How to whiten white wool things: ways and useful tips

If you wear white wool clothing for a long time, it will become gray or even yellowish. Therefore, periodically you need to bleach such products in order to return them to a snow-white appearance. You can achieve this result with the help of folk remedies or household chemicals. The rest of the article will describe how to bleach white woolen items.

Baking soda

Almost everyone has this remedy. Nevertheless, this method of whitening is rather preventive in nature. Housewives recommend the use of soda if strongly visible yellow spots have not yet appeared on the white clothes.

To bleach wool products with this popular product, you need to soak things in 5 l of water, the temperature of which should be no more than 30 ยฐ C, and then add 100 g of soda to it. The soaking time in this case is approximately half an hour. In addition, it is advisable to add a couple of drops of ammonia to the solution.

After the completion of the main process, when the clothes get a fresh look, they must be rinsed in clean water and wait until they are completely dry. Thanks to this simple prevention, woolen products will retain pure white color longer.



To quickly whiten a white men's sweater, you can use salt for this. Although this is not the most effective tool, but thanks to it it will be possible to clean the thing from fresh yellow spots. In addition, wool fibers will eventually become a little softer. Housewives bleach light woolen clothes, following this simple instruction:

  1. Pour warm water into a 5-liter basin and pour 200 grams of table salt into a plastic container.
  2. Stir the resulting translucent solution thoroughly.
  3. Immerse several times a sweater or other thing in a salty liquid.
  4. Put the product in a bowl for 5-7 minutes.
  5. Pull out the item and wait until water completely drains from it.
  6. Immerse the woolen product in saline again. This step must be repeated several times.
  7. Rinse, squeeze and dry clothes.

However, there is another method for bleaching white wool with salt. To do this, make a saline solution and soak clothes in it. As a rule, 5-6 hours will be enough for the products to become snow-white. Then you need to rinse the woolen things in water of a similar temperature. If the bleaching result does not suit you, then you will have to repeat the described process.

Hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

This medical solution is a universal remedy that has good whitening properties. Hydrogen peroxide is safe, so it cleans wool products from old stains. Knowing the properties of this tool, you can bleach things this way:

  1. Dilute 100 g of the solution in 5 l of water, the temperature of which should be no more than 30 ยฐ C.
  2. Immerse woolen clothes in a basin with the resulting solution.
  3. Wait 5-7 hours.
  4. Squeeze the product slightly, removing most of the moisture, and pat it dry with a dry towel.
  5. Dry the woolen thing by laying it on a table or other flat surface. Do not put white wool on magazines or newspapers, since the paint is easily absorbed into the fibers of the material.

This is a simple and effective option, how to bleach white woolen things, because the products can be soaked overnight, and in the morning just rinse and dry them.

Lemon acid

lemon acid

To whiten woolen things with this substance is a simple task. Before bleaching a white woolen hat, you need to find a basin that can hold 2 liters of water. To clean this thing from yellowed spots and give it a fresh look, you need to add 2 tbsp. To the container. l dry citric acid. Then you need to mix the solution and dip a wool cap into it. Housewives are advised to wait 5-7 hours and then rinse the hat thoroughly.

There is one trick, thanks to which it will be possible to evenly and efficiently bleach clothes with citric or boric acid: woolen things must sometimes be turned over during soaking.

a piece of chalk

use of chalk

With the help of this limestone, it will be possible to clean the white men's sweater from stains. Nevertheless, using chalk, you can give woolen things a snow-white color at home. To bleach a sweater, you first need to buy 500 g of chalk. The following steps include these simple steps:

  1. Grind the chalk and pour it into a container of warm water (for example, in a basin or bucket).
  2. Stir the resulting solution.
  3. Put a voluminous wool sweater in the container.
  4. Stir the solution every 10 minutes. This must be done because the chalk does not dissolve in water, i.e., its particles settle on the bottom of the tank.
  5. Drain the solution.
  6. Rinse and dry the item.

So that the wool sweater does not stretch during drying, it is necessary to squeeze the product manually with a slight pressure. Then you need to lay it on a clean and dry surface (for example, on a terry towel), being careful not to stretch the neck, sleeves and bottom. Ironing a wool sweater is recommended with an iron without steaming.

whitening socks


In everyday life, this tool is sometimes used to remove stains from woolen clothes. Most effective liquid ammonia will turn out to lighten things in white, if combined with other effective substances. Housewives have come up with a simple and effective way to whiten a woolen sweater with ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar:

  1. Pour 6 liters of water into a suitable container and add 10 ml of ammonia.
  2. Stir the resulting solution for 5โ€“10 minutes.
  3. Put the sweater in a container with prepared liquid.
  4. To prepare the second composition: add 5 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 1 ml of ammonia per 1 liter of pure water. Stir the resulting mixture thoroughly.
  5. Add to the solution 1 tbsp. l vinegar.
  6. Remove the woolen item from the first solution and squeeze.
  7. Transfer the sweater to a second container.
  8. Wait half an hour.
  9. Rinse and wring out the sweater.

However, there is another method, how to whiten white wool with ammonia without the use of additional funds. In this case, mix 100 g of ammonia with 10 l of thermal water and soak the clothes in the resulting solution for half an hour. The next step is a machine wash of wool products with the addition of conditioner and an additional rinse. Drying is recommended outdoors or in a well-ventilated and warm room.

Household chemicals

special means

If there is no desire to make bleaching and stain removing products on your own, in this case you can buy special chemical compounds. They are chlorine, oxygen and optical. Each of the means has distinctive features:

  1. The use of chlorine compounds is an effective bleaching method. However, you need to work with such solutions carefully, since they can ruin a thing.
  2. The use of oxygen-containing preparations is the best option if you want to return the white color to products with color patterns.
  3. The use of optical substances is a method by which it is possible to mask dark plaque thanks to special granules.

A good bleach for wool is considered to be "White" - chlorine-containing household chemicals. To prepare the solution, you need to mix 50 ml of the indicated product in 7 l of water. Then you need to lower the woolen thing in the resulting liquid for 30 minutes, while the product must be periodically turned over. To wash the fabric from the "White", the clothes need to be rinsed several times. However, it should be remembered: using bleaches, which include chlorine, is better in cases where other methods have not brought the desired result.

The main thing is that there is a special mark โ€œfor woolโ€ on the packaging of household chemicals. In addition, before bleaching a white wool scarf with a color insert, you need to carefully study the product label. It should be marked with a triangle sign. If this symbol is crossed out, then you cannot bleach a woolen product.

woolen sweaters

Useful Tips

When using a machine wash to bleach woolen items, it is recommended to observe the following conditions:

  • apply chemicals suitable for these products;
  • water temperature should not exceed 30 ยฐ C;
  • Spin set at low speed;
  • machine drying is advisable not to use.

In addition to these tips, you can soak things in soda solution for 15 minutes before washing. Woolen products should be dried on a flat horizontal surface, laying them on a towel or any other material that absorbs moisture well.


The article examined well-known options for how to bleach white woolen things using various means. In this case, you can use traditional folk methods or special household chemicals. Using the methods that are presented in this article, it is likely to bleach woolen things at home. But first, you need to study the characteristics of the material indicated on the tag, since this information will help you choose the right technique.


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