Is it possible to make a vacuum pump with your own hands?

A vacuum pump is used to pump out non-aggressive media - vapors, gas, liquids. Nowadays, these units are widely used both in industry and in everyday life. However, in the factory version they are quite expensive. Therefore, if you want, you can make a household vacuum pump with your own hands.

If we talk about the principle of operation of the device as a whole, it is worth saying that it is based on creating an internal vacuum. Two large groups of vacuum pumps are distinguished: liquid ring and diaphragm pumps . Depending on the device, the principle of operation is slightly different.

You can make a vacuum pump do-it-yourself water ring. In this case, the unit will have a cylindrical body, inside of which there is a shaft with an impeller equipped with small blades. The principle of its operation is that water is supplied to the casing, which is why the blades begin to rotate, capturing water. The fluid in the unit extends to the walls due to centrifugal force.

As a result of this, a space forms in the center, which is the work area. This is where the vacuum is created. This assembly scheme of the unit makes it possible to pump out any non-aggressive medium. For example, gas or steam. Such devices are most often used in factory equipment and agricultural machinery.

Do-it-yourself water-ring vacuum pump with your own hands is quite possible. It is such devices that are often chosen for operation, since their functions are not limited to any design features. If you set out to make a homemade vacuum pump, most importantly, do not spare money on the purchase of quality parts. Only then will you get a good device.

In membrane units, the principle of operation is that the membrane moves, thereby creating a space devoid of air. With this device you can also pump gas, vapors and more. At the same time, it is distinguished by the fact that it does not require special maintenance, it is simple and environmentally friendly to handle, which is especially important today. Most often such devices are used in chemical laboratories, medical equipment.

For those who are interested in how to make a vacuum pump yourself, the following information will be useful. There are several manufacturing options for such a device. For example, if you want to make a vacuum pump with your own hands for an aquarium, then you can use the scheme that will be described below.

You will need a plastic tee, nozzle, fitting, pump core

The tee can be purchased ready-made, and the nozzle can be made from a pipe, or rather, its nozzle. To make a vacuum pump with your own hands, the resulting nozzle must be inserted into one of the holes in the tee. Then screw the fitting onto the threaded tap and pull a ten-centimeter piece of hose onto it. The pump core must be inserted into the second end of the hose, and a short hose connected to the sewer will be connected on its opposite side.

Attach a hose to the main branch of the tee, which lowers into the aquarium. Attach an aquarium siphon at its end so that the soil is not drawn into the pump.

When the tap is open and water from it flows through the system described above, a vacuum is created in the hose. This in turn leads to the fact that water is pumped out of the tank.

When the pump performs the required work, the water in the tap must be shut off. However, if you remove the siphon from the aquarium, the hose will empty. After that, it can be twisted and stored until the next time. So, it becomes clear that if necessary, you can make a vacuum pump with your own hands in the home. And if you make not only efforts, but also your imagination, you can make such a device from improvised means.


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