How to clean fur at home?

How to clean the fur? Not always there is the opportunity and desire to contact dry cleaning. Fortunately, you can tidy up your fur products at home. The recipes given in the article will help to restore the former beauty to a fur coat, hat, vest and other things.

Method for determining pollution

How to clean fur at home? First you need to make sure that it is dirty. It is easy to see yellowness and spots. A test with a hairdryer will allow you to establish the degree of contamination of the product, to identify the most greasy areas.

how to remove stains from fur

Suppose we are talking about a fur coat. It must be hung on a coat hanger, and then cold air should be directed at it. There is no doubt that the fur is clean if the villi first fly apart and then return to their place. Otherwise, the product needs to be cleaned.


How to clean fur at home? First of all, it is worthwhile to figure out what to do under no circumstances:

what can not be done with fur
  • Washing is excluded. The skin on which the fur rests, when wet, crackes and coarsens. As a result, the thing bald, will lose shape.
  • Drying must be correct. The product must not be dried in direct sunlight, on a battery or a hairdryer. The fur can only dry in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.
  • Ironing is excluded. This cannot be done even from the inside out.
  • The use of certain household chemicals is prohibited. For example, one cannot treat fur with bleaches, powders with enzymes, and rust removers.

Small test

How to clean natural fur? Before proceeding with this procedure, it is definitely worth a test. The selected product should be used to clean a small area. For example, you can stop at the armpit area.

Get rid of dust

This is a dangerous enemy that threatens all fur products. You can hide the fur coat or hat in a case and close it well, however this does not solve the problem completely. Therefore, before sending the product for storage or before wearing it, you should definitely refresh it.

how to clean light fur

Where to begin? On the floor you need to spread a white cotton sheet. This material should be slightly moist. A fur product is placed on top of the fabric, which needs to get rid of dust. The fur coat (hat, vest and so on) is well knocked out first on one side, then on the other. Next, the thing must be hung on a coat hanger and combed.

What if the fur fell and tangled? The product must be sprayed with warm water from the spray gun. Then you should wait a while for it to dry. In order for the pile to fall into place, the thing must be combed or carefully walk along it with a steamer.

How to bring shine back

How to clean fur to restore its pristine shine? To make the product play in the sun, you can treat it with a special solution. The mixture is made from lemon juice and table vinegar. It is important to pay attention to the fact that vinegar is needed, not essence.

how to clean fur with lemon juice

Vinegar and lemon juice are bred in equal proportions. The resulting mixture is applied to a soft, natural cloth or sponge. This is followed by careful handling of the fur. The rag or sponge should not be too wet, they must be wrung out with high quality. The task is to wipe the pile, and not to wet it. After drying, things must be combed. This tool helps a lot, especially when it comes to mink.

Walnuts are a product that is also able to restore lost shine to the fur. It is necessary to grind the kernels, put them in cheesecloth. The following is the processing of the fur, during which peanut butter is released.

The fight against yellowness

It is easy to clear the fur from pollution and restore its pristine luster. The methods discussed above will help to cope with this task. However, more serious problems may arise. For example, fur things can grease, turn yellow, become stained. What should their owners do in such situations?

how to understand that the fur is dirty

How to clean the fur from yellowness at home? The appearance of plaque negatively affects the appearance of the product, it immediately loses its presentability. Fortunately, there are ways to easily and quickly solve this problem at home:

  • It is necessary to dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water, and then add half a tablespoon of ammonia. The resulting solution is best applied with a cloth that must be squeezed out well. After the procedure is completed, it is certainly worth drying and combing the product.
  • A tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide is dissolved in a glass of warm water. After applying the composition to the product, wait a while. When the thing is dry, you can begin to comb it.
  • A tablespoon of animal shampoo should be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Then the foam is whipped, applied to the pile with a sponge. Five minutes later, the foam must be removed with a rag or the same sponge. Then the thing is dried and combed.

So, we figured out how to clean the fur from yellowness. It should be remembered that cleaning compounds must be applied to the long pile according to its growth. Shorthair items can be handled not only in wool, but also against it.


When removing stains and plaque, it is important to consider the color of the product. How to clean white fur? Semolina, talcum powder and starch will help cope with greasy spots and salinity. They are famous for their ability to absorb unpleasant odors, absorb dirt. The cleaning technology is as follows:

  • You need to take the selected product (talc, semolina, starch) and apply it to the area that needs to be cleaned.
  • Further, the substance is neatly distributed between the villi. The most convenient and safest way to do this is with a soft brush.
  • The fur needs to be wrinkled by hands. The movements resemble the washing process.
  • Then the remnants of the product should be removed. To do this, the thing is well shaken. If not all residues are removed, this will attract a mole. Therefore, a fur coat (hat, vest) can also be treated with a low-power vacuum cleaner. Let's say a device designed to clean the keyboard is suitable for these purposes.

Improving the effectiveness of the procedure is easy. To do this, heat semolina, talcum powder or starch before cleaning. You can use the microwave or do it in a dry pan.


The above describes how to clean white fur at home. The principle of processing dark products is similar, but other absorbents are used:

how to clean dark fur
  • Sawdust. You need to pay attention to this tool if you need to clean the fur of an otter or muskrat. It is strictly forbidden to use sawdust of conifers, as they contain resins that are dangerous to the fur product.
  • Rye bran. They are ideal if the task is to clean coarse fur. For example, a wolf, goat, nutria.
  • Sand. This product is suitable for the treatment of beaver and mole fur. It copes with pollution excellently.

Stain removal

This is another task that is easy to handle at home. Spots can have a different origin and nature. Let's say the fur may suffer due to constant contact with natural suede bags. You can also put a blot with a pen, get dirty with sauce while eating while running, and so on.

For clarification of light fur it is best to give preference to alcohol or acetone. The liquid is mixed with baking soda or starch. Refined petrol will help bring a decent appearance to dark fur. In some cases, it is used in its pure form, but most often this tool is mixed with washing powder or starch. It is necessary to achieve the consistency of sour cream. The mixture is applied for only a couple of minutes, then gently removed with a sponge moistened with clean water. To remove stains from white fur, gasoline is categorically not suitable, as the thing may turn yellow.

Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to cope with old spots. If the methods described above did not bring the desired result, it remains only to use the services of dry cleaning.

Noble products

How to clean mink fur? In most cases, you can cope with this task at home. Cleaning may be wet or dry. Wet technology involves the use of vinegar, which is mixed in equal parts with medical alcohol. It is most convenient to use a sponge to apply the composition to the product. Be sure to pat the fur with a dry cloth.

Dry technology involves the use of talc. This substance is manually rubbed into the contaminated area.

Faux fur

A special approach is necessary if you need to clean things from faux fur. You can also cope with this task without going to dry cleaning. How to clean faux fur? The good news is that the product can be washed. For this, it is allowed to use the machine, setting a delicate mode (up to 600 revolutions, up to 40 degrees). Of course, sparing powders should be chosen, and it is better to refuse spinning. It is preferable to do the washing by hand, as this guarantees the safety of things.

how to clean faux fur

Mechanical cleaning is also available for faux fur products. It is important to remember that acetone and vinegar cannot be used. These tools will not only not help things gain an attractive appearance, but will also have a destructive effect. All other methods suitable for natural fur are relevant for artificial.

Mezra Care

The leather base of a fur product (mezdra) also needs proper care. If it is coarser, a simple procedure that is completely feasible at home will help solve this problem. So, how to cope with this task quickly?

The method is based on the use of petroleum jelly or glycerin. A oily liquid is mixed with egg yolk, and then dissolved in a liter of warm water. The resulting mixture is used to process things from the inside out. The leather base must be slightly wrinkled, stretched. Next, you need to get rid of the remnants of the mixture, they must be removed completely. The product should dry inside out. This procedure must be repeated regularly, this will be a good prevention.


How to clean fur at home? The cleaning process can extend to the entire product or affect specific areas. The means used should not pose a threat to human health. It is also important that they do not violate the structure of the skin base and pile. The color and its saturation after the application of a particular product should remain unchanged. When cleaning light products, stains are not allowed.


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