the one that is currently used by the system, and not use automatic detection.

iptv player does not show possible causes

If after that IPTV Player does not show, in the networks and sharing section you should check the settings of the network adapter. This is particularly true for IPv4. Here, on the tab of general parameters, click the "Advanced" button, and in the next window deactivate the line for automatic assignment of the metric, then enter a unit in the field just below the current value (this will mean the highest priority for the protocol). It is also worth paying attention to the use of the parameters of the main gateway in the remote network. If this setting is active, uncheck the box.

User settings in the registry

Finally, if IPTV Player does not show with such settings, perhaps the reason for its inoperability is that IGMP support is not enabled in the system. First you need to find out the IP address of the VPN client.

does not show channels in ip tv player

Further, to correct the situation, you need to call the registry editor (regedit in the "Run" console), go to the HKLM branch and the SYSTEM and CurrentControlSet directories and go to the Parameters directory, which has an Interfaces section. Next, you need to find the line with the IP address whose value matches the one defined in the first stage, add the REG_DWORD parameter named TypeOfInterface to it and assign it a value of 2. Next, you just need to restart the VPN router, and the problem should disappear.

install and configure ip tv player

For accuracy, in the same section Tcpip \ Parameters create a new parameter of the DWORD type, name it IGMPVersion, and then set the current value 3 in the editing window. Next, simply click the OK button and restart the terminal.

Provider side issues

But all that has been described above relates exclusively to problems on the part of the user. But sometimes the reason for such a player’s behavior may not depend on the user system.

In terms of situations related to the provider, the problem most often consists in restricting Internet traffic (this is especially often manifested when using ADSL modems). But if anyone does not know, for the normal operation of IPTV Player, the minimum requirements are such that the Internet connection speed should not be lower than 6 Mbit / s (and this is even without watching channels in HD quality).

In addition, on standard equipment, the provider does not always prescribe the permission to use IGMP traffic, and with normal settings by default, this support is disabled. Therefore, the output may be to contact the appropriate service with a request to enable IGMP Multicast. If you use ADSL routers, you will additionally need to create a Bridge connection with custom PVC settings.

A few words in the end

These were only the main and most common problems. Sometimes, as user reviews testify, running a program in compatibility mode with the XP version of Windows can help (this applies to Windows 7, which for some reason doesn’t always want to work correctly with the application).


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