Postcard printing as a business

It would seem that gradually this segment of the market should go into oblivion. After all, we increasingly communicate with relatives and friends via Skype or e-mail, and even with colleagues and partners - and even more so! However, in reality, the business has prospects. And it is in small business. If the printing of postcards in thousands of copies is, rather, "overproduction", then the production of greeting cards for individual orders and in small batches is becoming increasingly popular.

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Let’s think for ourselves: cheap printed materials are bought mainly by poor people. If something is not for sale - for example, the printing of postcards with Christmas exceeded demand several times - the next season it is difficult, if not impossible, to sell the entire circulation. We have to greatly reduce prices, and sometimes even sell below cost. But the hand-made production of postcards is booming. What's the secret? Most likely, in an individual approach. In that same "enclosed soul." Thanks to her, the printing press cannot replace the printing of postcards, because it is the hands of the craftswoman that give the cards originality and originality.

Let's try to look at business prospects from a different perspective.

postcard printing
Suppose postcard printing is exactly what seems like an attractive, profitable business for us. And this can indeed be the case if several conditions can be met. Firstly, the production of postcards put on stream is not in fashion today. It is much more interesting to work with individual orders, where both design development and the choice of materials are all chosen by the customer who is willing to pay. What reasons will he have for several times higher costs for postcards? First of all, prestige. After all, the counterparty (which may be more than one hundred) or an existing potential customer, having received a non-standard postcard by mail, will be touched at least. An observant person will pay attention to the high quality with which the card was printed, and to unusual materials, and to a unique design. Unconsciously, trust in such a partner will be much higher. If he is so scrupulous in the little things that he orders individual printing of postcards, then it is worth dealing with.

The second very important aspect: the originality of the pictures and design. For this, of course, it is worth inviting a professional artist who can be imbued with our concept. In no case should you use "borrowed" photographs or drawings. We save pennies, and potential losses to a firm's reputation can be devastating. Copyright must be respected.

postcard production
By the way, many artists print postcards with their work, not only additional income, but also successful advertising. Therefore, you can try to find such an artist and agree with him on what rights you can use his drawings and paintings for your projects. Then it is worth deciding on potential customers, which, most likely, will be medium and large enterprises. They have funds for such a "trifle" as card printing, and in addition, they are well aware that this is a fairly cheap way to attract attention and strengthen relationships with customers and partners. After all, it is one thing when the partner receives a carbon-copy congratulated email addressed to another thousand recipients for the holiday, and another when he opens the company envelope and reads the wishes with the sender’s own signature.


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