How to abandon Rostelecom: ways to disable services

There are situations when you need to close an agreement with representatives of communication services for a certain period of time or completely terminate relations with them. For example, you need to temporarily leave, or you are going to change your place of residence, or you are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Under the terms of the contract, you have the right to suspend cooperation with representatives of communication services, and to terminate it.

The article will focus on how to abandon Rostelecom.

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Suspension of the provision of services

According to statistics, Russians most often disconnect from the provider’s services for a while (indicating exact dates in the application). Holidays, business trips - this is not a complete list of reasons why people may be interested in disconnecting a landline phone, the Internet or TV. Why? Because no one wants to incur material losses. Therefore, customers are wondering how to avoid this, what documents will be needed, how much time will be required, and whether it lives up to expectations.

Temporary disconnection of services

Internet disconnection

  • Temporarily. Before abandoning the Rostelecom Internet, you should establish for what time period you want to interrupt cooperation with a representative of communication services. To temporarily block access to the network, you should nevertheless personally come to the main office of Rostelecom PJSC, where you will need to fill out a questionnaire yourself and indicate the time period for which the blocking is necessary. Also, the application must indicate the data of the passport. Do not forget that the suspension of the contractual relationship is a multiple of 1 calendar month. In other words, you will not be able to block access to the Internet for a specific number of days, since the suspension of services is carried out for a whole month. Therefore, before locking, you need to think carefully. In addition to your passport, you will also need the contract number by which you are provided with communication services.
  • Forever and ever. Personal presence in the office is required. If at connection you were given some equipment, then it will need to be returned. Most often it is prescribed in the terms of the contract. But pay special attention to this, since you could already buy it out before you abandon Rostelecom. The cost of the equipment provided for communication is sometimes laid down in the amount of the monthly payment.

Previously, Rostelecom PJSC provided the opportunity to completely refuse their services through certain “My Account” commands or by telephone. Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity now.

Deactivation of the Mobile Internet service

Also, before abandoning Rostelecom, you should not forget about paying off debt, if any (for example, for two or three months of non-payment). There are cases when, when the payment of a monthly fee is delayed for a long time, access to the network is automatically turned off. But the payment is still debited. In the event of a negative outcome, Rostelecom may file a lawsuit with the court and collect the debt from you through the bailiffs.

Mobile Internet

To disable the Mobile Internet service, you do not have to go anywhere. That is, in this case, you can call the operator at the multi-channel number 8-800-100-0800 and disable the service remotely. You can also send a simple USSD request with a combination of numbers (usually starts with an asterisk (*) and ends with a pound (#)). You can find out this combination of numbers on the website of PJSC Rostelecom.

Turn off the television

Interactive television is gradually losing its importance with the development of the Internet, so people are increasingly abandoning it. How to abandon the television "Rostelecom"? There are several options:

  1. Office. It is necessary to come to the nearest customer service center, fill out a certain form (where personal data and the contract number are indicated). But this is not always convenient, because it can take a lot of precious time.
  2. Letter. You can send a written application by mail, but not electronic, where your personal data, contract number and date of termination of services should be displayed. Most often, after receiving such a statement, Rostelecom employees will contact you to clarify the details of the requested service and then block it.
Conversation with an employee of Rostelecom

Collective antenna

In large megacities, very often in bills for utilities there is such a column as a “collective antenna”. Some, not using this type of service, continue to pay for it. And most often the reason for this is the banal lack of time. But you still have to come to the office and make a statement. Starting from the next billing month, you will stop paying for unused services. If you are a tenant, then the owner must write a statement. This will help to abandon the Rostelecom antenna.

View management

This is a very convenient service from PJSC Rostelecom, which consists of stopping the viewing of a program or movie, rewinding or recording. And this option is also turned off easily. Just for everything, you need to use the remote control to go to the "Prefix Menu" - then click on "Ext. Services ”-“ View Management ”-“ Disable ”-“ Finish ”.

Interactive TV from Rostelecom

Disconnect phone

If you are not going to use the services of a landline home telephone due to your temporary absence, you can turn them off.

  • Temporarily. It is necessary to visit the provider's office, where an application should be made to suspend contractual relations, in particular, telephone communications for a specified period. The second option is to send a registered letter by mail with the application form. PJSC Rostelecom must send a response about the temporary suspension of the service.
  • Blocking online. How to abandon a Rostelecom home phone for a while through the Personal Account of the official website of a communications service representative? A solution to this issue would simplify the life of not only users of services, but also PJSC Rostelecom itself (thereby unloading its employees with automatic work). But, unfortunately, the provider does not currently provide this service.
  • Forever and ever. Rejecting a Rostelecom phone in this situation can be difficult. You should visit the nearest office of the representative of communication services and write a statement about the desire to terminate the relationship. Only the person with whom the contract was concluded can disconnect the phone. Either the application can be written by another person who has a notarized power of attorney drawn up, or by someone who has inherited the deceased. After writing the application, the organization will call you and confirm the lock. Further, the employees of the communication service representative will come to your home and complete the disconnection procedure. But they must agree in advance with you the time of their visit.
  • Remotely. Due to lack of time, you can remotely disable this service by sending a registered letter. But experts will still come to you for technical blocking.
Rejecting a home phone

There is no opportunity to independently come to the office?

In life, there are situations when the user cannot visit the office for some reasons beyond his control. For example, a person may be in another city or another country; have health problems, and more. How to abandon Rostelecom in such situations?

For such cases, the only option to block services is to have a proxy. But not just a person, but a person who has a notarized power of attorney. It should contain personal data (last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, passport data) of the person for whom the service is registered, as well as the data of the person for whom the power of attorney is issued. Notaries have application forms, and are freely available on the Internet. The main thing is to indicate specifically what the power of attorney is issued to and what rights and obligations are conferred on the proxy.

Visit to the office of Rostelecom

Thus, we considered all the ways how to refuse the services of Rostelecom. The way out can be found from any given situation. The main thing is that you have a desire to solve the problem peacefully.


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