How to make a DIY furniture jig?

When furniture is created, almost all parts have to be joined end-to-end. This is carried out using dowels in which holes are made. It is here that you will need a special part. You can buy it or make a furniture conductor with your own hands.

What is a furniture conductor

A jig is a bar that has several holes and sleeves. It is applied to the desired part, a drill is inserted into the sleeve and a hole is made. To fix two parts, you will need the help of one conductor, while the parts are fixed as reliably as possible.

DIY furniture conductor

Conductor advantages:

  • precise drilling;
  • quick and easy hole making.

At the same time, conductors are used not only during construction, but also in mechanical engineering. Also, this device allows you to drill cylindrical workpieces and pipes.

Different types of conductors

Depending on the industry, conductors are divided as follows:

  • Overhead. They got their name because of the scope. This device is superimposed on the workpiece and fixed, with which holes are made.
  • Rotary. Using them drill cylindrical holes. In this case, the rotary axis can be located horizontally, and vertically, and at an angle. The housing is equipped with rotary bushings.
  • Overturned. They are used when holes are created in several planes.
  • Sliding. Used to make each individual hole. In this case, this model is not fixed on the surface, which means that it is not the most convenient.

DIY furniture conductor

As we wrote above, this product is needed when assembling furniture. Someone prefers to buy it, and someone to make a furniture conductor for drilling holes with their own hands. Such products are sold in any construction stores, it is important to choose the finished product for a specific purpose. The cost of the furniture conductor will depend on its size, purpose and manufacturer.

DIY furniture jigs and patterns

The easiest option is inexpensive, but professional equipment with various additional functions costs a lot. Therefore, today they are increasingly making furniture jigs and patterns with their own hands.

They are produced using a metal sheet or wooden board. They make holes in them that will serve as guides. This work is simple, anyone can cope with it.

How to create a jig

So, it’s easy to create a furniture conductor with your own hands. To get started, you will need:

  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • drill and some bench tools;
  • You also need to prepare the reinforcement 10 x 10 mm in advance.

First, the workpiece is cleaned with sandpaper and marking is performed. The distance from the center to the center is approximately 32 mm. Next, each template hole is drilled. After that, an emphasis is created - for this, you can take a metal plate 1 mm thick. It needs to be bent and prepare a place for carving. The final step is to connect these parts.

do-it-yourself furniture conductor for drilling holes

The product must be manufactured as accurately and accurately as possible, otherwise it will not be of any use, and in an unfavorable situation it can even damage furniture. You can learn more about how to make a conductor by watching various video tutorials. It is easiest to do it according to the furniture pattern, which can also be peeped by specialists.

So that drilling does not cause complications, a conductor is needed. This device is really needed when assembling furniture. Of course, you can buy everything today, but it’s better to make a furniture conductor with your own hands, because then such equipment is definitely suitable for each specific purpose.


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